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It is not fair to the smokers of Peterborough..that we are now not allowed to smoke in the Peterborough Zoo(Riverside Park), Del Crary Park, East City Park...I mean really, who is it to say that we cannot smoke there...we are following the by-law of not smoking indoors or under roofs like at the Peterborough Square, but these places are out in the open and our roof is the sky. So why is it that we no longer have the right to smoke there? Soon there will be laws of no smoking while walking down the street!! Like where have our rights gone???? Like really they have already removed smoking from bars, resturants, bingo halls Casino's etc.... but under the sky now too? Like this is just rediculous.... Written today (March 25,2009) "This summer you can breathe in.....THAT CLAEN AIR.....Council bans smoking at three local parks....That was on the front page of the Peterborough This Week.

Why is the city moving towards making our parks smoke free? Reasons for going smoke free in Peterborough....

- The majority of Peterborough's population is non-smoking. A 2007 Canadian (2007 make a new one 2 yrs later I bet there will be a big decline in this \%)
-Community Health Survey from Statistics Canada found 79.1 per cent of residents in Peterborough do not smoke.

*Have you walked the streets of ptbo and seen all the smokers? I would like for someone to video tape and see that there are more people that smoke as to non-smoke.

The amendment to the bylaw will benefit the majority of the residents.

*It will make the non-smokers happy but what about the smokers...Where is our happiness and our benefits?

- Children and youth model their behaviour after the people they look up to.

*Yeah ok I agree with this BUT they also look up to actress/actor's..musicans etc and a huge majority of them smoke or at least smoke in thier movies/video' what is gonna happen with that now?!

-Coaches, leaders, family and peers. Prohibiting smoking in parks and playgrounds will reinforce a smoke-free lifestyle.

*Yeah ok like this is so untrue, so ur telling me that non of these people smoke? I think that we need to get a grip on reality and open ur eyes already!

- Cigarette butts are the main source of litter in communities, beaches and particularly at Del Crary Park and the Peterborough Marina. Prohibiting smoking is one measure to protect the natural environment of Peterborough's parks and playgrounds.

* Are you kidding me? People are paid everyday to pick this up, do your job in this city and they will not see butts all over the place 90\% of the time that I walk into a coffee shop I see the City workers on their butts having a coffee or drive by them just sitting in their trucks, I have seen a lot of then in or outside of their vehicle smoking... Maybe if this town wasn't so cheap then they would put out the money for a place for us to put out our smokes...instead of us stepping on them or flicking them away...I mean really are we supposed to put them out and then put them into our pockets until we get home or near a garbage?!

- There is no known safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke, even outdoors.

*We are outdoors where the smoke is all over it floats around everywhere, no just in a park...I mean seriously look at the buses that this city drives and the pollution they put into the air we breathe....but smokers and non-smokers are still getting onto the bus.....

- Tobacco use goes against the health benefits gained by participating in sport and recreational activities.

*I know a lot of people that smoke and participate in sports...I mean common take a look at most youths even if they do not smoke cigarettes they are smoking pot.

- It is important for youth to receive the same tobacco-free messages at their park-based sport or recreation programs/activities as they experience at school and in the wider community.

*And yet we promote drinking alcohol and sex all over the place...I mean really how many people have died to do a smoking driver as to a drunk driver?!Maybe we should think about doing something to help the youth with alcohol and drugs before we put all of our focus on smoking.

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