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Gravitation has been classified by Newtype USA as "One of the greatest romance anime of all time". Though the manga and anime have been around for a while now and have been adored by many, the series is enjoying new popularity since its release in the US.

It's a sweet, often crazy story about the aspiring rock star Shuichi Shindou, as he and his band duke it out with rival bands to make it to the top, often in less conventional ways (such as the use of grenade launchers). While there are plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout the show, there's also a more sombre side involving the infamous author Eiri Yuki. When he and Shuichi meet, a bond forms between them... and now the success of Shuichi's band (aptly named "Bad Luck") seems to directly depend on the success of his newfound relationship!

Not only is this a great series that many have wanted licensed here in Australia, it's a nice break from typical locally released titles that seem to place a large emphasis on certain parts of the female anatomy (though there are still a couple of pretty girls thrown in for good measure). The animation is very well done (all digital), and of course being an anime about music, it has a superb soundtrack.

Currently Madman, Australia's leading distributor of anime, has no plans to release Gravitation locally. This has aggravated fans, but it has been said that Madman would be interested to see an indication of how many Aussie fans would like to see Gravitation released here.

This is a reflection of those who want their Gravitation.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 November 201550. J Goodman
  • 18 November 201549. Chocolate S
    I like to watch man love please !
  • 01 July 201548. Cattypatra Crane
    I support this petition
  • 27 May 201547. Shannon Parsons
  • 26 May 201546. Pedro Wilkerson
  • 08 December 201445. One Whohasanopenm
  • 24 November 201444. Black D
    I like big butts !
  • 04 November 201443. Thegreatninjafanboy Castro
    It certainly couldn't hurt to release this. Obviously there is demand. However, this doesn't fall into my "Madman Have to Release or Die" list. Still, it seems unfair not to release something that is widely popular.
  • 03 September 201442. Chris S
    Gravitation is the sweetest anime series i have seen to date. I'd love to buy the box set
  • 02 June 201441. Doug R
  • 28 May 201440. Maiangel Santiago
    Gravitation is cool!
  • 21 May 201339. Christine Velez
    Meow =^o^=
  • 19 May 201338. Gayness G
    I am woman hear me roar
  • 28 March 201337. Shenai Clareclaudekwinchesterg
    I wuv yaoi more than things that aren't yaoi! And I think Gravitation needs to be released in Australia so people dont go through the pain that I went getting Descendants of Darkness. (Yami no matsuei to all you Japanese speaking nuts)
  • 25 November 201236. Some B
  • 28 October 201235. Lacrox Dougherty
  • 03 October 201234. Jess Downs
    Go Gravitation! Such a good series ^^
  • 25 August 201233. Joshua K
  • 17 January 201232. Azari K
    Yeah! release this series!!
  • 01 January 201231. Sophie P
    Yaoi anime is proberbly the second largest anime obsession (after mecha). With Gravitation as the entry point to this cult genre, I am amazed it still hasn't been released.
  • 12 July 201130. Bob C
  • 27 May 201129. Sharna Valencia
    I support this petition
  • 08 January 201128. Leia Maldonado
    Release it! I wanna see! =DD
  • 18 July 201027. Nikki Z
    THat would be sooo CUTE!!~~
  • 04 November 200926. Rebecca J
    This is my favourite anime, and I would rather buy an Australian release then have to order it from the States.
  • 08 June 200925. Clyde Montes
    I want an official Australian release to upset homophobes. And maybe to watch Rage Beat. But mostly to piss people off.
  • 03 September 200824. Erin Scott
    Boys! Boys! Be my boys!

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