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Purpose: To assure the permanence of Great Pyrenees Rescue Event(s) that support the physical presence of rescued Great Pyrenees at every Great Pyrenees National and Regional Specialty.

Statement: We the undersigned respectfully request and petition the Great Pyrenees Club of America (GPCA) Board of Directors to vote and establish policy THAT there be a Rescue Event or Events that includes, but is not limited to, the PHYSICAL presence and showcasing of rescued Great Pyrenees. These events will pay tribute to rescued pyrs and their adopters AND will be provided at every National Specialty beginning in 2008 and every Regional Specialty beginning in 2009.

Rational: We believe that the actual physical presence of rescued Pyrs is important at these events for the following reasons:

1. Their physical presence enhances the rescue celebration by truly and deeply acknowledging the extraordinary qualities of these special pyrs who have overcome enormous physical and emotional hardships-yet remain ambassadors of the Breed. It pays tribute to caring owners while physically demonstrating the undaunted and loving bond that forms uniquely between rescued pyrs and their caregivers.

2. The physical presence of these dogs solemnly reminds us, that every rescue Pyr originated from a breeder with in the United States and they are related, in some way, to the other Pyrs at the National. Therefore, they should be recognized at breeder events.

3. These Events help to endorse the written guidelines composed by the GPCA Rescue Committee that state, It is the responsibility of every Breed Club to care for every one of its own. The responsibility of every breeder to help place Rescue pets with the same diligence they place their own more fortunate puppies. Rescue is a representative for every Pyr, no matter its breeding or origin and despite conformation and condition These Events bring this commitment to real life.

4. A Rescue Event, with Pyrs present, demonstrates the dignity of these Pyrs in their unique, individual journeys from misfortune toward full and happy lives.

5. The Event acknowledges the role of rescue workers as educators- in extending knowledge of Great Pyrenees, to the general public and as placement workers- placing them with appropriate families as spayed and neutered pets.

6. The Event demonstrates that through education and counseling, Rescue serves in a breeder role when the breeder is not known, unable, unwilling or unavailable to take responsibility for guiding owners. Rescue Events underscore the complementary nature of breeders work and rescue workers enhancing the status for all.

7. National and Regional Rescue Events provide the opportunity to physically bring together: rescued pyrs and their owners, breeders and rescue workers, at a specific time. This shared time allows people from diverse backgrounds to collectively unite for our common goal The welfare of Great Pyrenees throughout our Nation.

8. The physical presence of Pyrs at these Events encourages more diverse attendance at Specialty Shows. The presence of rescue pyr owners affords the GPCA and affiliate Rescue Clubs opportunities to network with people and provide education for those who might not otherwise attend and thereby fulfill one of our many missions. This opportunity increases the potential for people to understand more about the breed, donate to this cause and join Clubs that represent their interests.

9. Their physical presence offers time for reflection and recognizes that each rescue Pyr in attendance symbolizes the many, many Pyrs that cannot attend this year but have struggled, with the help of others, to find forever homes. Perhaps those Pyrs, who cant attend this year, will represent others when the Specialty Shows are closer to their home.


WHEREAS, the GPCA has mandated a Health Committee Event, and the Historic Preservation of the Club provides breed related artifacts that are physically present with display, at every National Specialty -

AND WHEREAS, Committees such as: Versatility, Service Awards and Continuous Membership are fully recognized at the National Specialty-

We believe that Rescue should be equally recognized, with full tribute to the presence of Great Pyrenees Rescue Dogs, at the National/Regional Specialties.


1.) In keeping with allowances of the AKC rules and regulations concerning Special Events, we believe the physical presence of Pyrs at a Rescue Event deserves a permanent, honorable and respectable Time and Location for maximum attendance. A suggested time is during the luncheon period immediately prior to Best in Show. In consideration of the AKC, the GPCA host club may determine the Best type of Event, Time, Location and Event provided that Pyrs are physically present and the time and location pay ample tribute.

2.) The Rescue participants should be part of the National Catalog with entries listed

3.) The Rescue Event that assures the Physical Presence of Pyrs (for example, a Rescue Parade, or For Exhibition Only Class etc) does not preclude, but encourages, other Rescue Activities, Programs or Events such as photo exhibits, networking, fundraising etc.

4.) In the event that the Host Club can not handle the requirements of this mandate, the closest GPCA affiliated Rescue organization, while working in conjunction with the GPCA National Rescue Committee, will assume responsibility for planning, funding, hosting and organizing the Rescue Event that assures the physical presence of Pyrs.

5.) Inclusion of the Rescue Event with provisions, as described above, will be defined in the National Specialty Policy Manual.


We are Rescue. We are proud to be part of helping rescued Pyrs find forever homes and lead full lives. Our rescued Pyrs need to be physically represented at the National Specialty. our biggest Show.

THERFORE, we respectfully request the endorsement by VOTE of the GPCA Board of Directors for assuring permanence to the physical presence of Rescued Great Pyrenees, that will be held annually at the GPCA National Specialty Show beginning in 2008 and Regional Specialties beginning in 2009. FURTHERMORE, we request that this event will be assigned an honorable and respectable time for maximal attendance.

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