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I am urging you to consider implementing dress codes/school uniforms in all public Schools.

I feel that by instituting school uniforms, it makes it easier for students to mix socially since many of the common "social markers" are not worn, thus discouraging students from instantaneously sorting each other into categories. There will therefore be less anxiety in dressing for school and in picking friends to hang out with and will increase focus and concentration on academics not fashion.

Since school sports give a sense of identity and pride in student participants, perhaps school uniforms will create the same sense of identity and pride in the lives of students not involved in such extracurricular activities. Such students might gain a sense of belonging that they dont feel now because they have no social connections to the school any other way.

It will make it easier on the students and teachers alike. We have all seen students who wear their pants so loose they fall to their knees and students who hide stuff in their clothes, and students who have worn gang-related clothing to school. Uniforms will be beneficial by eliminating that.
The students may not like it, and argue and complain, etc. However school is for learning not for dressing like a porn star, Rapper, or Gangster and it is not a place to come to for criticism based on the clothes worn and where they were bought etc.

As I am sure you are aware, there is a great deal of pressure on kids today. There is pressure to look good, and have cool clothes from places like Abercrombie, and Hollister, etc. which are extremely expensive to shop at and some parents just cant afford to spend that kind of money. Whatever happened to learning and being liked and accepted for the person that you are, not the clothes that you wear? I am sure you agree with me! I am constantly telling my children that Clothes dont make the person Although they know this it is hard for them to process when there is so much pressure from the other kids to dress and look a certain way. Countless times my daughter has come home crying from the social pressures at school and has actually asked me to home school her. I took a trip overseas with my children where they saw a different culture and interacted with other children of their age, it was a great experience for them and they learned a lot. As the plane touched down at the Airport, my daughter looked at me and said Great Back To School On Monday, The Pressures Back On To Be Thin, To Be Pretty, To Have Nice Clothes Etc.
I found that statement very profound!

Many Schools already have certain dress codes / requirements in place now, however realistically how much is it really enforced? And is it enough?

I urge you to institute a dress code in all public schools. The amount of stress, anxiety, depression, anger issues, eating disorders, etc. can be dramatically reduced by simply enforcing a dress code/school uniforms in all public schools.

Almost every school I ever went to, I wore a uniform of some kind, I loved it, and I turned out okay. School uniforms can save parents money, because they wont have to be going out to buy new clothes all the time to keep up with the latest fashion trend.

Lets make school about learning and getting an education with a lot less peer pressure.

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