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The dream of every writer and bibliophile is to walk in the steps of the authors they hold most dear. What is your dream? Were I to travel through time, I would quietly sneak into the library of Alexandria...and soak in the history with reverence and awe, even if I cannot read the inscriptions. I would travel to Independence Hall, to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence and question our founders on where the intended our fledgling country to go in relation to freedoms and policy.But were I to have one wish that is possible, I would visit the grave of Edgar Allen Poe. His works were my first introduction to poetry that was both passionate and dark, yet witty in it's subtext.

My dear friend Katrina mentioned she was finally coming to the United States to visit me and several other friends, and she mentioned her passion to visit the vigil at Poe's grave in 2009. I am a dreamer, so I believe anything is possible, that is until I read how many people are turned away from the chance to attend a moment in history.

Are the rights to view Poe's grave vigil auctioned off to the most deserving, using measurements that a small group has deemed "worthy?.That someone should deem it appropriate to deny the dream of one for the sake of an organizations own preset notions is not only against the goals of great literature, but detrimental to it's nature: to share the love of the written word with the masses.

Would you not, upon your death, hope someone would be excited just to visit where your body lays? To recount words you spoke amongst others, who share a passion for your work? Now imagine that a person who guards your grave with immodesty and arrogance denies those who would most like to visit you the chance, because they failed in the deciders eyes to properly jump through imaginary hoops of worth.

Paying respects to someone you admire should not be an auction of worth, but rather a pilgrimage of thanks for that which they have given you.

When upon your death would you like to find that there you lay, alone...with no visitors, except those someone else decided were worthy to stand in graveyard. Is not the very purpose of a tomb to announce you proclaim your name even though you are gone? Many cultures believe that to speak the name of the dead is to keep them alive, even if just for a moment, I would hope no one would deny Mr. Poe that grace.

He himself was in awe of the written can you not understand why we, as a populous, would want to share our love of his works at his feet?
I am sure they recieve thousands of requests to attend the vigil at Poe's grave, but I am not beneath pleading, as I'm sure many others are not. What is unique to my request is I am not asking for myself, I am requesting my dear friend be allowed to attend so I can hear of it and live vicariously through her. I have the lovely affliction of Cerebral Palsy, which is making it harder for me to walk as I age...eventually I won't be able to walk again. I doubt very much that the curators there would allow a wheelchair on the grounds, and even if they would I cannot afford the luxury of please, let me see it through her eyes, let her legs be my legs. Her trip to the states is something she has long planned, and I will finally get to see her at last, but my hope is that she can arrive at my doorstep with tales of a pilgrimage that I cannot make. I know that some people stand at the gates and look in, but I want to hear from her what it was like to stand in a moment of history, and hear tales of how the wind whispered to her, the smell of the earth, the reverance in the air. I want her to pay my respects at the vigil for me.

I understand there are expectations of how and why applicants are chosen, so since I cannot go door to door...I am going to start an online petition. No, strike that, I am going to start an online movement, so my friend can be my feet and my eyes, so that her students can hear of history firsthand. She is a wonderfully imaginative school teacher in New Zealand, who makes the world open up with new discoveries for her pupils. To come back home with tales of not only our beautiful country and the friends she plans to visit, but with tales of a dream reached is invaluable. We teach our children that no dream is too big, so please help us show them it is absolutely true, if you wish hard enough.

To deny a child the edification of great poetry and history as their teacher has experienced it is criminal in my opinion. History is for us all, not just the chosen few, so I humbly request that you sign this petition!!!!!!!!

May you have a lovely day, full of hope.

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