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Kind Attention: West Windsor Plainsboro (WWP) School Board of Curriculum & Instruction.

An urge to offer Hindi as a world language from 2nd to 12th grade in the WWP school district.

1) World Languages play a vital role in communication, effective interaction & establishing diplomatic relations between countries. Prior to 1970, more people from France, German, and other European countries immigrated to the United States and the American schools offered their languages as a part of the school curriculum. French was the business language back then. Things have turned around and now the world had gone Eastern (India & China). In last two decades, there has been an influx of Indians migrating to USA and many of them have moved to West Windsor Plainsboro School District so that their children can acquire the best education. WW-P school district prides itself in being most competitive in providing a strong student base for the future.

2) Recent trade relations & Joint Ventures (Information Technology) between India & USA have embarked strong ties & powerful economic relations between the two largest democracies in the world. All-American companies, from General Electric to General Motors, are going to be looking halfway around the world to India as their best shot for improving profits in the coming years (Forbes.com). The US companies have seen double digit year-on-year growth in various sectors like Technology, Colas, Agriculture, Aviation, Transportation, Automobiles, Defense, Education, Green Revolution, Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Banking.

The Press Secretary of White House stated on Nov 24th 2009 that to meet the demands of a changing world economy, President Obama and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have both put education at the top of their national agendas. To meet the serious demands of the 21st Century, the newly announced Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative will provide $10 million in combined funding to increase university linkages and support junior faculty development between U.S. and Indian universities.

Link to the statement of White House -http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/Education_and_Development_Fact_Sheet.pdf

Many American students from different ethnicities from the American universities are visiting India for their internship and higher studies. So, learning Hindi will help in further cementing close bonds between these 2 countries. Offering Hindi will not only be beneficial to the Indian immigrants but to all Americans & other immigrants in the township. It will set a cutting edge in the WWP school district by providing global diversity.

3) There is a growing demand for Hindi and numerous public schools (all levels), & universities are adding Hindi to their curriculum. Some of these schools include University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers, Princeton University, Columbia, UCLA, Boston University, Harvard, Stanford, University of Massachusetts, and many more. By introducing Hindi at the elementary level, WWP schools will reinforce a strong Hindi foundation (phonetics and grammar) acquired in the beginning years of school, setting them to be bilingual at an early age will help them grasp the fundamentals of the language without additional academic pressure that builds during higher grades. Hindi education in schools will help bridge the missing language link between schools and universities.

4) A spokesperson of New Jersey Department of Education, said introduction of a new language in a school district is always demand-driven. The local school board of each district has elected representatives who take care of the interest of its residents. Similar to West Windsor Plainsboro, the Edison & Franklin district in New Jersey has a high concentration of people of Indian origin. Recently, the Franklin Township & the Edison Township have introduced Hindi as an offering language in the schools.

5) In the WWP school district, Hindi is not offered as an elective language since the Indian community has not requested schools to offer it in their school curriculum. Hence the Indian students have no choice but to choose from Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc. as an elective language to satisfy their language requirement in graduating from American schools. Some lean to external organizations to learn Hindi. A non-profit organization, HindiUSA started teaching Hindi to 2 students about 10 years ago, and is currently providing Hindi Education to more than 3,000 children. There are 175 children who are learning Hindi in WWP chapter of HindiUSA, but not all children are privileged to undertake these classes to due to various restraints. It shows how the kids are eager to learn Hindi and relate to their culture and people at the grass root level.

6) We are happy that the school board is offering Chinese language in WWP schools right from the elementary school. It was a consistent and well organized effort by the Chinese community. It is high time we take a united stand and plead the school board to help start Hindi as well.

7) Hindi is our national language and our strongest medium of communication. Hindi is also a much scientific and advanced language sharing the same Devnagiri script as Sanskrit and is fundamentally the strongest in phonetic and grammar. If we loose Hindi we will also loose our culture as its often said The Language is the backbone of the culture We want to forward this not only to our kids, but to our future generations. Please help us preserve the most ancient culture and language of the world.


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