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To Governor Rod Blagojevich:

On July 24, 2003 a man named Scott M. Hillis was arrested for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse and Aggravated Kidnapping. While in jail another charge of Aggravated Kidnapping was placed on him for another case from a year before. As a person who watched both trials I have become very upset at our local justice system and we are asking for a complete exoneration and pardon for inmate Scott M. Hillis R46020 on grounds of wrongful convicted. Mr. Hillis was tried on the Aggravated Kidnapping charge from a 2002 case involving at the time of the kidnapping, was 5 years old. Breanna along with her sister Brittany were walking along the street when a man stopped the girls and asked if they saw some black boys that had just rode through here because they threw rocks. Breanna and her sister both said no and the man left. Breanna eventually was kidnapped and driven around for approximately a half hour and dropped off at a local golf club. For a year the case went unsolved, until the police decided to charge Mr. Hillis who was in jail for charges pending from a 2003 case. The trial for the 2002 case happened first as follows, Brittany who is 4 years older then her sister Breanna testified that Mr. Hillis was not the man in the car that day. She said this after seeing him in court. Then Breanna came to the stand to testify and at first she said the man who took her was not the defendant. She then looked at her mother who was looking at the defendant and changed her mind and said it was him. I was sitting right behind her and was watching her as she looked at the defendant and then she looked at her daughter and then her daughter changed her mind. So the jury found him guilty by this little girls testimony. He was convicted by a jury where one member of the jury was falling asleep and when they went to deliberate the forman had said they had a few more questions but changed that when they were going to have to bring the jury back in. The jury only deliberated for approximately and hour and came back with a guilty verdict. The judge then gave him 15 years. In April of this year we went to trial for the 2003 case of Gianna Mayer a 7 year old girl who was assaulted and kidnapped by someone. In this case Mr. Hillis name was never given after Crime Stoppers posted sketches of the suspect and Mr. Hillis looked nothing like the sketches. Eventually a female called who had an outstanding warrant for missing drug court supposedly had information about the guy who took Gianna. So they pursued this story from this woman and charged Mr. Hillis with the Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault, Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse. In this trial, which was a bench trial since we all figured a judge could see the wrongness in a trial and actually be honest. I guess we were wrong and this case proves it. The witnesses for the prosecutor were much the same way as the first one a complete and utter joke. What I mean by that was the fact that they bring the mother of the child up and she said one time that she had asked the woman to baby sit and then the babysitter gave a different time which was about 3 hours earlier then the mothers testimony. This babysitter Emily Smith was the one that had the outstanding warrant for drug court and she is still currently attending probation for the charges. On the stand Ms. Smith mentioned that the man who stole Gianna first showed up at the building around 4:30 and then came back again around 5:00 pm in a gold car and a green shirt. During her testimony she mentioned that she went to the bathroom around 6 times anyone with common sense would figure that something else was going on since a normal person doesnt use the bathroom in an hour and a half period 6 times. She also mentioned that she didnt actually see the man take Gianna but her 7 year old sister did and that child was never brought in to court to testify. Gianna herself after being asked several times including the judge asking her step off the stand and looking directly at the defendant said that was not the man that did that to her. The description that Ms. Smith gave even in the testimony stated that the man was slender and at the time of Mr. Hilliss arrest which was 10 days after the incident he was weighed in at around 208 lbs which I am sure we all can consider not slender when he stood 510 which on a height with that 208 lbs would be considered heavy not slender. The car they say Mr. Hillis used in the incident was actually green and Ms. Smith said gold and there is a different in those 2 colors. She mentioned that Mr. Hills was there at those times but yet his boss who provided me with his work records for both cases show that Mr. Hillis was at work at that time. MR. Hilliss mothers work hours where also in the attorneys information but yet never brought in as evidence to show that her car was at Cherryvale Mall in Rockford Illinois at that time since she worked at Sears. The judge Daniel Doyle found Mr. Hillis guilty of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault and Aggravated Kidnapping and they dropped the Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse charge. He was given 45 more years. So total Mr. Hillis is serving 60 years for something he didnt even do and proves the corruption in our local justice system.

We the undersigned would like you as Governor to look into this case and other cases of people wrongfully convicted in the State of Illinois of crimes they dont commit. If we as Americans dont address this issue soon more and more innocent people in America are going to go to prisons and be put to death for crimes they dont commit.

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