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It is time for immigration reform in Canada. Canada is being overwhelmed with immigrants and the time to return Canada to Canadians is now!

The cost of immigration outweighs any conceivable benefit that can come from it. Aside from the monetary cost of immigration we have to contend with the increased load on our infrastructure, schools, housing, social services, judicial system, and is drastically changing the cultural makeup of our country.

$ Immigration $
Canada lets in more then 250,000 immigrants ever year. Most of who settle in the already crowded urban centers of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Annually, Canada spends over $4 billion a year on our immigration program, including money for welfare, legal aid, health and dental care, and language training.

Canadian Social Programs Suffering
Aside from the monetary costs, mass immigration puts a tremendous strain on Canadian society, health, housing and infrastructure. All the Canadian social programs, from Health Care to Welfare, Employment Insurance to Education, require Canadians to pay a lifetime of taxes to work properly. Immigrants have not paid into these programs before they start to take from them, this shock load of 250,000 people a year causes serious overcrowding and workload problems for all of our social services.

Health Care Deterioration
A major issue of great importance to all Canadians is our health care system. Our current health care system is stretched beyond its limits with doctor shortages, under funding and long line ups in hospitals nation wide. According to the Fraser Institute, Canadian health care premiums will need to triple by 2008 in order to maintain current health care standards. The reason health care funding will need to increase so much is because of the drastic increase in patient load every year. With a quarter of a million new people to care for and no new funding to cover the costs, our hospital system is destined to further deteriorate over time. Without the massive annual increase in patient load, our hospitals can maintain our current level care and seek reasonable ways to improve health care.

Infectious Diseases
Another issue linked to mass immigration is infectious diseases. In recent years the spread of drug resistant tuberculosis, Aids, Malaria, SARS, and even an Ebola scare in Hamilton in 2000. The flood of diseases associated with mass immigration puts all Canadians in grave risk of infection and drastically increases the costs of our health care system.

The Housing Issue
A hot issue in major cities today is the housing problem. Places to live, like a commodity, follow the rules of supply and demand. The increase in demand of housing, coupled with a shortage of supply, causes housing costs to skyrocket.

250,000 immigrants every year need housing. That is roughly enough houses to resettle the cities of Kitchener / Waterloo, every year! Such a great demand for housing drives prices up, drives availability of affordable housing down and causes serious problems such as homelessness. Without 250,000 more people to house every year we could make a serious effort to increase affordable housing and lower the cost of living for average Canadians.

Canadian Public Education
Recent statistics have shown 25\% of recent immigrants enroll in public education, this means 62,500 more people using the already under-funded public school system. Many school boards complain of over crowding, high student to teacher ratio and outdated facilities. First and foremost, we have a responsibility to Canadian children to give them the best education possible. We cannot do this with over crowded and under funded schools. The easiest solution to this would be a moratorium on immigration.

Canadian Roads and Highways
Like traffic jams? Youll love immigration! 250,000 more people a year takes up a lot of space on the roads and highways. Our infrastructure was not designed to increase traffic load by a quarter of a million a year. One method to reduce the traffic on our streets and the crowding on public transit to do decrease the annual growth in their usage this means stopping immigration.

Immigration and Crime
Another very controversial aspect of immigration is crime. Though few care to admit it, there is a correlation between immigration and crime. Organized crime rings, gangs and drug runners find Canada a heaven. In some cases, entire gangs from certain countries move to Canada in order to extend the reach of their crime rings. Sadly, due to Canadian hate laws, specific examples cannot legally be mentioned.

Canada, a Terrorist Haven?
Canada has recently earned the dubious title of terrorist heaven. Many terrorist groups from all over the world setup funding networks and training camps right here in Canada. Our immigration system has failed, countless times, to detect these terrorists or deport them once they arrive. Unless Canada wishes to suffer the same fate as Afghanistan (formerly the worlds premier terrorist heaven) we need serious immigration reform now!

Lies they Tell Us
There have been many politicians who have used petty justifications regarding our excessive immigration policy. Here are some of the falsehoods we have been beguiled with:

 Immigration is good for the economy. Hardly, Canadas unemployment rate sits at around 7.4\% - One of the highest unemployment rates in the Western World. With such high unemployment, do we really need to flood the market with more laborers?

 Immigrants bring skills that we need in this country. Unless the skill they refer to is the great skill of voting Liberal, this is another falsehood. Canada is not only quite capable of producing its own skilled labor; we have a surplus of skilled laborers. With many skilled college and university graduates not able to find work in there specific fields and with 60\% of recent skilled immigrants not able to find work in their fields it is completely unreasonable to say we have a shortage of skilled workers. Some say we need more doctors and nurses. This is true, however, if we reduce the load on our existing doctors and nurses with a moratorium on immigration we will soon find the need for more doctors and nurses will quickly dry up.

 Canada is under populated. This notion was true up until the 1930s when Canada became fully settled. Currently over 80\% of Canadians live in urban centers with populations over 10,000 and there is still an urban migration of rural residents. This being the case, how can one assume were under populated when the vase majority of people live in urban centers? If Canada were under populated the trend would be reversed, people would be leaving urban centers for the rural areas. Clearly the notion of under population is vastly outdated.

Immigration Reform Necessary for Canadas Survival
Some will contend that immigration reform is racist. This is pure non-sense. Immigration reform has nothing to do with the race of the people coming in and it does not mean we have any animosity towards those arriving.

All immigration reform means is that we, the people of Canada, recognize the governments immigration policy is so taxing on Canada that it negates any possible benefit. Canada does not need 250,000 more people a year, we dont even need 50,000 more a year. Canada needs a break from immigration so those who have immigrated recently can get settled, so our hospitals can catch up, so we can solve our housing problems, so we can improve our infrastructure, and so our economy can catch up. At that point, once we have resolved these issues, then we can take a serious look at immigration and accurately match our needs with the numbers we receive.

We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, ask the Canadian government to impose a five year moratorium on immigration until there is a genuine need for more immigrants. Also, the government must seek popular approval of immigration rates from the citizens of Canada via a referendum should the need ever arise to increase immigration.

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  • 19 December 2015250. Andrew M
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  • 11 December 2015248. Ann S
    Reduce Immigration numbers to Canada NOW Address, City, Province 55 Etta Wylie Road, #206 Toronto, Ontario Phone 416-252-6180
  • 22 November 2015247. Allan Y
    I am a canadian born chinese citizen, I do agree that immigration reform is in order. Canada is a multi-cultural country, but the influx of new immigrants that abuse the system makes Canada a place where people born and raised in Canada who have contribut
  • 26 October 2015246. Breanne Schmitt
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    Keep Canada White! ! ! Address, City, Province 17 1/2 Park St. East Dundas Ont. L9H 1C9
  • 20 October 2015244. Frank F
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  • 15 October 2015243. Sean M
    Ireland needs immigration reform since it has this problem too. Address, City, Province Sligo, Ireland
  • 24 September 2015242. Brent R
    I support this petition
  • 19 September 2015241. Michael M
    NO MEXICANS Address, City, Province 34 DeBary Place, Summit, New Jersey 07901
  • 07 September 2015240. Mack G
    I support this completely. Way over due. Address, City, Province Kitchener Ontario
  • 17 August 2015239. Peter S
    now the time to reform immigration and keep the barbarians out of canada Address, City, Province 70 grandlea cres markham
  • 04 August 2015238. William T
    We need real reform. With SARS, immigration is a health issue. With terrorism, its a crime and foreign relations issue. With more than 7% unemployment, it is an economic issue. Whith the changing demographics in our cities, it is a social and a cultural i
  • 17 July 2015237. Poirier M
    I support this petition
  • 07 July 2015236. Jennifer N
    В Address, City, Province 100 Taunton Rd, Oshawa, Ontario Phone В
  • 21 June 2015235. Carol M
    I think Muslims should be banned from Canada, all terrorists and the Tamils here should be sent back now the war is over. No more refugees Address, City, Province Ontario
  • 18 June 2015234. Gordon H
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    Time for a change. Address, City, Province Ottawa, ON
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  • 05 April 2015227. Andre L
    Canada used to be a great place to live. Address, City, Province Vancouver, BC
  • 20 March 2015226. Jason C
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