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In todays society eating meat is a no-brainer, something that unfortunately almost all of us find ourselves doing. But when you look at your meat you probably think how good it will taste. Now, imagine yourself eating a bloody chicken with its head chopped off. Doesnt look quite so appetizing anymore does it? Good! Because that, my friend is exactly what meat eating is, cruelty to animals and hanibilism! A common excuse to eating meat is that the animal was already dead. Well, you are misinformed. These animals are tortured to there death where they try to fight back but they just cant. The human force is stronger than there own. And just because an animal does not have the intelectual capacity of a human does not mean we should kill it! That is exactly like saying a poor old, hopeless lady with alsheimers, or a retarted or newly born kid should be tortured to there unrightfull death. In addition, not only is the treating of the animals completely revolting but it is absolutely not the circle of life. There again, people get misinformed-ever since a child, children everywhere are taught to eat meat to make muscles strong(which is not the case by the way) and to eat cafeteria meat. But you can put an end to it, dont eat the meat and dont take those cources. Sure the bible says we have dominion over the animals but certainly, god could not want these animals dead. Remember, dominion is not the same as tyranny. Queen Elizabeth had dominion but she did not torture or worse yet, kill her country! If you get where im going here please sign the petetion and if your really interested in what I have to say, go to or the PETA for kids web site. Because I, and many others with a good heart and some mental capacity, have realized the cruelty and harsh treatment of animals is wrong. I am 100\% fully for the ethical treatment of animals. Which is what PETA stands for by the way, people for the ethical treatment of animals. Remember, you dont have to go extremist to take a stand and help those animals in need, the ones who are calling for your help desperately.So please, do whats right and help the dying and tortured animals that are commonly found in todays society!

*Please note: Especially stay away from KFC because they torture there chickens and every time you want some popcorn chicken(EW!) just tell yourself that KFC=killing friendly chickens*

~I give my thanks, to everyone who has helped me with this:
PETA itself
Kaitlans sister
& everyone, who has selflessly devoted there time to sign this petetion, because remember if noone thought they could make a difference, schools would still be segregated~

Thank you!

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Latest Signatures

  • 10 December 201550. Sam W
    good idea
  • 05 December 201549. Claudia U
    There is NO EXCUSE for animal cruelty! Stop it immediatley!
  • 11 October 201548. Emily S
    I agree completely
  • 06 July 201547. Blanca Estherjurezs
  • 16 December 201446. Anita Walsh
    stop cruelty
  • 23 November 201445. Austin B
    animals are very important to the world
  • 10 November 201444. Natasha Shepard
    This cruelty must end! Go Vegan!
  • 30 May 201443. Amanda Copeland
    keep it going good luck!!
  • 18 March 201442. Kristen S
    this is a disgrace and we need to put a stop to this now!
  • 29 October 201341. Jen A
    i agree
  • 20 October 201340. Michael J
    mmm chicken
  • 17 February 201339. Davide M
    for a better world!
  • 21 December 201238. Kayla T
    PETA Rocks
  • 23 September 201237. Joshua B
    i really is a good idea
  • 12 September 201236. Bob Roy
    i dont like the chicken its 2 damn greasy
  • 29 November 201135. Marie S
    i don't know
  • 18 November 201134. Deep D
    I'll do my best possible to save animals , Already I have brought a street dog home.
  • 12 June 201133. Dallasbecky Garrett
    stop abusing animals
  • 14 February 201132. Richa K
    Please help animals and they'll love you for life!
  • 31 January 201131. Debbie A
    I am 100\% fully for the ethical treatment of animals.
  • 07 December 201030. Patti H
    born vegetarian except Airport Inn burgers in mC, Mt
  • 22 July 201029. Marissa Wilkins
    save the animals!!!
  • 30 May 201028. Jenifer L
    everyone should tale care of all living things
  • 28 February 201027. Adam Gross
    gj. courses though.. not cources..
  • 17 February 201026. Chicken Tasteg
    Chicken Taste Good!
  • 15 April 200925. Linda M
  • 01 October 200824. Jinjian Cuevas
    Animals need to be free! GO VEGETARIAN!!!

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