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Whereas Sen. John McCain has been a strong proponent of open borders and illegal immigration, despite sizable bipartisan numbers of Americans supporting strong border security measures and deportation of those here illegally,

Whereas Sen. McCains presidential liaison to the Hispanic lobby, Juan Hernandez, is an activist supporter of the illegal invasion, contrary to the views of majorities of Americans, and is seen as someone undermining America instead of building America,

Whereas Sen. McCain is on record as supporting bilingual education and opposing making English as the official language of the United States in contrast to vast sums of Americans,

Whereas Sen. McCain has historically voted against domestic oil drilling, which would bring more jobs to Americans as well as a long term supply of fuel at the pump and thus lower gas prices to consumers,

Whereas Sen. McCain, instead of pushing legislation to make low cost domestic fuel available to Americans, has called on Americas oil companies to share their profits with the American people, something that will never increase availability of fuel at the pump,

Whereas Sen. McCain, at a time of crisis for domestic oil, chooses to tout and promote his belief in man-made global warming and recently met with environmentalists in Oregon to affirm a need for bogus but costly legislation to remedy the problem ,

Whereas Sen. McCain voted against President Bushs tax cuts in 2001 and who is at best dubious about making these cuts permanent for all,

Whereas Sen. McCain has voted in favor of fetal tissue research of aborted children and in favor of taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research,

Whereas Sen. McCain is considered questionable at best regarding appointments of strict constructionist judges to the bench, calling current Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito too conservative,

Whereas Sen. McCain, when leadership was needed to address judicial activism and traditional family values after the same sex marriage ruling by the California Supreme Court, chose to appear with avowed lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, on her talk show,

Whereas Sen. McCain in 2006 was one of three U.S. senators to vote no against defining marriage as between one man and one woman,

Whereas Sen. McCain, thru his signature legislation known as Campaign Finance Reform (CFR), chose to stifle the 1st Amendment rights of all Americans by restricting and regulating free speech and donations to political campaigns,

Whereas Sen. McCain, thru his staffers, told then U.S. Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt that he should cease praying in Jesus name while in uniform, thus confirming the Arizona senators disdain for the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech,

Whereas Sen. McCain, despite his tough talk on Iraq, prefers to close the jail cells at Guantanamo Bay where known terrorists are currently held, a position cherished by the leftists at the American Civil Liberties Union,

Whereas Sen. McCain opposes a technique known as water boarding, an uncomfortable but certainly not torturous maneuver to force such terrorists to come clean about potential threats on the American people; also another position worthy of ACLU praise,

Whereas Sen. McCain supports another CFR of sorts, the Council on Foreign Relations, a long standing United Nations type organization that undermines American sovereignty and serves to weaken our leadership position in the world,

Whereas Sen. McCain, rather than articulate a bold agenda of constitutional liberty and strictly limited government, frequently chooses to meet and work with Democrats and promote their agenda of big government and socialism,

Whereas Sen. McCain has refused to court the evangelical vote, which has for almost the last 3 decades helped numerous conservatives at the Congressional level as well as for the White House win elections that would otherwise be lost,

Whereas Sen. McCain, up to this point, has refused to meet and/or rejected meeting with religious leaders such as Billy Graham, John Hagee and Dr. Dobson,

Whereas Sen. McCain, unlike President Bush, has engaged in name calling and shown to have a fierce temper with those who disagree with his positions and tactics,

Whereas Sen. McCain, unlike 7 of his then other GOP primary candidates, refused to participate in the 2007 Values Voter Debate held in Florida,

Whereas a May 2008 Zogby poll shows76\% of conservative voters and 86\% of very conservative Republican voters to be dissatisfied with the current crop of presidential candidates and nearly 2/3rds of these voters highly dissatisfied,

Whereas a World Net Daily online poll shows nearly 1/3rd of registered voters are committing to never voting for McCain under any circumstances,

Whereas these two polls, while not necessarily thoroughly indicative of a McCain defeat in November, show a high likelihood of such since the Arizona senator cannot win without the conservative and evangelical base,

Whereas Sen. McCain is not taking the initiative to point out the stark contrasts between him and the far left Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, thus giving some voters the impression that there are few differences between these two men,

Whereas all claims to conservative leadership by Sen. McCain as president are belied by a dismal, if not depressing, voting record,

And whereas Republicans in Congress are largely demoralized with dozens of them retiring rather than seeking reelection because of a liberal Republican like McCain at the head of the Republican ticket,

We, the undersigned, will under no circumstances vote for John McCain and call on Robert Duncan, chairman of the Republican National Committee, and all his power brokers and associates, to insist that Sen. McCain abandon his presidential campaign, make him walk the plank, if necessary, and replace him with the outstanding California Congressman who ended his campaign for the presidency earlier this year, the Honorable Duncan Hunter.

Unlike Sen. McCain, the outgoing representative from the San Diego area has no baggage or liberal credentials to his name. He is rock solid on all issues - from pro-life to marriage to religious liberties to taxes to gas prices to the economy to limited government to the military to illegal immigration to the war on terrorism. He has been chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has sponsored bills from protecting unborn children to protecting our borders from terrorists and illegal aliens, and would command great respect as our nations commander-in-chief. The fact the Congressman from Californias 52nd District sided with the ACLU only twice out of 57 issues in the previous three Congresses is a great indicator what kind of leader America is getting with him. The website,, details his outstanding voting record.

Congressman Hunter is the Reagan kind of leader America needs at this very hour in American history. He is a great patriot with unrivaled integrity and would no doubt rally discouraged Republican lawmakers to his campaign. He is one individual that conservative Republicans and Reagan Democrats can get excited about. Although his campaign for the presidency ended earlier this year, the Republican Party should waste no time in excising the unelectable Sen. McCain, putting Rep. Hunter back on the ticket and infusing his campaign with large sums of money to defeat the radically liberal Barack Obama this November.

Although it is late in the campaign, it is our hope and prayer that the Republican National Committee will use its influence and power to persuade Congressman Hunter to serve as Americas CEO for such a time as this. Should, however, all efforts be exhausted to convince the California Republican to run for the White House, the undersigned respectfully requests that the RNC will replace Sen. McCain on the ticket with another tried and true limited government conservative, such as Sen. Jim DeMint or Gov. Mark Sanford from South Carolina, Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana or even the former senator and presidential candidate from Tennessee, Fred Thompson.

But if the GOP insists on keeping John McCain on the presidential ticket this fall, the undersigned will have no choice but to vote 3rd party which may well cost the Arizona Republican the presidency. It is not our desire in any way, shape or form to have Barack Obama, who is to the left of George McGovern, become the president of the greatest nation on earth. We think an Obama presidency would be horrific for America.

However, a McCain presidency will likely be nearly as disastrous, simply because Republicans in general refuse to rally behind the current nominee and are quite unenthusiastic about his presidential credentials. Republicans may live to fight another day, the way they did during the 8 years of Bill Clinton, by standing up to every bit of legislation proposed by a Democratic Congress in conjunction under a President Obama. The GOP stood tall for the most part in 6 of the 8 years under Bill Clinton and may well do so under Mr. Obama. But they will likely be depressed and discouraged by the moribund campaign of the Arizona senator who will likely spend more time wooing Democrats to his huge government agenda, should he be elected. And though conservatism will not die if McCain is elected, the Republican Party will likely fast track itself to political oblivion.

As patriotic Americans who love God and country and are frightened at the thought of America being sold out to those who do not have Americas best interests in mind, we ask you, Mr. Duncan, to do the right thing and remove the liberal McCain from the GOP ticket and replace him so we can have someone statesmanlike to vote for this fall. Time is of the essence. Please act now. Thank you.

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  • 01 December 2015100. Reid D
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Ohio Give me a real Republican to vote for
  • 27 November 201599. Wayne H
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Ohio I will not vote McCain!!!
  • 22 October 201598. Sheri I
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State SC This man is nooo Republican
  • 08 September 201597. Delbert Williet
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Texas We will Never vote for anyone that takes a stand against the American people and takes his stand with Ted Kennedy and a member of a racist hate group behind closed doors.
  • 22 August 201596. Dr Cliffordna
    I support this petition
  • 27 June 201595. Ann F
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State ny В
  • 05 February 201594. Lois J
    I support this petition
  • 29 January 201593. Sheila S
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State SD AMERICA FIRST!!
  • 13 December 201492. Joseph Hs
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Ohio McCain is Amnesty,open borders,Nafta etc
  • 15 August 201491. Larry H
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State TEXAS ENFORCE OUR LAWS
  • 28 April 201490. Korrlyn L
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Missouri I am voting for Baldwin also
  • 23 March 201489. David Leeo
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Oklahoma We want an American.
  • 19 March 201488. Mike Z
    I support this petition
  • 01 February 201487. Raymond Dl
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State tennessee it's time to dump the tea in the bay
  • 27 October 201386. David D
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State KY Bring in Mitt!
  • 12 July 201385. Thor Ha
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State CA Duncan Hunter for president!
  • 03 July 201384. Haydee Cp
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State California If McCain is a conservative, I'm the Queen of England.
  • 05 June 201383. Clinton Vann
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Arizona Exiled Conservative
  • 30 May 201382. Jack S
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State New Mexico I will never vote for McCain! This country and the Republican Party are both in serious trouble. The American People are really sick of having their country and future sold to the highest bi
  • 23 May 201381. Laura L
  • 28 March 201380. Jennifer R
    I support this petition
  • 24 February 201379. Kendra L
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State sc Vote Chuck Baldwin
  • 20 December 201278. Don H
    I support this petition
  • 12 December 201277. Robin H
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State California IMPEACH McCAIN before he is president
  • 24 November 201276. Carolyn L
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State Ohio McCain broke campaign laws
  • 14 November 201275. Carol D
    Registered and/or Current Republican Voter? No State CA With the backing of the GOP, a candidate like Duncan Hunter would have an excellent chance of beating B. Hussein Obama in November!
  • 15 July 201274. Martin Jm
    I support this petition

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