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We, the players of Howrse (, in particular, those of us who do not purchase passes, have been very dissatisfied with the game recently. There have been numerous changes and additions to the game lately, such as the release of V2, the Magic Machine Contest, and now the two new feature packs. We feel that with the release of many of these new features, that the players who won't/can't buy passes, are put at a huge disadvantage in the game, and it is making it very unfair, as well as VERY unenjoyable for us. Everybody can see that the top and elite players in the game all spend a large amount of money on passes, and while this is not the only thing that caused them to get to the top of the rankings, this is definitely a factor, and for those of us that don't buy passes, this means that we can never get beyond a certain level because those who buy passes will always be above us.

We understand that passes are what generates revenue for howrse, but lately it seems like everything has been about getting players to purchase more and more passes, and that is what is frustrating us. It is nice to have those special items to help our game, but when so many of us have no or very little access to them (such as our one free pass per month by crediting our reserve, etc.), that it puts us at such a huge disadvantage in the game that it is making the game not much fun anymore, and VERY frustrating.

With the help of a few players I have compiled a list of certain things that we are dissatisfied with:
-The stroking change. They have taken away a feature in the game to "save clicks", and now if we want this feature back (having 2 strokes per day instead of one) we have to PAY for it! (Through the new packs)
-The Magic Machine Contest. If we want a chance at winning, we HAVE to buy passes. I have found only 6 pieces with one day left in the contest, I have never found two in a day and I am on a lot, it's not like there hasn't been a chance for peices to show up!
-The New Packs-particularly the features that come with them, the extra stroke per day and horses waking up at 6 am. These are things that are part of the game and should not be available for real money, if they are not available automatically they should be like the salt block and blankets, you have to find them to use them, not PAY for them with real life money!

Also, howrse needs to keep in mind that the game is free with the passes available for extras in the game, which will obviously give you an advantage over other players, but now if you want to survive or get beyond a certain point/ranking, it is necessary to buy passes. However, people from all around the world of all different ages play this game, not all of us can buy passes for example:
-children who have no money and their parents won't pay
-older children/teenagers who are saving money for things like university
-university and college students on a budget
-adult players who have bills to pay and can't afford passes
-players from underprivileged families who can't afford passes
-there are many financial situations that I could list that I don't have time or space for

Just because we are in one of these situations does not mean that we should be part of what is becoming a "lower class" of howrse players, those who can't buy passes.

What we players are asking for:
-Not for passes to be taken away, but for new items and features to benefit everybody, not just pass buyers
-Don't make us pay for features that were included in our free membership previously

Also, we ask for better customer service. We are tired of slow replies to complaints, constant glitches, not being asked our opinion, etc. We are your customers whether we pay or not, we are what keeps your game going (by playing), we would like to be treated better!

By signing this petition, we wish for changes mentioned in this petition to be made, and for howrse to see that their players are unhappy with the way the game has been run lately.

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