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The internet is a global community. We would like to show this global community is caring, compassionate and does a lot of good charitable work everyday. Please join the petition so ABC and the world can see what a positive difference the internet can make.

Christina Hall has always been a burn the candle at both ends type. Living life to the fullest each day.

She has spent her life helping others whether it be being a foster parent and Mom to all kids who know her, sewing comfort caps for cancer patients, blankets for high risk babies, making memory quilts for people, or volunteering at her local nature center where she painted a wall mural and butterfly houses for fundraisers. She has always been involved in her childrens school activities, sewing costumes and clothing for her children, cooking feasts for dozens of family members, and caring for dying relatives. Because her Mom loved dolls, she started a project 10 years ago in memory of her mother to use fashion dolls to raise funds for cancer research.

However, in the last 3 years, Christina diagnosed with a rare cancer and other serious health problems have left her unable to live the life she has always lead. She has to use a wheelchair more and more often and cant get around in the kitchen to cook, or use other rooms in the family home due to the stairs. Her trips out of the house this past year have mainly been for doctors appointments only because the familys car isnt large enough to take her wheelchair and get groceries at the same time, and most stores do not have wheelchairs available so she is limited to just a couple of places to even shop.

To make matters worse she hasnt even had the comfort of sleeping next to her husband every night because she has trouble climbing the stairs, needs and adjustable bed, and thus has to sleep in a hospital bed. The bed is in the living room so she will have some family interaction. This though leaves her with no first floor shower and no privacy.

We want Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to pick the Hall family to make the house accessible for Christina, that she may have her independence again. She wants to be able to cook for her family, work on her sewing project to help raise funds for cancer research, and with some therapy and/or exercise just be able to have the choice to go run errands, see a movie, and have dinner out occasionally.

Read more about Christina and the Hall family here.

With your help, we can give Christina and the Hall family a home they can truly be a family in again!

So ABC, Bring that Bus!!

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    i don't know this family, but please choose them!!!! Country Canada
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  • 13 November 2015976. Trish R
    Please give her this wish, sounds like she needs the hand up... (not a hand out) Country Australia
  • 12 November 2015975. Ally F
    This is a really deserving family, I hope they get this opportunity
  • 04 November 2015974. J M
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