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We, the undersigned, are submitting this petition in response to the type of punishment dealt to players who break server rules; most notably, the recent influx of blacksmith looters in Niffleheim who gather mobs, lure them to players, and then use Greed to take the items. Many of the players on the server wholeheartedly agree with me when I say that the type of punishment given to looters is not sufficient. As with the recent case regarding the blacksmith Davey Jones, he only received a 24 hour mute as punishment for multiple looting offenses.

( To GM Delphine ) : can you give him a harsher punishment?
( To GM Delphine ) : after all he still keeps the stolen loots w/c he's use to get sqi
( From GM Delphine ) : We'll keep muting him
( To GM Delphine ) : can't he get banned in niffle or something?
( From GM Delphine ) : nope. unless if we ban him from the game.
( From GM Delphine ) : Looting isn't severe enough to be banned from the game.
( To GM Delphine ) : coz he's a persistent abuser
( From GM Delphine ) : However, next time I will mute him for 36 hours.
( From GM Delphine ) : Let's see how persistant he can be.
(Courtesy of: kiara)

A mute is just not harsh enough to fully teach offenders a lesson. Looters still get to keep the items they stole from other players, and knowing they will only get muted at the most, many might continue to keep abusing the skill. Severe punishment, such as a ban, should be given to those who are persistent abusers. Increasing the mute time only creates more work for you as GMs, so why not just ban continual offenders once and for all?

As for what GM Delphine said, looting isn't severe enough to be banned from the game, I would have to highly disagree. Looting is stealing from other players and is clearly stated in the rules. You as GMs might agree that a first-time looter shouldnt be banned from the game, but surely a persistent offender such as the one mentioned should deserve a ban?

Looters are making millions, and they do this without hesitation because they know they wont receive anything more than a simple mute.

"P.S> she started the ks zone in payon 1? I dunno, but she sounds like she's gotten in trouble by GMs before and I guess, and here she is, apparently doing the same ksing routine as in..'back in the day' supposedly. GM's, PLEASE do something about this person."
(Courtesy of: LittleOni)

Clearly, offenders arent learning their lesson if they can be cavalier enough to admit the legal system in animaRO is weak and thus, they can easily take advantage of it. Even if you as GMs dont feel that a ban is necessary for moderate offenders, something harsher than a mute is necessary to prevent them from looting others again. I propose that some sort of fine be imposed on those who break the rule more than once, or simply confiscate all the items the player illegally took. Looting in a sense is not much different from ad scamming. Both are instances of stealing, so if an ad scammer doesnt get to keep his steals, a looter shouldnt have the privilege either.

In conclusion, I am just proposing that punishment be more severe for unremitting offenders. On behalf of the animaRO community, I would just like to say that all we want is to be able to play on a friendly server, but if stricter rules arent enforced, this server will only continue to develop more abusive players. We are urging you, as GMs, to take stronger action against offenders so that the friendly community you so highly commended can finally be made into a reality.

Eva S. (IGN: Rinoa_Heartilly)
& Fellow Members of animaRO

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