The reason I want to start this petition is because I want (together with many other people) that Kosovo gets its independence! And I hope that with this petition we can take Kosovo a step closer to independence (PAVARSI).

A short history of Kosovo:
As we go back the first people in Kosovo were the Illyrians. We dont have the proof but they are probably the ancestors of the Albanians. The Serbian academics claim that the Albanians were in the scene in the early Middle Ages, appeared as a result of mixed marriage between nomadic shepherds and rests of Illyrians and Dardanians of Thrace unromanized. In the year zero the Romans conquered the Illyrians. Slaves crossed the Danube and moved into the Balkan by the 6th century. These migrations weakened the Byzantium Empire sufficiently that the Illyrian-speaking people, known to their neighbours as Albanians, moved eastward from the Adriatic into the Kosovo region of the Balkans. (So they moved more Albanians themselves to Kosovo!) Slaves migrating into the Balkans divided into three groups: Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. By the 12th century almost all-arable land in the region, now known as Northern Albania and Kosovo, was in Slavic hands. By 1190 whole Kosovo was under the powerful Nemanjic dynasty that lasted 200 years. However in 1389, in the famous Battle of Kosovo Polje, the Serbs and their allies were defeated by the Ottoman Turks and shortly Kosovo became part of the Ottoman Empire. Albanians started to move back into Kosovo in considerable numbers in the 15th century and the Ottomans took sovereignty over the region in 1489. During this time the great majority of Albanians were still Christians, and Serbs and Albania ns lived together in reasonable harmony. Gradually Albanians and to a lesser extent Serbs became converted to Islam. In the late 17th century Serbs left Kosovo in large numbers as a result of military victories of the Ottoman Turks. This caused the Serbian "center of gravity" to move northward to the region of Belgrade where it has remained ever since. This displacement of the Serb population is known in history as "the great migration". As a result, the region of Kosovo became under populated and, attracted by available fertile land, was resettled by Albanians moving eastward from the hills of Albania. At this time these Albanians were both Christian and Muslim. A reaction on the Serbs, Bulgarian and Greek nationalism of the 19th century, formed the Albanian nationalists The League of Prizren in Prizren on 10 june 1878. Here they talked about the possible problems they had to go true. A part of the areas which they considered as a component of the Albanian area would be divided according to The Peace of San Stefano under Great-Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbiл. The League protested against this and made a note to the large powers of the Congress of Berlin, but these were ignored. Then the league came in insurrection in the cities Guci, Shkodлr, Prizren and Janina, which was very successful; a large part of the areas remained in Albanian possession. After complaints of the Serbs, who didnt get the areas they wanted, to the address of the Western powers, they pushed the Ottoman Turks to undertake action against the rebelling of the Albanian. The Ottoman Turks army accelerated then in 1881, against the Albanians, which had set up a temporary government under the guidance of president Ymer Prizreni. After three years of fighting, the Albanians were conquered and much of their leaders were executed or were send to prison. In 1910 there was an Albanian insurrection in Pristine which lasted until the visit of the Ottoman sultan Mehmet V Resat to Kosovo in June 1911. The aim of the League of Prizren was founded for an Albanian state, existing from the four `viloyet's (provinces) where Albanians lived. The Serbs determined then however still 40\% of the population of Kosovo and rejected Albanian nationalism with the Turks and other ethnicities in Kosovo. During the Balkan wars Kosovo and Albania were in 1912 conquered by the Serbs, the western part of Kosovo was conquered by Montenegro. The Serbs wanted to have an ethnic cleansing in Kosovo under the Albanian population, but it was agreed with Turkey to let the Albanians immigrate to Turkey, what had however little success. Vaso Cubrilovic of the Serbian academy of the sciences had established a careful document in which described how the to dissipate the Albanians and how the colonisation of Serbia would have take place. On 28 november 1912 Albania asked for independence, supported by Italia and Austria. The independence of Albania got recognized on 29 juli 1913 and in the course of 1913 the borders were stipulated. The territory burst out smaller than initially Turkey had promised. The surrounding countries never stood behind an independent Albanian state and had rather seen the territory divided under each other. This became many times clearly when the borders of the Balkan in the course of the history by several treaties were revised. North-Epirus, with its extensive Greek population, became Albanian, but Kosovo, with a leading Albanian population, had be ceded to Serbia. The borders did not coincide with ethnic bordering in the area and that would continue ensure problems. Still the Albanians protest in many ways to the Serbs. Germany, conquered in 1941 Yugoslavia. Already rapidly arose resist against the Germans. The most important group were the Communists under control of Josip Broz, which especially be confessed under its nickname Tito. They wanted federal Yugoslavia. On 31 January 1946, after the war, arose new a Yugoslavia. Instead of kingdom came six republics of which Serbia was one of them. Tito gave to two areas in Serbia an autonomous status: Kosovo and Vojvodina. These regions belonged, however, to Serbia, but got own powers in certain areas. Because of this Serbia remained small and because of this he hoped to curb the Serbian nationalism. In 1961, 25\% of the population in Kosovo were Serbian. In the years eighty and ninety was 10\% of the population Serbian, the rest was Albanian. After the death of Tito in 1980, and the fall of the Communism Yugoslavia collapsed. In 1989, Slobodan Milosevic came to the power in Yugoslavia. In spring of 1999 the Serbian leader started with ethnic cleansing of Kosovo: the Serbian army attacked Kosovo with as result that almost a million Kosovo-Albanians had to get on the run for the violence and the genocide of Milosevic. Current or on motor tractors they looked for security in Albania and Macedonia. NATO intervened and placed Milosevic under pressure by means of bombardments. July 1999 signed Milosevic, under large foreigner very, a peace agreement with the international peacekeeping force; the Serbian army went out of Kosovo. The thousands escaped Kosovo-Albanians could return afterwards safe to Kosovo, but met an completely devastate country: Hundreds of villages had been burned down, houses plundered and 25.000 Kosovo-Albanians men were killed. So like you can see true the history Serbia never had good intensions with Kosovo, why wood they have them now!

So therefore I ask of you to think twice, because like Condoleezza Rice said: Giving Kosovo the independence is the only way to stabilize the Balkan.

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