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This is a petition for the video game Grand Theft Auto 4. This Petition is Targeting persons between the ages of 18+.

Respectfully for anyone who has a problem with this petition Grand Theft Auto 4 is a Mature rated game and children are forbidden to purchase this game at any store. You cannot purchase Grand Theft Auto with out an ID so if this petition bothers you then think about the fact that it is the parents who are letting there kids play this game and lies with the parents to stop them from playing it.

This petition's sole purpose is to plead with the Game companies to make an upgrade to the game and to do a crossover cheat that will no doubt benefit both parties and the biggest blockbuster film of the summer.

First I am an avid fan of the series and like the realism presented in Grand Theft Auto 4, Saying this I feel that one of the biggest pleasures of this game is the ability to let go and do anything. No one is the same but I get a stress relief from taking out my frustrations on fictional characters, in particular the main character Niko Belic who is by far one of the most interesting video game characters in recent history. Now I am not suicidal and I do not have a grudge against society but I do enjoy action and doing things you cant do in reality. I feel that to maximize the reality of the game you should make a cheat that will enable the user to see more graphically the ways Nico Belic can die.

Ex. When Nico Belic falls out of an helicopter and hits the side of a building then if his arm hits the corner it will come off and his body will continue to fall to the ground where it will crumble. Essentially I think that there should be a cheat that enables the main characters physics of death to be realistic.

I say cheat because then not everyone will be able to partake in the gore and it will be something that is a choice of the players to activate.

The second cheat that I think would be universally enjoyed is a cheat that enables you to change the appearance of the main character Niko Belic to the likeness of The Joker from The Dark Knight.

I feel that not only does playing as the Joker in Grand Theft Auto make sense in the fact that he is the embodiment of chaos but I would to no end stop playing as him after I have beat the game. I would just have a blast. I feel that being the biggest game ever created this would just get more people to play it and make it more of a fantasy that many game players and comic readers would want. The upcoming Dark Knight game and movie would also get a advertisement that would not be beat in the fact that there character is in the biggest game out. Many people would see this character and think about the Dark night.

This cheat would benefit not only fans of both franchises but would beyond a doubt benefit the franchises themselves without damaging the names. The joker is a force of evil and chaos so his name and use in Grand Theft Auto would not be tarnished. Batman would not be included because he is a force of good and should not be placed in the criminal underworld.

If both companies would consider the argument with an open mind and give it good thought I feel that you would see how this would make the game more enjoyable and benefit both parties.

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