We, the undersigned, a group of ordinary and concerned citizens, are upset and frustrated about a section of the State Highway 124 widening project between Highpoint Road and Henry Clower Boulevard in Snellville, Georgia, and request that the state of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Transportation and Gwinnett County modify the current roadway to allow access to and across Highway 124 at the Skylars Mill and Newtons Crest Subdivisions in Snellville, Georgia. We request immediate action on this request to explore suitable alternatives to resolve a potentially dangerous and life threatening traffic problem.

The issue:

With Highway 124 now being a divided roadway, with two lanes on each side, north and southbound, the residents of three communities, Bankston Woods, Skylar's Mill, and Newtons Crest, have to make U-turns every day to get into or out of their respective subdivisions. These U-turns are a) dangerous, b) will cause traffic jams, c) are detrimental to the vehicles, d) costs the citizens/residents more money, and e) wastes the citizens/residents time.

a) The U-turn at the intersection of Highway 124 and Pamela Dr. is dangerous because when you are in the left hand turn lane, you CANNOT SEE oncoming traffic approaching up the hill from either direction; if someone opposite you is making a left hand turn or U-turn and you are attempting to make a U-turn, neither driver can see oncoming traffic. One of the drivers has to take a chance and pull out into oncoming traffic in order to clear the way for the other driver to see.

b) Traffic jams may occur at the top of the hill and increase the potential for accidents. Vehicles that have to make U-turns at the top of the hill will cause traffic behind them to slow down as they execute the maneuver. The slowdown causes distractions and distractions cause accidents, which will cause all vehicles to slow down and stop. On church days, there will be more problems.

c) Constant U-turns are detrimental to vehicles because they put extra and unusual wear and tear on the steering components of the vehicles. It also causes premature wear and tear on the tires shoulders of the vehicles.

d) Residents must drive farther to get to the same destination. For example, if the distance from the subdivision to a store is 2 miles, and a person has to go 1/4 mile in the opposite direction just to make a U-turn to get to or to return from the store, then they have just added 1/2 mile to their trip. If this happens three times every week, then they have just added 1.5 miles to their weekly driving total. This slowly adds up to 78 miles a year just making u-turns. In addition, if you are traveling east on Highway 78 into Snellville and then come back on Highway 124, this at least adds an extra mile and five (5) extra traffic signals that the citizens/residents must endure to get home. The same extra mileage is true for those traveling west on Highway 124 and wanting to turn into the Newtons Crest subdivision.

e) Time is wasted as citizens/residents make U-turns. Just the extra 1/2 mile of travel distance costs at least 5 minutes of travel time, not to mention the time spent waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. Also, the 5 extra traffic signals on Highway 78 increase travel distance and time.

The solution:

A crossover or left turn lane on Highway 124 opposite the Skylar's Mill and Newtons Crest subdivisions will allow residents to make left hand turns out of the subdivisions and not be forced to drive down to Highpoint Road or to up to Pamela Rd (at the church) to make a U-turn. Adding a crossover will also reduce the possibility (expectation) for residents to be involved in accidents while executing U-turns at the top of the hill.

Other issues:

1. For the residents of Bankston Woods, a guardrail and sound barrier have been installed which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to see traffic coming from the left and DANGEROUS while trying to make a right hand turn out of the subdivision. Making a right hand turn out of Bankston Woods cannot be done safely since you cannot see more than 50 feet to the left. Being able to execute left hand turns out of Skylars Mill will reduce right hand turn exits out of Bankston Woods.

2. Due to the sound barrier and over time, the property values in the Skylars Mill and Bankston Woods subdivisions may not rise at the same rate with the neighboring subdivisions. Citizens/residents should be concerned. Facts and figures can be obtained that will show that sound barrier walls have a negative effect on property values of the adjoining neighborhoods over time.

Please seriously consider our request.

We are not against development projects for Snellville and/or Gwinnett County, or this project. However, we are deeply concerned for our safety and appeal to you to consider our views and respect our rights.

Thank you for your consideration!

Concerned Citizens/Residents of Bankston Woods, Newtons Crest and Skylars Mill subdivisions, Snellville, Georgia
Contact Information:

Voice your opinion either through the mail, phone calls or online. Use the addresses and phone numbers below to write or call.

Georgia Department of Transportation
Lawrenceville Area Office
Office Location: 410 Hurricane Shoals Rd, NW, Lawrenceville
Mailing Address: 410 Hurricane Shoals Rd NW, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045
Telephone: 770-339-2308, Fax 770-339-5178
Area Engineer: Randall L. Davis, [email protected]
Project Manager: Matt Needham, 770-736-6993, [email protected]

State Elected Officials

U.S. Congressional District 007
U.S. Representative John Linder, 1026 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515-1007; Phone: 202.225.4272; Fax: 202.225.4696

Georgia Senate, District 009
Senator Don Balfour, 453 State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334; Capitol Phone: 404-656-0095;
Fax: 404-656-6581; - or 2312 Waterscape Trail, Snellville, GA 30078; District Phone: 770.729.5764

Georgia House of Representatives, District 106
Melvin Everson, Suite 504, Coverdell Office Building, Atlanta, GA 30334; Phone: 404.656.0188; - or 1725 Winding Creek Circle, Snellville, GA 30078; Phone: 770.972.064 (home); 770.962.6564 (office)

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