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Do you have a problem with your Social Security Number? I do. I am a Private Investigator from Idaho and I currently own Tek Investigation. I established this business in December 2004. Current website is

For years I have tried my best to maintain good credit standing with all creditors that I have chosen to honor my debts by paying them on time, every time. I did used to have bad credit, but what the heck, no one is perfect.

As a Private Investigator, I have special authorized access to non-public information databases. This type of database is intended for special qualified persons only.

I did a background check on myself as a test to determine how good the system is. I discovered that someone else has the same Social Security Number as I do.

I did discuss this issue with the database management and they confirmed this information is accurate. They too, thought it was identity theft.

Now, I stopped paying my creditors. I put everything to a halt. I investigated this information which I discovered is not identity theft. The SSN goes to a person with a different name than mine.

It seems to me that the Social Security Administration issued this very same set of numbers to someone else too. I do not know how many others in different states have the same SSN as I do. It might be only just the two of us.

Now I declare my SSN invalid because of this. I did issue this statement to attornies, they told me to deal with the Social Security Administration.

This petition is for any of you who have the same problem as I do. If you feel that someone else has the same SSN as you do, here is a basic outline on what would happen if someone does have the identical SSN:

1. Mails.

A. A person would be receiving mails in someone else's name.
B. Checks, personal checks, money orders, etc...would arrive in your mailbox and it belongs to someone else.
C. Information such as junk mails but in different name.
D. Bills, statements in someone else's name would show up. (This is close to identity theft).

2. Record conflicts:

A. Criminal Records, Medical Records, IRS records..etc..the list goes on. If you find out that you are receiving conflicting information from any of these agencies, it is now possible that someone else has a identical SSN.

There are countless possiblities of record conflicts regarding the use of identical social security numbers. It even can give rise to financial fraud.

If you feel that someone is using your Social Security Number as a act of Identity Theft, you could file a police report on such theft, notify the credit bureaus and your creditors of such identity theft.

What about identical social security numbers which was never intended to be a part of identity theft? Even though it is considered rare in this form, more than 10 million identical social security numbers have been erroneously issued to two or more people. I happen to be one of them.

The more people I consult regarding the use of computer technology, I make it very clear that computer errors DO happen. As a Private Investigator, I do charge to cross check social security numbers with authorization to make absolutely certain that some one else does not have the identical set of numbers. If you feel this is true for you and have a need to find out regarding your social security number, you can contact me.

Are you willing to sign this petition stating that you agree that this "Identical SSN" issue is true to the best of your knowledge? This is the best to my knowledge. If there is any questions, you can directly contact me via email.

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