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To TPTB & Writers of AMC:

We, the fans, respectfully request that you bring just and fitting closure to the storyline surrounding the kidnapping of Bianca's baby by having the characters of Babe & Krystal Carey pay for their crimes. As new characters without a strong history or connection to the show, there is no reason why they shouldn't be written off as soon as possible as all villains who have served their usefulness are. Despite several attempts by your writing staff to paint both women as blameless heroines with a heart of gold by sacrificing the integrity of other long-time established characters (the Chandler men, the Martin men, David, Bianca), neither Babe nor Krystal have the sympathy or support of the fans and neither are worth saving. At this point, there is no punishment that will truly make up for the damage they have caused to Pine Valley. Frankly, as fans, we don't care enough about them to want to see them suffer. We just want them gone.

This is no reflection on the talents or abilities of Alexa Havins & Bobbi Eakes, both of whom are wonderful women and terrific actresses. However, their characters have been written into a corner and there is no feasible way to redeem them without causing irreparable harm to the show and/or continued destruction to other characters. For the sake of AMC, it's time to close the chapter on Babe and Krystal Carey.

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Latest Signatures

  • 09 December 201550. Christeen H
    Please get rid of them...
  • 26 October 201549. Mona H
    I support this petition
  • 17 October 201548. Carrie H
    I support this petition
  • 26 March 201547. Sam H
    they are soooo annoying!
  • 15 March 201546. Elizabeth L
    They are dragging down a once great show!
  • 02 July 201445. Colleen T
    You are changing core characters for these newbies give us a break a get rid of them.
  • 08 June 201444. Doreen S
    Babe and KWAK.must.go.
  • 29 March 201443. Jamie Estrada
    I support this petition
  • 17 November 201342. Melissa M
    As a writer myself I would have had the characters of Babe & Krystal meet their fate long before now.
  • 16 October 201341. Michelle Velasquez
    Get them useless women off AMC.
  • 16 September 201340. Lpat Norris
    I'm so tired of seeing Babe on my screen and her Mama too
  • 07 July 201339. Jennifer L
    they suck
  • 06 September 201238. Marietta B
    these two are just a waste of "airtime"
  • 26 August 201237. Steven H
    These skankbags really need to go!!!
  • 04 May 201236. Kathy M
    I have been a faithful viewer since 1974, and I feel strongly about this subject. Please bring back the AMC I have loved for so long by removing these characters.
  • 06 February 201235. Trisha Macias
    I am fairly new AMC viewer and man, these two bug the heck out of me. I want Adam and Brooke!
  • 28 July 201134. Kelsey Briggs
    I HATE THEM!!!!
  • 17 May 201133. Susan S
  • 24 April 201132. Priscilla Dunn
    I'm BORED AMC! While I like AH and BE there are other actors in the backburner that deserve much more airtime.
  • 21 March 201131. Pauline H
    These characters can only be redeemed by paying for their crime of kidnapping.
  • 19 March 201130. Charity Ls
    babe and kwak has ruined a lot of characters on the show
  • 25 November 201029. Cindi M
    they suck
  • 09 November 201028. Jaiphoto Pace
  • 13 October 201027. Dee O
    also get rid of the Laverys, Dixie and all the newbies
  • 11 September 201026. Sandra M
    I support this petition
  • 16 June 201025. Pastor Revbillb
    I also have a petition,please sign thank you & God bless you
  • 13 June 201024. We Jarvis
    They could both save drowning babies or litters of puppies and nothing will redeem them. Had the writers chose to make them both pay things might be different. Now they're just an annoyance as they go about their lives in judgment of others. The only thin

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