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Everyone knows that the whole point of Formula 1 is to have the best of the best, in terms of drivers, engines, tracks, cars, technical aspects.. well pretty much like I said, the BEST of the BEST. I have a couple problems with that is going on in the world of Formula 1 and what I think should be changed to make this sport what it once was, truly the greatest racing league on earth.

Formula 1 is supposed to be about the greatest advancement in racing technology, yet every season and even every month we hear about a choice by the FIA to bann certian aspects of the sport. If you look back to they so called (and i do agree) greatest era of the sport mainly from the mid 80's and through to the mid 90's, im talking just past the death of the late great Ayrton Senna.

If you look back to the cars, tyers, engines and pretty much every aspect of the sport it was mainly aimed at creating the fastest cars and having the best drivers. With engines being almost double the horse power we have today with (if i remember correctly) a BMW engine being over 1500 horse power. Today of course as you have a 2.3L V8 engine running at i think about 600 horse power. Now granted with the modern aspect of aero and technilogy we have been able to bridge as much of the gap as possible.

What I see the sport as is the supreme version of how motor sport should be and yet I feel that with all the restictions being placed on the sport each year, or even every month that it is losing it's mass appeal and becoming a lesser version of what it once was. Back in the mid 80's to mid 90's the whole sport was about going faster, being safer, better technology and everything that it's supposed to be. Today we have limitations of EVERYTHING from tyers, to qualifying, to technology, you name it the FIA is trying to outlaw and bann the things that make this sport so great. All in the name of trying to make US the "viewers" more happy and make it more of a level playing field. Need i remind you that this is not Indy for Formula 3 or even god forbid A1. It is not supposed to be equal, its about who can do the best with EVERYTHING avalible to them and if Max and Bernie looked into the past for a moment they would see that when the prost/senna and the likes of eara was in full swing with less or no restictions on all the things they are clameped down on that it was actually more exciting and more "level" in terms of competition becuase everyone had the ability to research what the needed, be it engine turbos or what have you.

I am not too sure if my point came accross here to well but my aim is to get enough people who are indeed inlove with this sport as much as I am to sign this petition and for it to be submitted to the FIA and if possible Max himself and show him that what he is doing is indeed upsetting his "viewrs" rather than giving them what they want.

This will outline what this petition is trying to achieve and if you agree PLEASE sign it.

here is the list....

No engine restrictions, sure limit them to a v10 that is fine but for the sake of what this sport is about let them develop the it. No restrictions on Qualifying as it's (as Martin ITV COMMENTATOR has stated) about the fastest car with the lowest fule on the edge for the best lap time. This is the most important, NO ENGINE FREEZING as we want to hear about and see the developments in the sport and thats what it's about. No banns on testing for if as Max says they want the sport to advance technology then why stop them from testing? little or no aero restictions, no brake damper banns as this is again something that technology has given us and yet they take it away even though the sport is about that (wake up MAX) Let them Race on slicks, why not? Senna and Prost did and look how amazing those days were.
Stop changing regulations and rules to best suit Ferrari when they are going through a tough time. (sorry thats my personal opinion and not really part of this petition but if you agree with even just that, please sign)

And most importantly I believe that the sport should be governed by the FANS and TEAM BOSSES. WHich means that if the FIA decides they dont like something in the sport they have to have an open POLL on their website and make it KNOWN to everyone. This way we will truly get what WE THE SPECTATORS want to see and they will be able to take comfort in the fact that it will reflect the majority of F1 supporters. Becasue lest be honest, This sport belongs to the fans and without us it wouldnt even excist so i so lets take back what belongs to US and indeed make it as great as it once was and not the laughing stock that it is becoming.

Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition, i appreciate you input.

Joe Mullin

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