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Dear Attorney General, President Obama, Chair-Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Commission on Judicial Performance:

Sub: Vedic Dharma Samaj Public at Large, Members and Members of General Community Request Attorney General to take Legal Action Against Board of Trustees and Management Board led by Dr. Romesh Japra or Tez Singh or Gokal Gupta for Fraud, Illegality, Misuse of Million Dollars Since the Year 1984.

We are writing this letter, to be signed by one fifth (18 voting Members) the Vedic Dharma Samaj (VDS) beneficiaries--around 350 listed members and 30000 members of community) for taking the action against Board of Trustees and Management Board led by Dr. Romesh Japra, Tez Singh, or Gokal Gupta for fraud, illegality, prejudice, discrimination, civil rights violations in Managing the affairs of VDS since the year 1984.

This is the collective and joint effort of 30000 members of VDS through Attorney General or President Obama to bring back the VDS management to its general public at large since the religious non-profit organization belongs to them not to the few self interest individuals like Dr. Romesh Japra and his selected 21 persons team since the
year 1984.

During the course of discovery in Dhir vs. Gupta, depositions of defendants (Dr. Japra, Dr. Prasad, Gupta, Sharma, Dr. Salwan) show that VDS board of directors was taken over by Tez Singh or Dr. Japra, after the year 1984 election when Dr. Hari Puri won and Dr. Japra lost that election because that election was declared null and void by Tez Singh. Depositions debated if Tez Singh or Dr. Romesh Japra amended the 1981 articles of incorporation and bylaws by amendment in the years 1983 or 1984 if with fraud and illegality. To prove this, other 19 members of board of directors are needed, which can be done in the public investigation by you or in jury trial. In the amendment of the year 1984, non members of Religious Corporation were made paid membership corporation. Dr. Japra as leader never had election only appoint members of board of trustees and management board. The board of trustee membership was created one time $5000 and every year $1501. The management board members were appointed without any election from 350 listed members as shown in attachment. This list was shown first time to public at large in the management board election of 2009. The rights of devotee Public at Large as beneficiaries are suppressed by fraud, illegality, prejudice, discrimination, civil rights violations. Dr. Dharam Pal Salwan, a community leader and fund-raiser for political parties, also deposed that Dr. Japra in concert with Gokal Gupta misuse million dollars of VDS, and the correct and accurate accounts since 1984 are not maintained by Dr. Japra and his team. See, Register of Action, Dhir v. Gupta, et. al., Case No.RG07-318802, Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, Oakland, CA.

After the dismissal of Dhir v. Gupta matter on August 13, 2008, Attorney General, on December 12, 2008, wrote that private individuals are not represented by the office of attorney general contrary to the provisions of Corporation Code sections 9223 (b) for fraudulent acts and 9230 (c) to initiate criminal procedures to prosecute under sections 9660 [6216, 5516, 5617, 6310-13] and 9690 [6811-13, 6815]; section 9353 for fraud and illegality; and Civil Code section 1711 [one who practice a deceit with intent to defraud the public, or a particular class of persons, is deemed to have intended to defraud every individual in that class, who is actually mislead by the deceit. See, Letters of: September 23, 2008 by Dr. Anita Kapoor, Temple Amininistrator, and December 12, 2008, by California Attorney General.

After the above dismissal of Dhir v. Gupta, Dhir applied for annual membership because there was no membership qualification knowledge issued by the VDS Temple Adminis5 percent of the voting power . . . . Here, attorney general has discretionary power, but he wrote a wrong letter of December 12, 2008 without considering the terms and other Corporation Code provisions as stated in scenario of fraud, crime, misuse of million dollars, violations of laws under which the organization is incorporated.

In view of above biased, prejudicial, retaliations, collusions between attorney general, defendants, their attorneys the records has to be impeached because the Judge Brick had no jurisdiction and the parties colluded and committed not fraud but also mislead and committed perjury and subornation of perjury against the interest of Dhir and general public cause. See, CPC section 1916. Do our forefathers declared in declaration of independence and US and CA Constitutions such justice system where an American Fellow Being is crushed in burden of cost, tension, agony for public cause when fellow beings are asked not to covet the rights of other American Fellow Beings. America, really, needs a overhaul in characters of American Fellow Beings. Beside India, We hoped and wished a more disciplined life not only based on fear of rule of law but mutual respect, understanding, and love among Americans. See above, Register of Action.

Here, we find the same hate of caste, race, creed, rich or poor, political or non-political, new and old American group and criminal gang or no gang or group etc. In the VDS Temple, the weather of hate, malice, fear, danger, likes, dislikes, and non-cooperation is prevalent, this is the culture Indian Americans will teach to their American generations, Shame, Shame, Shame, Leader Dr. Japra on your such acts in group because leader failed to maintain peace and happiness in VDS Temple since the year 1984. Remember, Dr. Japra Dhir told you and Gupta in settlement meeting in Starbuck to have another meeting between you, Dr. Prasad, Sharma, and Dr. Salwan for peaceful resolution of the problems of amendments and money misuse. But Dr. Japra, you successfully, influenced and corrupted the justice process and system. Will Dr. Japra and his team answer why you are so power and money hungry in the VDS Temple activities since the year 1984? Why don't Dr. Japra give the chance to others to better serve the community only if the reasonable amendments are made after the community at large adopt the new bylaws about payable or non-payable membership fees not $5001 one time and $1501 every year for board of trustees etc. These are anti-trust activities and civil law violations in the veil of religious non-profit organization. Dr. Japra we believe you and your team are taking the monetary benefits by violating IRS rules and regulations, which needs the through investigation of public fraud in VDS Temple etc.

If attorney General afraid from taking the action against Dr. Japra and his team in VDS Temple, then how can Dhir appear or proceed in the appellate court before Judge Kline or before Jude Brick or any other Judge if appointed in lieu of Judge Brick, where Dhir put his student loan money on risk not VDS Temple money. As an Americans We trust that we will get justice in VDS Temple from American and California governments or their Justice systems because the equal justice for all is strangulated by favor and corruption. We expect the immediate motion of law in action for public justice. In this regard we will like to have appointment date of meeting with California Attorney General by an email reply to [email protected] We, the public at large request each and every American Fellow Beings to stand for justice by sharing your story and comments. God Bless America and Americans!!!

The Undersigned

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