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They want to change the Cookie Monster
sign this petition to save our beloved Cookie Monster from shame and anguish of promoting healthy food when he should clearly be feasting on piles and piles of fresh cookies, all kinds!
say "FUCK YOU!" to the producers of "Sesame Street" and voice your opinion on
this tragity that has struck the hearts of many.

every signature gives one cookie to the ever hungry Cookie Monster, don't let him starve, have a heart.

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 November 2015100. Daniel B
    Fat people shouldnt blame their problems on anything but themselves
  • 03 November 201599. Jamie H
    I support this petition
  • 27 October 201598. Ray Gibbs
    whats next....oscar the grouch has to stay clean???
  • 13 October 201597. Kira Q
    I support this petition
  • 07 October 201596. Tara R
    let him eat cookies!!
  • 01 October 201595. Charlotte Rivkah
    ah come on!!! cookies are not the probem, and by no means are cookies a result of the cookie monster! they exist and will be eaten whether or not the cookie monster likes em. keep him eating the cookies! cookie!
  • 22 September 201594. Dookie M
    Dookie Monster is Cookie Monster's evil twin that eats poop all the time. It's yummier that cookies. Dookie Cookies rule. Oreos drool!
  • 06 September 201593. Alex G
    I support this petition
  • 23 June 201592. Heather W
    Leave him alone
  • 20 June 201591. Brenda P
    I am a parent teaching my child right from wrong on good foods. Cookie Monster is meant to be fun and there is no way he promotes obesity! After 30 years things should be left alone! I want my children to grow up with Cookie Monster the same way I did. My
  • 22 May 201590. Katrina Haley
    C is for cookie an cookies are for me, yaay!
  • 14 May 201589. Anthony H
    C is for cookie! Cookie is for me!
  • 02 May 201588. Cassidy Michael
    I support this petition
  • 21 April 201587. Colby W
    Stupid fat America needs to quit pointing its chubby finger at outside influences (a foam, rubber puppet is hardly an influence) and point that finger right up its fat ass.
  • 16 April 201586. Jonathan D
    I support this petition
  • 10 April 201585. Michael H
  • 31 March 201584. Justine A
    First you take out Bert and now this...
  • 17 March 201583. Rongsen Squidgyl
    I for one am disgusted at this turn of events. America has raped my last childhood dream!
  • 11 March 201582. Zach S
    Cookie monster is cookie monster, and nothing else.
  • 10 March 201581. Battnt Richmond
    I love The Cookie Monster
  • 02 March 201580. Qwerty P
  • 22 February 201579. Cynthia S
    I support this petition
  • 10 February 201578. Kathleen P
    Parents are the reason kids are obese, not the cookie monster. Maybe put the actors on diets instead!
  • 24 January 201577. Andrew M
    C is for Cookie thats good enough for me!
  • 17 January 201576. Jim Q
    it's ok to keep him as he is. Children make up their minds as a result of many environmental factors, the greatest being their own home situation; their parents and siblings. Let the Cookie Monster be as he is... a strong character who, while outwardly se
  • 24 December 201475. Xrr Mendez
    "A Cookie is a sometimes food? Cmon dude, there are better ways of fighting obesity than to change a historic and well known blue character. Cookies r0kk.
  • 10 December 201474. Rory C
    I support this petition

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Culture and SocietyIn:
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sesame street and its shitty producers


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