Heather Kennett published fictional story as fact - incompetent journalism sign now

Excerpt of document censored by corrupt Australian Government:

- Heather Kennett is generally negligent, inaccurate, misleading, malicious and driven by politics (and "Australia's biggest loser" Ron Green). Inter alia:

[*] Heather Kennett fraudulently used a fictional story written by child Jeremy Shum to discredit him...

[*] Heather Kennett attempted to child sex abuse Jeremy Shum

[*] Heather Kennett attended mandatory counseling for being a psychopath aka sociopath who was abusing, harassing and intimidating, specifically targeting children like a low life paedophile aka pedophile *coff* put her in jail for the rest of her life!

[*] Heather Kennett discriminated Jeremy Shum based on his race as an Asian/oriental, and age of 20 yo child

[*] Heather Kennett was lying, acting unethically, untruthfully, maliciously, crimes against children and humanity

[*] Ron Green was corrupting politics by bribing journalist Heather Kennett to write favourable stories of him

[*] Paul Deb Burnside "Acting" CEO abused his power to help his old friend Ron Green CEO of Unley Council

- To gossip lovers of good old fashioned sensible principled family values evangelical christian Jeremy Shum, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Jeremy Shum, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Ashlee Simpson, Kevin Jonas, Ashley Tisdale, Nick Jonas, The Walt Disney Company, The Jeremy Shum Invent Company, Waverly Labs fan girls. We love fictional stories, love Special Agent Shum, love Hannah Montana, love Sonny With A Chance, love Wizards of Waverly Place

- Material Government is trying to censor, like corrupt Chinese Communist is the Australian government! Mrs. Heather Kennett is a political journalist of the Messenger Eastern Courier and using her links to the Police and Army to censor this, but freedom of speech is protected in the United States of America (USA) by the First 1st Amendment. Also protected as political piece by the implied constitutional guarantee to Freedom of Political Communication in Australia. This is sensible family values before politics/power.

- Mrs. Heather Kennett is accused of child sex abuse, harassment, defaming Jeremy Shum in the Messenger Courier providing false malicious lies. From this, the conclusion can be drawn that Heather Kennett is an abusive psychopathic f*cking perverted crazy nuts old woman who makes up lies because she has a sh*t career working for a low life "newspaper" that is in a magazine form

- Heather Kennett amidst child sex allegations, with I unable to reach her in time of publication after approaching her at her property numerous times in the past week.

- Heather Kennett falsely claimed Jeremy Shum said he was the MD Managing Director of a LA-based Los Angeles-based company, which is literally misreferencing the plotline of the fictitious plot of the Special Agent Shum novel of the hypothetical corporation Waverly Labs. To discredit Jeremy Shum based on an article, makes Heather Kennett lower than low-life scum. She isn't even dignified to be cow dung, she is a worm who rapes another worm who eats the cow dung. What sort of low life f*ck discredits a person based on a fictional story! Heather Kennett will be punished by God, Buddha, Jesus, Hindu, worshipful cow, whatever you believe in, but in the next life time she will come back as sh*t!

- Heather Kennett said Jeremy Shum was not a real lecturer, because he teaches through video rather than in real life. Jeremy Shum is one of the most notable consultant lecturers, with degrees in law, commerce and engineering, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelors of Law (LLB, LL.B), BCom, BCom(Acc), Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), BCom(Acctng), Bachelor of Engineering (Optical and Electronic), BEng(Opt&Elec), BSEE. Heather Kennett doesn't even have one university degree! She couldn't even graduate from university, that low-life f*ck. At least Jeremy Shum teaches little kids =) , whilst Heather Kennett is abusing little kids, disgusting fraudulent freak Heather Kennett is ;-)

- Heather Kennett said because Jeremy Shum was 20, he isn't old enough to get elected. Heather Kennett is the lying b*tch who is propagating the lie that because Jeremy Shum is under 21 (i.e. 20) the constitution prevents Jeremy Shum from being elected. She doesn't know how to report the truth, she doesn't know how to read the law, she is a f*cking child abuser who is a lying c*nt who got paid by Ron Green to hurt Jeremy Shum (Ron Green is an MBA Masters of Business Administration drop out of the University of Adelaide, a fat d*ck who failed to get into the Burnside council, CEO Chief Executive Officer of the corrupt Unley Council now under administration

- Heather Kennett said because Jeremy Shum was 20, he isn't old enough to teach. Heather Kennett is a 50 year old woman about to retire, and the furthest she got in her career was to write for the Messenger Newspapers. Jeremy Shum teaches like magic, we all used it to do well in the year 12 exams =) and we love him. Heather Kennett is a irrelevant old, sad, disappointing, b*tch. Heather Kennett is an incompetent journalist, who can't write independently, or have any personal integrity. She is a low life.

- Heather Kennett said Burnside council has to be included on campaign material, through poor grammar. This is not true, Heather Kennett simply doesn't know Burnside council affairs. Heather Kennett is just a profit-driven give-me-money-and-I-will-be-nice-to-you b*tch

- Heather Kennett falsely suggested Jeremy Shum is a current staff member of the University of South Australia and enemies with Prof Rick Sarre. Jeremy Shum retired from University of South Australia long time ago, like Dr Christopher Wong aka Chris Wong from Linden Park Primary School, St Peters Boys College the catholic school, in the school of medicine. He is an adjunct professor. Heather Kennett said Jeremy Shum said Jeremy Shum was not a staff member of UniSA which is bullsh*t, Heather Kennett just can't get her facts straight.

- Heather Kennett said Jeremy Shum was a student which meant he was incompetent to hold office. Jeremy Shum graduated high school at 15, and graduated with law and commerce by the age of 20. Heather Kennett has nothing to report so is reporting LIES =| Heather Kennett is a fraudulent b*chy lying thieving c*nts

- Heather Kennett made allegations to ECSA about Jeremy Shum and published the allegations she made, without referencing her name. She is a SHAMEFUL lying c*nt who invents sh*t up. Do NOT respond to her questions, she is a lying b*tch. Heather Kennett is a pathological liar.

- Heather Kennett abused legal process, corrupting the courts, by not saying Heather Kennett was under investigation by ECSA. Heather Kennett is a sensationalist lying journalist, a low life scum. Heather Kennett must be put on the child sex offenders list for child abuse

- Heather Kennett was described by media critics as unethical, embarrassing, untruthful, seriously misconduct. You heard it!

- Heather Kennett is likely to be investigated by the Australian Federal Police for breach of human rights in Crimes Act 1914 relating to public office. What an embarrassment to journalist, to be investigated by the POLICE for attempted child sex abuse of a 20 year old

- Heather Kennett is corrupting justice, publicizing vexatious allegations of Jeremy Shum which was because Heather Kennett is accused to accept bribes from Ron Green competitor of Jeremy Shum in the election who LOST the election anyway (HAHAHAHA, he spent tons of money on the election)

- Heather Kennett is misappropriation/abuse of power, dishonesty/ inaccuracy, paycheck journalism, by not reporting that she received bribes from Unley council CEO and MBA drop-out Ronald Green, and was paid wads of cash, money

- Heather Kennett is being sexually abusive, harassing and threatening, she is a CREEP. She came to Jeremy Shum's house in Los Angeles in California, tracked him, came to his front door, came knocking, acting like a crazed female fan. She was rejected by Jeremy Shum's security guards, and decided to write the malicious article about Jeremy Shum as a result. What a pussy! And did you hear that? SEXUAL ABUSE! Jeremy Shum is a 20 year old, and in the United States is a child, this is CHILD SEX ABUSE. Heather Kennett is a CHILD SEX ABUSER. She is sick in the head, and needs to see a psychiatrist/ psychologist/counselor as recommended by the judge. Instead of using a normal form of communication such as telephone, mail or email, tried to intimidate, abuse, harass and threaten Jeremy Shum. What a low life paparazzi!

- Heather Kennett failed to respect the privacy of others by reporting Jeremy Shum was a student of University of California at Berkeley

- Jeremy Shum is satirical, magical, fun, moral, awfully kind, exagerrating,

- Heather Kennett exhibits socially inept personality, with borderline personality, as a result of her childhood ridicule, humiliation, rejection and dislike. Criminologists have said Heather Kennett is socially deviant and narcissistic because of her hypersensitive to criticism, rejection, social isolation, low self-esteem, mistrust of others, emotional distance, self-conscious, self-centered, fanatic, self-critical, impulsivity, feelings of emptiness, fear of competition, procrastination, victimisation, inappropriate anger, unsociability, emotional coldness, stress-related paranoid, exhibitionist behaviour showing her tits in public, inferiority, ecsapism. Heather Kennett has tried to self-harm and suicide (unfortunately, unsuccessful, the world would be better with her dead). The reason for Heather Kennett's feelings is sex abuse as a child by her father, undervaluation by parents, unrealistic expectations of a b*tch like Heather Kennett. Heather Kennett tried to fix her problem by engaging in prostitution and sex and drugs, but without success. Others claim Heather Kennett's mother was controlling of Heather Kennett and forced her to have anal sex with her sister Chloe Kennett.

- Heather Kennett has been the b*tch complaining Jeremy Shum's skinny legs are tighter than your 14 yo daughter's, Jeremy Shum put his surname with Selena Gomez's first name like How to Lose a Guy in 10 days not a scandal, Jeremy Shum has a bigger lisp than Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Shum wears more makeup than Zac Efron, Jeremy Shum should stick to consulting lecturer, Jeremy Shum is under 21 under the original constitutional law requirement, Jeremy Shum skinny little twig will influence your children to get an eating disorder, Jeremy Shum wears a dorky Jonas Bros purity ring an extremist christian, Jeremy Shum is oriental and wants to let his asian savages get into rich white Burnside, Jeremy Shum has a gender issue skinny jeans makeup more girly than Dolly magazine, purity ring means Jeremy Shum is so inexperienced with sex he's banged a ton of girls slut alert, Jeremy Shum is a lawyer who lies, Jeremy Shum is an environmentalist tree- hugging conservative, Jeremy Shum is friends with creepy Jo Bros, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Jeremy Shum changes his hairdo more than Miley Cyrus smiles, Jeremy Shum is author living in mythical, mystical magical world, Jeremy Shum wants to have 6 kids, Jeremy Shum wears glasses contacts, Jeremy Shum shops at Dotti a girls store, Jeremy Shum buys bottled water, Jeremy Shum has an expensive lifestyle, Jeremy Shum should be a model, Jeremy Shum is a casanova, Jeremy Shum is like high school musical fake crap, Jeremy Shum is just hot, Jeremy Shum is a pianist which is gay, Jeremy Shum uses his smile as a special spell, Jeremy Shum is too famous, Jeremy Shum is from Los Angeles not Australia, Jeremy Shum thinks he's so hot but he's so NOT, Jeremy Shum studied law to get rid of his sex tape, Jeremy Shum wears girls clothing.

- Robert G. Hasenohr, a ratepayer who complained representatives thought they knew what members want, but didn't, advocated for conservation of elm trees honoring WW1 diggers, Walter "Wally" Williams, Timothy "Tim" R. Jordan, Peter Cornish, a Carpe Diem Trust committee member, funding consultant with Office for Recreation and Sport, mentor at Burnside Youth Advisory Committee, Nicholas Nic Koorey, general manager at NMK Consulting environmental services sustainability, Ronald Green former Unley City CEO and MBA drop out former councillor president of unsuccessful environmental lobby group, unsuccessfully running as Mayor of Burnside in 2008. Jeremy Shum is board member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Law Society of South Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Engineers Australia. he will conserve the WWI diggers elm trees on Prescott Tce, oppose developers that convert open space with little communal value, inject funding into youth and sports. Additionally, he will reduce traffic fines/ council fees, reduce spending/waste, favor grassroot environmental action, fight for transparency/accountability including public release of the MacPherson report, and increase community services for elderly, foreign, disabled. Jeremy Shum is a consultant lecturer in the areas of law, commerce, engineering and medicine, best known as the author of the novel Special Agent Shum and being a Disney countdown radio host. Shum was also voted an up and coming star in BOP Magazine. Jeremy H. Shum is the principal of Waverly Labs, a leader in intellectual property solutions that help primary, secondary, tertiary, and professional educational institutions deliver quality education to their students. For more information, please visit myWaverlyLabs. Mr. Shum has extensive tertiary training in business finance, corporate law, engineering and medical sciences, with almost ten years business experience in education consulting. Various candidate profiles from the Australian Electoral Commission office were obtained by WikiLeaks, including notably, Shum LLB BE BCom, member for Toorak Gardens $1.1m+ bible belt with 25\% earning $104+.

If you are an advertiser with the Messenger Eastern Courier Newspapers, think about the sort of twisted child abusing paper you are supporting. This includes: The Optical Superstore (based in Castle Plaza, Firle Plaza, Gawler Place, Golden Grove, Hilton Plaza, Ingle Farm, Marion, Mitcham Square, Newton, Northpark, Southgate Plaza, Tea Tree Plaza) not want to advertise in the Messenger Courier because of Heather Kennett's bullsh*t journalism. Other advertisers who are thinking of dropping out include Norwood Place, IKEA, Cancer Council Shop/Cancer Council SA on Westfield marion, Eynesbury Senior College on Franklin street, Annesley college, Australian Refugee Association, Kirinari Community School in Unley, Government of South Australia, Nextbyte Apple computers on Glen Osmond Rd Glenunga, City of Burnside, Mint Fashion in Mitcham Square, Ian's Shoes in The Parade Norwood, Beachpool on Greenhill Rd, Tagara Group's John Kassara, Mike Hawkins of Eastside Business enterprise, Chris Russell of ECSA, Carlo Dottore of NP&SP, Gail Gago of the Australian Labor Party, Blink Optical at Unley, Adelaide Psychic Expo at Burnside ballroom, Ken Hall Plumbers, Phil Hoffman travel, Immanuel College, Spring Auto Parts, Paul Holloway of the Australian labor party, Todd Brown of Urban Construct, Marden Senior College, Goodwood Locksmith in Millswood, Ecoplus in Torrensville Henley Beach, Burns for Blinds at Norwood and Gepps X, Stephen Yarwood, Creston Magasdi, Michael Pengilly, Tony Piccolo, Greg Kelton, Sheradyn Holderhead, Francis Wong, Ralpha Clark, Robert Bria, David Winderlich, Patricia Hulsh, Hamish Ludbrook, AMI Australia, Adelaide Laser Hair Clinic, Rundle Mall Plaza (Sportsgirl, FCUK, JB Hi- fi, EB Games, Next Byte, Jurlique, Burgess Jewellers, Jam Factory, Equip RMP Newsagency, Athletes Foot), Ross Widger of Betta Home Furnishings, Hamilton Adult Campus in Marion, Ray Kidney, Margaret Kidney, Simply Fresh Fruiterers in Kensington Gardens, Burnside Village on Portrush Road Glenside, Bronze Bodies, Samson Tanks, Roller Doors 4 U in Edwardstown, Bronze Bodies in The Parade, Samson Tanks, Barber & Walker of Oriental Hotel, New Minx Designs Chic in Parkside, Knitting Naturally in Old Noarlunga, Adelaide City General Practice Dr Jill Maxwell and Dr Michael Lam, Lara Byrne, Amanda Grocock, Amelia Ricci, Daniel Canny, Fairview Green Shopping Center, Centro Newton, Munno Para Shopping City, Centro Colonnades, Northpark Shopping Centre, Adelaide Central Plaza, Centro Colonnades, Adelaide Airport T1, Jetty Road Mainstreet, Golden Grove Village, Elizabeth Shopping Centre, Unley Shopping Centre, Centro Kurralta, Ingle Farm Shopping Centre, Westfield West Lakes, Westland Shopping Centre, Centro Hollywood, Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, Norwood Place, LJ Hooker St Peters, Centro Properties Group, Core Physiotherapy & Palates studio in Clarence Gardens, Accent on Beauty skin care in Hawthorne, Mount Osmond Golf Club, Rosemary Bennetts podiatrist on Greenhill rd, Hypoxi Body Design in Greenhill, Hair OV Studio in Norwood, Unley High School, Andrew Faulkner, Matthew Abraham, 891 ABC Adelaide, Newspot Ssangyong, Jane Whitford, Richard Thorne, Philip Hopkins, Theodora Cherry, Rowan Steele, Continence Foundation of Australia SA Branch's Fiona Roney, Helen Rice Tennis in Unley Mitcham Netherby Belair, Lee & Partners D.M. Bentley & Associates in Abergeldie House Glen Osmond, Kensington Road Medical center with Dr Michael Healy, Daniel Wardleworth, Sue Nield, Patricia Montanaro, Anne Irving, Demelza Toh, Md Moniruzzaman, Susanne Davis, Rubina Munir, Alice Kao, Kylie Fleming, Leabrook IGA, Taste.com.au, West Lakes Princess cruising, Shannon Caton, Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, Thebarton senior college, University of South Australia UniSA, Kathrine Caulfield, SAGRIC, Greenwheat Freekeh, Chelsea Cinema, Engineers Australia, Mt Osmond Golf Club, United Water, City of Marion, CPA Australia, Pembroke School, Kensington Gardens Bowling and Tennis Club, Rose Park Preschool, Marryatville Primary, Burnside Retirement Village, Eastwood CommunityC entre, Sensory Garden, National Trust, Rotary Club of Adelaide, Friends of Botanic Gardens, Carrick Hills, Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club, Repatriation General Hospital, Motor Accident Commission, ABC, Kings College, Seaton High School, Royal Adelaide Show, Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society, Rostrum Club, Meals on Wheels, Muscular Dystrophy Association, TAFE, Glenunga High, Symons & Symons, Hazelwood Park Action Group, Burnside War Memorial Hospital, Animal Welfare League, Eastside Business Enterprise Centre, SA Potato Growers Society, ACCU, City of Tea Tree Gully, Acquired Home Loans, East Waste, Renmark Council, Renmark Hospital Board, Adelaide Art Directors Club, MyPlace Architech, YMCA, Tennis SA, Australian Junior Chamber of Commerce, Burnside Lions, Burnside Probus, Neighbour Watch, Loreto College, Thorndon Park Primary, Flinders University, University of College London, Carnegie Mellon University, AWA, Masonic Lodge, Primelife.com.au vermont estate, Natalie de Nedai, Susan Boyle, State SA Theatre Company, Cookerburra Oven Cleaning, Village Cellars on O'Connell St, Melissa Phillips, Booze Brothers on Unley Rd, Forte Music, Cafe 457 in Leabrook Shopping center, Norwood Hotel, Rex Hotel, Highbury Hotel, Michelle Fairbairn, Melinda Schneider, Sarah Easter, Jesse Shuppan, April Mann, Josh Mann, Brenton March, Kelly Schilling, Sonya Humphrey, Andrada Tudor, Rubina Carlson, Travis Young, Lisa Kennewell, Jess Fishlock, Rosie Tucker, Matthew Salleh, Kim Packer, Kirsty Todd, Deb Blucher, John Rudd, Jocelyn Rudd, Sage Habel, Corrine Habel, Amity Dry, Jacqui Nevin, Sasha Shearer, Ben Craib, Lysandra Lee, Sharon Skinner, Simon Skinner, Jo McIntyre, Penny Wright, Danni Dzido, Jessica Beaton, Troy Cousins, Tarsha Cousins, Karina Gilham, Heather Duke-Campbell, Paige Johnston, Rebekah Hudson, Chelsea Cinema, FreshFM, 3D FM, JudoSA, Alison Cooledeg, Ian Tannebring, Sue Lediaev, Forte Music, Zep boys, Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Peter Lehmann Wines, Fowlers Live, Adelaide Festival Centre, Wheatsheaf Hotel, Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel, Her Majesty's Theatre, Elder Hall, Flinders Street Baptist Church, Holden Street Theatres, Art Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse, Carrick Hill Drive, Goodwood Community Centre, Whitmore Square, Grace Emily Hotel, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide Central Gallery, Artspace Gallery, Tandayna, Flinders University City Gallery, Santos Museum of Economic Botany, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Norwood Oval, Adelaide Oval, King William St, Palace Nova eastend Cinemas, Mercury Cinema, Capri Theatre, Chelsea Cinema, Adelaide Zoo, Cleland Wildlife Park Mount Lofty Summit, Monarto Zoological Park Murray Bridge, Restless Dance Theatre, Billy Baxters Coffee House Mitcham, Southern HiTech Dyno Tune, Michelle Hickey, Kay Mousley, Rose Park Psychology, Poultry Options Mitcham Square, Joseph Ribhoff, Frank Lyman, Geoff Bade, Gerry Shaw, Linden Park Pharmacy Devereux, SA Casting Ann Peters, Artland Clovelly Park, Supreme Court Rule 148, 247, 187, 188, Howe v Winterton (No 4) 1905) 91 LT 763, Capolingua v Phyllum (1991) 5 SWAR 137, Austin J in ASIC v Rich [2005] NSWSC 489, Brock Harcourts Platinum, Century 21 central, Andrew Koukourou, Jon Ewer, Dot Sjoberg, Liz Eadie, Adam Teague, Alex Lefty, Andrew Stevens, LJ Hooker, Cocksauld Real estate, Raine & Horne, Judith Mills, Bruce Mills, Pam Mills, Sandy Mount, Neville Mander, Kyle Hand, Christian Yeo, Phil Harris, Renate Ochse, Alex McGregor-Reid, Phil Harris, Tom Hector, Georgia Todd, LoanMarket, Ray White, Go Gecko, Matt Smith from Klemich, Robyn Conroy, Chantelle De Rooy, Scarce Greenhill, Turner Partners, Grant Wills, Toop & Toop, James Landridge Real Estate, University of Stanford America, Stanford University, Status, Proud Australia holiday travel centre, Detour Travel, Matthew Powell, RAA Insurance, SA Holidays Best deals, Instant security, Adelaide Digital Solutions simon, Electrical Refrigeration services, Proform pergolas Pt yLtd, John Zylstra, Security Doors, QBR Builders, DVR Construction, Time To Renovate, Jasmin Munslow, Sue Bayly, Trellis Factory, Outside Concepts, PK Excavations Service, CareerOne.com.au, SuccessFastTrack, Michel's patisserie, Keyassets Fostering, Carl Schapel, Michael Lodge, Wayne Ruediger, Gary Mickan, Duane Edwards, Tom Tamblyn, Rob Davey, Andrew Watherston, Daniel Oung, Sasha McDonnel, Christina Papageorgiou, Sian McLaren, Alex Buckby, Kelvin Smith, Tom Whittlesea, Jason Borgas, Tom Moffatt, Cameron Borgas, Tim Cece, Graham Manou, Jarvis Subaru Used Kensington, ABC, The Advertiser, The Sun, The Mercury, New York Post, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, SBS One, Arkaba Cellars, Arkaba hotel, Wendy Greiner, Peter Pavan, Sue Bayly, Jasmin Munslow, Heather Kennett, Lisa Bachmayer, Jane Whitford, David Jean, Chantelle Kroehn, Douglas Dickie, Darrin Foster, Chloe Kennedy, David Clarkson, David Jimenez, John Crossley, Heather McCracken, Geoff Longley, Alice Higgins, Ben Pike, Chris Lambie, Marilyn McConahay, Kristy Johnston, Liz Rougvie, Jesse Batson, Matthew Westwood, Scott Burnside, Michael Dickison, Chris Collins, Joanne Howard, Maurice Henderson, Con Zacharakis, Bob Brown, Peter Costello, John Howard, Mike Rann, Kevin Foley, David Lincoln, Andrew Hillier, Jim Jacobsen, Robert Paterson, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Walt Disney, Peter Fensom, David Parkin, Robert Gilbert, Craig Parsonage, Hugh Nield, Jim Jacobsen, David Hope, Mark Osterstock, Andrew Andrews, Lindsay Power, Gail Hislop, Dorothy Monceaux, Davina Quirke, Geoff Vogt, Andrew Bateman, Graham Bills, Ernst Kirsten, Anne Strong, Christine Jankus, Michael Capogreco, Philip Hopkins, Helga Lemon, Brendan Fitzgerald, Ian McKenzie, Dianne Wilkins, Jonathon Paior, George Hobbs, Robert Cooper, Grant Piggott, Anthony Pocock, Christopher Heysen, Julian Carbone, Jane Davey, Felicity Lord, Lesley Palk, Timothy Jordan, Walter Williams, Robert Hasenohr, Peter Cornish, Nicholas Koorey, Ronald Green. Robert Bria, Patricia Huish, David Winderlich, Lucy Marcuccitti, Barbara Erichsdotter, Mike Stock, Geoffrey Rundle, Sue Whitington, Paul Wormald, Scott Sims, Evonne Moore, Connie Granozio, Lance Manser, Nikolaos Villios, Teresa DallнAcqua Leonardi, Sophie MacRae, Vincent Tarzia, Carlo Dottore , Kevin Duke, Scott Douglas, Garry Knoblauch, John Minney, Howard Nicholson, John Thomas, John Frogley, Issac Pasalidis, Jack Scalzi, Les Birch, Mark Brindal, Lachlan Clyne, Peter Hughes, Anthony Lapidge, Rosemary Miller, Joan Reed, Heather Brown, Bob Schnell, Denise Tipper, Jennie Boisvert, Don Palmer, Joseph Young, Theodora Cherry, Rod Harvey, Mike Hudson, John Koumi, Michael Hewitson, Paolo-Antonio Macchia, James Morris, Rufus Salaman, Michael Bowen, Michael Saies, Rob Sangster, Adriana Christopoulos, Ian Perry, Doug Aylen, Glen Spear, Michael Picton, Ryan Post, George Howard, Judith Weaver, Ann-Maree Szuster, Leeanne Moriarty, Chris Adcock, Simon Buchhorn, Stephen Fisher, Penelope Hamilton-Smith, John Sanderson, Jai Koirala, Zane Young, Yvonne Poland, Lachlan Clyne, Mark Brindal, Richard Thorne, Matt Benson,John Gardner, David Munro, Christopher Gellie, Richard Warren, Shaun Wilson, Michael Taliangis, Nick Greer, Shannon Caton, Chantelle Kroehn, Scott Moore, Lisa Bachmayer, Helen Orr, Fullarton, Malvern, Mitcham, Parkside, Unley, Colonel Light Gardens, Burnside, Norwood, Goodwood, Beulah Park, Millswood, Beaumont, News Limited, Messenger Newspapers, Glenelg Guardian, Woodville Times, Progressive Times, Barossa Valley, News Review, Leader, Weekly Times, Portside, East Torrens, City North Messenger, Guardian, Southern Times, Adelaide Matters, Karen Hockley, Elaine Grimm, Philip Chabrel, Jane Silbereisen, Andrea Thompson, Belinda Coyte, Mark Ward, Lynda AнBear, Colin Campbell, Jane Russo, Suzan Baldry .
[Journalists:] Roger Baynes, Len Croker, Ron Mitchell, John Carroll, Kym Morgan, Rob Greenwood, Tim Williams, Michelle Etheridge, Emily Charrison, Katelin Nelligan, Alice Monfries, Chloe Kennedy, Adam Todd, Alice Higgins, David Goldsmith, Matt Turner, Sarah Garvis, Chantelle Kroehn, Catherine Clifton, Kylie Fleming, John Turner, Mat Deighton, Kara Phillips, Gordon Armstrong, Greg Barila, Melissa Phillips, Livia Erhardt, Eleanor Miller, Andrew Spence, Chris Day, Emma Graham, David Klar, Rachel Moore, Shannon Caton, Kara Phillips, Kym Morgan, Jai Bednail, Daniel Canny, Chris Dimitrak, John Barrow, Langdon Bonython, John Bonython, Rupert Murdoch, Keith Murdoch, Katrina Nitschke, Emily Charrison, Chloe Kennedy, Jane Whitford, Andrew Roe, Emma Altschwager, Alice Monferies, Bill Dimou, Alice Higgins, Matt Edwards, Rob Greenwood, Katelin Nelligan, Tim Williams, Sarah Garvis, Michelle Etheridge, Lia Harris, Cass Altmann, Lucille Sellars, Cheryl Bilney, John Gallagher, Janine Colson, Gordon Smith, Elvi Franzin, Brenton Finch, Greg Brooks, Robert Wynne, David Kuchel, Dan Demaria, Matt Evans, Phil Horwood, Leanne Jones, Andrew Carlisle, Greg Mules. surname firstinitial [no space] @ mng.newsltd.com.au

For more info about Jeremy Shum: Burbank, CA 91521-6369 (818) 560-5670

## To win a prize, write to Jeremy before November 10, 2010 ##

Tags: Election '10 aka Election 2010, 20, managing director, LA-based company, offering, medical, engineering science advice, "consultant lecturer", specialising, constitutional law, represent, Burnside council, Rose Park and Toorak Gardens Ward, State's Electoral Commission, irregularities, campaign material, stalked, UniSA, Burnside council logo flyer, generic postal address, Electoral Commission protocol, review, action, SA Electoral Commmission spokeswoman, sex, underage, student, university, address, requirements, Local Government (Elections) Act, workplace address, not acceptable, UniSA spokeswoman address, employed, university staff members, secret, suggested, (2) quota, (1), impolite, Copyright Act, Jeremy Shum provides "schooling support to kids in high school, university professionals, similar to lecturing" is essentially done, but distinguished from services universities and colleges provide, tilt at Burnside seat, Russell Parkins, Electoral Commission of SA, Electoral Commission of South Australia, ECSA, Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide, SA, 5000, City of Burnside, David Parkin, Local Government (Elections) Act 1999, SHUM, Jeremy, CORNISH, Peter, HASENOHR, Robert George, JORDAN, Tim, KOOREY, Nic, WILLIAMS, Wally, GREEN, Ron, Beaumont ward, omission in error, rejected, return unclaimed, reissued, original removed, duplicate removed, declaration missing, late returns, Burnside ward, East and Glenunga ward, Kensington Gardens & Magill Ward, Kensington Park Ward, Tuesday, 16 November 2010, Supreme Court of South Australia, Magistrates Court of South Australia, District Court of South Australia, Federal Court of Australia, High Court of Australia, Australian Federal Police (AFP), South Australian Police (SAPOL), New South Wales Police (NSWPOL), Queensland Police (QLDPOL), Northern Territory Police (NTPOL), Western Australian Police (WAPOL), Victoria Police (VICPOL), Tasmanian Police (TASPOL), High Court of Australia, Supreme Court Rule 33, 21 days, court action, 90 days, court costs, failure, "bona fide", pre-trial mediation, FORM 1, FDN computed generated by the Supreme (District) Court of South Australia on behalf of Jeremy Shum (plaintiff) against Heather Kennett (defendant) of document type summons third party notice. Heather Kennett failed to provide her full name, address, telephone, mobile, facsimile, dx box, email, 'l' code, 'p' code - obviously guilty conscience. Because of Heather Kennett's failure to provide addresses for service under Rule 58, she could be in contempt of court. The date and time of filing or transmission was computed generated electronically by Jeremy Shum's expensive lawyer, pre-trial interlocutory, Anton Piller order, seized, destroy evidence, child sex abuse, Defamation Act 2005, Anton Piller KG v Manufacturing Processes Ltd [1976] Ch 55 per Denning L, Mareva injunction, exemplary damages, psychological suffering, failing to enter mediation, minimizing court costs, reducing strain on court resources, discouraging settlement, Australian Federal Police, Crimes Act 1914, December 4, 2010, February 12, 2011, November 9, 2012, Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 s27(1), Mark Osterstock, Gail Hislop, P1-01 SCT Building, pester, intimidate, threaten, misleading, deceptive, OfficeWorks, electoral material, fake letterhead, academic rank, US, Canada, UK, in personam, lecture materials, videos, notes, tuition, Sherlock Holmes, unofficial force, consulted, public, private educational institutions, recommending course changes, checking scripts, specializing expert specialist, well respected, endorsed, institutions, legal profession, professional organizations, committed, sensible family values, politics/power, Burnside resident, 19 years, proud alumnus, Linden Park Primary School/Marryatville High School, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Bachelor of Laws in summer, protect, public schools/infrastructure, radical changes, developers, children, traffic fines, council fees, family/senior/business savings, raise revenue, big government, individual liberty, return budget surplus, reducing spending/ waste, tokenistic environmental spending in favor of grassroot action, fight for increased transparency/accountability, including public release of the MacPherson report, community services for the elderly, foreign and disabled, Jeremy Shum LLB BE BCom, born November 14, 1989

## Freedom of speech protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution ##

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