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Dear Fellow Citizens of the Philippines,

Let us adopt the Grand Jury and Trial Jury in the Philippines by enacting the вPeopleвs Jury Initiativeв and invite all presidential candidates in the 2010 elections to support or co-sponsor this initiative as their agenda or platform for good government.

We, the Filipino People, have been trying to emulate the unity and cohesion of the American people in the United States but we have always failed because of one important missing element in our Philippine democratic government. That missing element is JUSTICE under the sovereign control of the common Filipino People. The peopleвs sovereignty has been usurped by powerful government politicians and this is the reason why the bounty and wealth of our nation is, and has been, increasingly falling into the personal control and ownership in the hands of such politicians. As a consequence, we, the common ordinary people, have become beggars of justice and we are look upon by the elites of Philippine society as mere second class citizens.

The most powerful ingredient that holds the American (U.S.) Federal Government in complete unity of its people and their states is its JUSTICE SYSTEM wherein the FUNDAMENTAL enforcers of its rule of law are the common people and not their government, be it federal, state, or local governments through the Grand Jury and Trial Jury Systems. The conscience of justice in the U.S. rests with the common, the legal ignoramus, citizens who get their legal education through Jury Instructions under the supervisory guidance by judges which are embedded in their Jury Systems laws.

Let us adopt the Grand Jury and Trial Jury systems so that our common people shall be given the chance to learn their laws, apply their laws, enforce their law, and get protection from their laws, on their own initiative apart from the bogus protection that they obtain from their politicians in the government. The common Filipino people are not as damn as what the elites of Philippine society think of them.

There is really no necessity to change the present constitution. All that is needed is to implement its leading provision in Article II, Section 1, by adopting the Jury Systems which are mere procedural devices to enforce the sovereignty and authority of the common people. This provision simply means: "Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them." This provision in the constitution is what makes us the Master over our government and government officials. It is a very short statement. Memorize it with all your heart so that you will know what it means to you. Even a grade one pupil can memorize it.

Since the Jury System is the natural enemy of a natural corrupt government, corrupt lawyers, corrupt politicians, and corrupt elites of society, we the common Filipino people should never expect, hope, or rely, on those elites of society to create the jury system for us. They are afraid of the Jury System because by the Jury System, it would be very easy for us to send them to jail for their embezzlement of our national wealth, and if, they are, We the Common People, should initiate the creation of the jury system by ourselves by availing of Republic Act 6735 before the politicians will obliterate it from their proposed Charter Change.

Juries are the "wheels" that move the conscience of a nation. Without juries, we have no national conscience to speak about. Only the greedy conscience of government politicians will prevail for their self-enrichment and empowerment in office and we have enough bad experience on this since the presidency of Manuel L. Quezon until the present presidency of Gloria Arroyo and still continuing.

Given the greedy mentality of TRAPOs for self-enrichment and empowerment, the proposed brand of Federalization is the "nail on the coffin" that will seal the eventual disintegration, instead of consolidation, of the Philippines that will ultimately lead to the creation of independent little kingdoms. These little kingdoms will end up fighting each other like the Palestinians or Lebanese people against Israel in the middle east to gain and claim more territories from each other. This is going to surely happen in Mindanao between Christians and Muslims and more Filipino people will be killing its other or their neighbors without end.

Let us adopt the Grand Jury and Trial Jury Systems to unite us, the Filipino People. Jury duty and service is open to all where those who serve shall be chosen by lottery or blindly, rich and poor, regardless of religious belief, color or race or gender. When people sit together irrespective of their personal circumstances in their halls of justice to uphold the majesty of their law for their common good and protection, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, all over the country from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi against any powerful corrupt official or outlaw, such a collective act of the people is, indeed, national unity of the Filipino people that will surely unite us as a people in one nation under God. It is through the jury system in the United States that has unified the American people in peace and prosperity for over 200 years now with great success.

With Juries, we shall be united, too, in peace and prosperity in this generation and in all future generations of the Filipino people. Please sign this petition.

Thank you.

Marlowe Camello, a concerned Phil-Am
Homeland, California

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