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Senate Bill 153 was created and formed by input from the Hospitality Association (Kent Nolte who owns Port 'O Call), along with the DABC and LDS Church, in order to "update" our liquor laws.

However, SB 0153 goes a lot farther than "updating" our laws, and will have far reaching implications for all ages shows in Utah in all of the following venues:

-Bricks, Area 51, Xscape, Sanctuary, Saltair, and a few other smaller clubs in the state.

SB 0153 attempts to ban minors from these venues that have sections or areas that serve alcohol. What this means to you is no more all ages concerts at the venues mentioned.

Under this bill:

-Anyone under the age of 14 cannot attend concerts in those venues - EVER.

-If the club serves alcohol (of which all of those clubs do), even in a segregated section for people over the age of 21 with significant barriers and security between the serving side and show side, nobody under the age of 18 is allowed in the club without their parent or legal guardian.

-The only way for clubs to allow 14-18 year olds in is to stop ALL sales of alcohol, even in those segregated areas.

We've spoken in front of the senate, DABC, and met with various Senators and Representatives. What it comes down to is this - if the bill is changed, the LDS church won't endorse it any more - and the legislature doesn't want to see the bill get scrapped, so they won't make any further changes.

This is YOUR tax money at work.

And because of this, the face of live music in Utah is about to change substantially...

There are farther reaching ramifications of this bill. If we can't sell tickets to people of all ages, and have to go to just of 18+, then about 75\% of the shows just won't come to Utah.

The other option is to try and do all ages, have the club avoid serving any alcohol, and try and reimburse the club their lost income - which will come out to somewhere around $3-5 more a ticket for EVERY show that you go to.

Bottom line is that if this law passes, most of the shows won't come.

So what can you do? Glad you asked!!! You can email your senators and representatives, and let them know that you're unhappy about this bill. Especially if you're under the age of 18, write them!!! And sign this petition!!

A few suggestions include the following:

-Be sure if you email them to tell them what bill you're concerned about, SB 153.

-Those of you who have had a fake ID seized at the front door, let them know how hard it is for an underage person to get a drink!!! This is why clubs are so strict on underage drinking, and why it's such a pain to get a drink for those over 21.

-Let them know how hard it is for even 21+ to get a drink! Tell 'em that at all of these venues, it's completely separate, and not possible to pass drinks back and forth.

-If you're under the age of 18, let them know that they're destroying an important cultural past time, and that you WILL be voting in the near future.

-Let me say this again, Let them know you will vote on this issue! The only way they'll listen is if they think it will affect their reelection chances.

Be sure to do this soon, as the bill will be finalized this week.

Here is the link to senators, to find out who yours is:

Here is the link to representatives, to find out who yours is:

Finally, for those of you who are interested, here is a link to the bill itself, and the section that will affect you.

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