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To: The employees of Square-Enix in FFXIs maintenance division

December 8, 2004

Dear Square-Enix:

We, the community of FFXI players, would like to thank you for your gracious concern about the feelings of your customers. We appreciate your respect and openness to our feedback. A majority of the December 8th updates were a welcomed changed to FFXI, however we understand that you cannot tract how every change affects every player.

That being said, we feel that a particular update has resulted in an unnecessary negative consequence. This is referencing to the food item pamama being categorized as a high quality snack and now lasting for duration of 5 minutes instead of 30. A majority of 65+ bard players, along with other jobs, use the panama in conjunction with the head piece item Opo-Opo crown to gain +7 charisma, +50 HP, and +50 MP (as opposed to the standard AGI -3, INT +1 effects given without said head equipment). For the following reasons the FFXI community feels that alterations need to be made to this item:

1.) The primary problem with this change involves one of the boosts the Pamama gives when used with an Opo-Opo Crown equipped: +50 MP (and to a more minor degree, +50 HP). Every 5 minutes the extra 50 max mp is lost and not regained upon consuming the item again, this greatly weakens the potency of having 50 more max mp due to the loss of extra mp upon absence of the food effect. In order for an increase to max MP and HP to be useful to players they must have the effect last for a significant duration.

2.) Players now have to carry many stacks of pamamas throughout an exp session, a 6 hour session of leveling requires 6 stacks of pamamas, the price is not a major complaint of players, however especially bards carry many instruments for the bonuses to their songs, which leaves us with a shortage of inventory, now having to fill even more of our inventory spaces with food is a significant annoyance to many players.

3.) The Opo-Opo Crown Quest requires a certain dedication within the game to acquire, as it is an EX, thus un-auctionable and un-tradable, item. The customers who have obtained this are truly ones who enjoy your game and are willing to invest significant amount of time into it. To leave this dramatic change un-rectified would be to lower a portion of the customer-bodies faith in Square-Enix.

4.) Having to consume this item every 5 minutes is a great nuisance to players who regularly use this item. For one, jobs who use this item-food combination are usually very active ones and do not have much time to fit in and worry about other tasks such as eating a food item every 5 minutes. It interrupts a players natural rhythm in experience parties and disrupts their play style.

We ask that the food item pamama be moved into another food category so that the duration of its effect is increased. We do not feel that this would in any way unbalance the game, but rather make it much more convenient for players using this food. Although this is a very specific change enough players, and particularly bards, are using this item regularly that it is a significant issue. We leave the choice of the altered duration up to you; however we feel that the previous 30 minute duration on this food effect was satisfactory.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter.

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