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There are many sick websites such as the ones i have found. The site i came across while searching for rape and sexualy abuse message boards on google, the site is pretty much made up of porn, incest porn, rape video's, picture's, and stories of young girls innocently walking home form school, when evily gang raped by a large group of men, when she was abducted. this sickens me, physically. it is truely disgusting. I'm informed that this sight like many other's is more than likely protected by 'free speech' this is not a matter of free speech. this is violating and exploiting woman, rape fantasies .. and stories on this website written in such a way that sick pereverted people get off on. The pain and suffering, the thought of making a female feel pain so that they can feel pleasure made out to be normal, and alright. It is NOT. It is sick, disgusting and should be banned from the internet. please take the time to sign this, it is important to raise awarness of just how triggering this is for a victem to stumble across when innocently searching for help maybe. To some of you, you may see it as purely sharing rape fantasies, but rape is wrong and sites like this puts ideas in sick perverted head, people that may fantasise about rape, visiting sites likkke this may only encourage them to go out and commit such a crime, in my mind just fanatasing about such a disgusting thing is wrong.. it will only take a few minutes of your time .. please xxxx

this is the website:

also, id like to take this chance to noitfy all survivors of sexual abuse and rape that may be reading this. provides a great message board in which help and support is greatly offerd. you can meet alot of great people just like your selves and they really do help.

thank you all for taking you time to read this. xxx

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Latest Signatures

  • 25 dicembre 2015100. Janice D
    i find this repulsive and am completely for shutting the site down.
  • 24 dicembre 201599. Sami Russo
    well done :) name В
  • 24 dicembre 201598. Carlaganniclefft Liu
    Internet is all well and good but sometimes you get something you definatly didn't ask for and sites that promote something that could potentially harm another life are wrong and immoral and should not be put under the freedom of speech but should be clas
  • 19 dicembre 201597. Martina Atkins
    this is sickening....I don't have a problem with porn but rape porn and stories of people being raped, that being made in to porn is disgusting!
  • 05 dicembre 201596. Orvcfjsghg Rosales
    jxDVKU <a href="">pmvkickzwcun</a>, [url=]nuyzvxkqqmeq[/url], [link=]rawzqogwgzmu[/link], name jxDVKU <a href="">pmv
  • 28 novembre 201595. Barbara C, - review sites are GANG RAPE!! Make them ILLEGAL
  • 23 novembre 201594. Victoria Cobb
    I was Raped and it is worng to say it is okay to do it name Victoria
  • 23 novembre 201593. Sarah Beck
    These sites are WRONG! How can anyone be so evil? How many more people have to suffer? This HAS to stop!
  • 21 novembre 201592. Maz Hughes
    disgusting name marrianne
  • 21 novembre 201591. Gethin Mcdonald
    its wrong name gethin
  • 21 novembre 201590. Paul Rangel
    how can people think like this ? name paul
  • 17 novembre 201589. Kallie Cohen
    all rapists r f*kked in the head:@ name kallie
  • 16 novembre 201588. Bmzimny Blevins
    Down with this! name Bree
  • 14 novembre 201587. Ross Gibson
    disturbing sites should not swurvive
  • 03 novembre 201586. Jay Kane
    erm yeah wateva they all said
  • 02 novembre 201585. Craig D
    if rape is to be used in fictional media, it shouldn't be graphic and it should drive the story to where the victim gets revenge, IOW unglorified. Rape does not deserve to go unpunished.
  • 31 ottobre 201584. Dmeier Hughes
    Truly fightening... I was very scared by all the websites out there and what they portrayed.
  • 28 ottobre 201583. Kirsty Middleton
    rapin iz sik yi shood al be killed n raped yursel name erm
  • 23 ottobre 201582. Ben B
    stop it! name ben baker
  • 19 ottobre 201581. Suzanne Fleming
    Free speech should not include promoting the degradation, the humiliation, the violence or the cruelty towards any other human being. By allowing these sites you are supporting the oppression of humankind, men and women, white and black. We are supposed t
  • 12 ottobre 201580. Dawn Castro
    Please shut down sites which promote rape, it is simply not fair for people to have to stumble across these sites whilst surfing the internet.
  • 06 ottobre 201579. Karen Mendoza
    Fantasies are fantasies, and they should remain in the mind, not be put out there on the internet name Karen
  • 04 ottobre 201578. Melissa Dean
    i completely agree with you i have also been searching websites and i have seen the sick and disghusting things they put on there i have even made my own petition
  • 02 ottobre 201577. Veypkmleee Daniels
    G7mdxh <a href="">wutcpqrgrjdc</a>, [url=]wxygkiycjmob[/url], [link=]upttnejubliw[/link], name G7mdxh <a href="">wut
  • 26 settembre 201576. Kirsten Barr
    please stop it, i've been hurt by one of these people. its bad enough we've no chance in court (3\%) without them sharing ideas of how to be most cruel. i'm in uk. men get raped too.
  • 25 settembre 201575. Matt D
    all u rapist scumbags should be shot!!!!! how dare u get away wid this!!!!! grrrrr
  • 22 settembre 201574. Anita Rh
    being a rape survior i find all of these sites offensive and evil. i want to do anything i can to shut them all done.

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