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We are united in the belief that our country is in a state of serious peril.

We fear the worst, and hope for the best.

We fear the collapse of our very economy, our very means of existence, the very cornerstone of our Nation. We fear martial law. We fear plight, starvation, disease, and a depression the likes of which has never been seen by our nation. We fear the worst possible outcome.


We have hoped for, and lived in the best of conditions, yet we can only hope the best is yet to come. We can only hope that the foundation and hope upon which this nation was founded lies within us, within our collective efforts, and within each and every one of us individually.

We believe that the Bailout proposed and enacted in law is, and shall be a failure. We believe that corporate bailouts are merely a band aid, a temporary solution to a permanent problem that requires stitches. That problem is unchecked corporate economic freedom, a clear lack of regulation in most sectors.

We believe that the massive diatribe of legislation enacted is woefully inadequate to serve our needs. We believe the corporations will squander the valid efforts that each of you have expended.

We urge Investiture as an alternative solution to our bailout, the details of which follow.

We Declare Our Independence from Laissez-Fair corporatism and ask and invite our government to better regulate corporations to the ends that they must be in order to ensure the domestic and economic security of the people, and to provide for a living wage, and the return to the ability to raise a family and enjoy other free life away from work.

In view of this, we humbly petition you to consider an alternative to your bailout plan, herein described.


Friends, Americans, Citizens,

The time is now for a call to action, and the solution is to create opportunity, or investiture with regard to not only the situation at hand, but the totality of our economy. Just as divestiture was successful in the not so distant past with AT&T by all objective standards, so, too may it be with our investment firms. While our government means well in its actions, writing a blank check, and then placing limitations which the government may or may not, can or can not enforce, is not the solution. Giving the very companies who have demonstrated an inherent lack of responsibility and squandered the credit and finances and destroyed the confidence of American investors is not the way out of this. The solution is either to take the majority of the funds proposed for the so-called вbailoutв package and offer it to new or smaller, community based or regional financial institutions who would use it responsibly, or those larger institutions who currently are, and have been able to, purchase and acquire less fiscally prudent entities. The investment giants should be allowed to fail. We need Corporate Darwinism, not Corporate Communism, but that is exactly what is proposed at this time. Clearly these are not the fittest companies to be controlling our credit, and for that, they should fall by the wayside or design a solution within themselves with the funds available. Those surviving giants, by their continued existance, have demonstrated that they can clearly weather the storm, perhaps due to some degree of prudent fiscal responsibility. For these companies, what we need is Corporate Socialism.

As we have seen our government has failed us time and again. While our government has the best intentions, I submit that nothing currently proposed will solve the problem, and that problem is a long train of unbridled corporate domination of our economy that has resulted in a select group of megacorporations controlling us. It becomes gravely contrary to the public interest when we place our trusts in these corporations, who may, with what we would hope are best intentions, do the best that they can for us, but consistently fail until such time that it reaches a boiling point.

However, this is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem, and that is, the fact that the entire credit of this nation, the very financial future, is controlled by a few hands. Wall Street should be figurately and metaphorically lengthened, or at the very least, find new tenants. Why isn't there a Wall Street off of every Main Street? We need it. Badly. There needs to be a truly free market that provides opportunity for new or less established companies to design new solutions within the private sector. While this may not be the best short term solution, we should not jump to conclusions and act brashly by taking the actions that have been thus far selected. With the proposed legislation, the bailout would last three years, and is only a band aid to a larger wound that requires stitches.

In addition, some of the money in the вbailoutв should be used to fund, or establish, a government or quasi-governmental entity that could, in and of itself, work out the problems that we are facing with foreclosures and the credit crisis as a whole AND exercise a degree of control over these entities, while simultaneously ensuring that this does not happen in the future. This can only be prevented from happening again by responsible extension of credit, and in turn, responsible use of credit. This was once the state of things, but in the wisdom of our powers that be or lack thereof, with all their best intentions, they have let this happen. We need to return to sensible economy, that allows credit and by extension, prosperity, to be had by all, and not in the hands of a Corporate Paradise such is the nature of what we have now, nor learning further toward socialism. Unfortuantely, what has thus far been proposed is Reagonomics Gone Wrong, and Corporate Communism, the irony of which is that it would cause both Ronald Reagan and Karl Marx to turn over in their proverbial graves.

I am no economist, but I am, like so many, deeply affected by the economy and moreover the extension of credit. Now that a panic has began to ensue, investors are, like the rest of us, very skeptical. We need to diversify our national economic and lending portfolios as a whole to allow opportunity for the rest of us and the rest of them. Some of the вbailoutв money could go toward small, community banks and credit unions, who could, in turn, have more leeway to assist those that they clearly serve and care about. These entities could handle the crises we are facing with regard to forcelosure on the local and regional level, with the treasury setting guidelines and having ownership interests or at the very least a minimal financial interest in the process.

In essence, the solution is not a top down approach, but at minimum a bottom up or integrated approach that provides opportunity for the smaller guys, for Main Street, for all streets and all towns, in all communities to solve this problem together, with a little help from who we hope are our friends in government.

As things are now, our solution is to sell out to the highest bidder. This is clearly what our government seeks to do, and has been doing. If the government cares about the people, it will take care of the small guys using a sensible and integrated approach similar to the one mentioned above.

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