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Dear Honourable Leaders, Prime-Ministers, Presidents, Kings & Queens of ALL Mother Earths Nations

This is a demand by the undersigned Sovereign Citizens of Planet Earth presently living on earth

That on numerous occasions when Mother Earth faced annihilation, the Prime Creator in answer to our prayers, swiftly rescued us and prevented the total destructions of humanity as planned by the Dark Ones, the Unseen ones, the Reptilian Illuminati.

The armies of millions of peaceful anti-gravity spaceships of the Galactic Federation of Light, on behalf of the Prime Creator, have appeared in our skies to deter the use of nuclear weapons since the man-made nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The GFL has communicated with us through symbols on crop circles. The GFL recently deactivated all nuclear weapons on Mother Earth and prevented USA taking nuclear weapons into space. The GFL has neutralized the man-made magnetic fields around earth which were hostile to GFL spaceships approaching earth. The GFL has offered to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico within 30 minutes but the USA Government has declined the offer. The GFL is well aware of the other man-made disasters orchestrated by the Dark Ones, such as 9/11, 7/7, Hurricane Katrina and Earthquakes. The GFL is aware of the USAs multi-billion dollar Black Budget operations in the 1400 Deep Underground Military Bases, Under Mountain bases and Under sea bases where hundreds of thousands of Zeti Reticuli Greys have been cloned and work since the Roswell incident of 1947 and the Greada Treaty of 1954.

We forbid the employment of the Greys in the DUMBS by any Government on Mother Earth. We forbid the permission given to the Greys to abduct and mutilate humans, cattle etc or to interfere with the memories of humans. We forbid all experiments on human foetuses. We forbid the use of torture and computer chips to control our Free Will. We forbid the widespread use of nanotechnology and nano-materials into our water and food chains. We forbid use of weapons of mass destruction anywhere on Mother Earth.

The GFL is aware that the USA has built man-made Stargates or plasma vortexes (other than the natural ones around planet earth beneath the Pyramids of Giza, the Bermuda Triangle, Iraq etc.) which allow instant passage to and from worm holes or black holes or other planets. The Prime Creator gifted Earth with anti-gravity spaceship technology, Magneto-Levitron monorail trains and Tesla Tower Energy for the benefit of the people but these are kept hidden from us by the Dark Ones.

We know the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was not an accident and we do not rely on reports by the Illuminati controlled television, radio and newspapers. We have seen the death of Dolphins, Turtles, fish, birds and Whales. We know the flora on the sea bed which oxygenates the water is dying from lack of light. The toxic gases from the fires lit on the oil are poisonous and depleting oxygen from the air. The damage is not reversible and threatens all life on Mother Earth, who is is bleeding.

We the undersigned by the power of our Free Will, pray for, and welcome Divine help of the Prime Creator of Love and Light to help clear the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and assist us, to safely and securely, set aside the dark influences of the Illuminati.

As we develop our higher consciousness and telepathic abilities by reconnecting the twelve helices of our original DNA, as per the Teachings of the Pleiadians, we break down the barriers of man-made religions created by the Dark Ones to divide and rule us. As we disconnect from all the lower frequencies created by the Dark Ones to corrupt our five senses, bodies, egos and minds we tune into higher frequencies of feelings, hearts and Higher Consciousness and prepare ourselves for Ascension from duality (co-existence of Good and Evil) into the Golden Age (Good only).

We welcome our extended familys arrival on Mother Earth very shortly and demand that those leaders who remain in power only act in recognition of the Free Will of the people they represent. We forbid any hostilities towards our welcomed and honourable extended family who come in peace for the benefit of Humanity and Mother Earth on behalf of the Prime Creator.

Light worker
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Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther

In memory of Phil Schneider, Mahatma Gandhi Ji, President J F Kennedy, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto Ji, UFO researchers and others who loved their countries and their people more than they loved their own lives

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