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Tonight I sit in front of my screen, a young woman living a relatively normal life, yet enduring one of the toughest battles any given person of any age, race or color can go through.

My mother sits in the room next to mine, forty-three, beautiful, strong and willful to live. My mother coughs, weakened by the strain on her now fragile body. I had to shave her head last night. Her sheets are covered with her own hair, her closed eyes masking the sadness she feels as she feels the cold razor against her scalp. This week will be another tough one for her, and we are not looking forward to it.

My mother is a cancer patient. She is suffering from metastatic cervical cancer to the lungs. She has eight tumors in all, four in each lung. Her prognosis is uncertain, but her will to win this battle is unquestionable.
I often wonder what I can do to help her more. I often wish she didn't have to undergo chemotherapy; the side effects are horrible and the pain she endures often times, it seems, surpasses the apparent severity of her illness. I would never, ever wish this disease on anyone, and I pray every day that something is done to cure this plague in all its forms.

Today, however, I saw something on a website that frightened and enraged me.The website is A man, if he can so be called, by the name of Dan Raber, a self proclaimer pastor-turned-healer according to The Associated Press, is selling something called bloodroot paste to cancer patients who wish to "heal themselves" from cancer. What is found on this website are appaling, shocking and disgusting pictures of people-- "patients"-- who, upon using this product, have burned holes in their flesh like battery acid to plastic, forming craters the size of hands on their wrists, scars that often don't heal or become infected, scars who leave their bearers many times permanently disfigured.

The article, published August 29th, 2005, went on to explain how this Rochelle, GA. man gave this "treatment" to cancer patients--a treatment NOT PATENTED, NOT APPROVED by Georgia's Medical Board, and CERTAINLY NOT APPROVED by the Food and Drug Administration. Yet, the article states that "while the state board has leveled serious allegations against Raber, he has not been charged with a crime (from article "Ga. Healer Targeted Over Cancer Treatment" By ELLIOTT MINOR, Associated Press Writer
Mon Aug 29 2005, Yahoo! News)". Tonight I sit here and ask only one question: WHY?

My mother is sick. My mother is desperate and she is fighting for her life. She hopes fervently for many more years and people like Mr. Raber profit from that hope by offering false promises and destroying lives. My mom will not succumb to the mind games of monsters such as Raber. However, many other people, who are just as hopeful and desperate as my mom, have and will cling to Raber's message and to his shocking and heinous remedy, only to suffer dire consequences and serious repercussions in the end. And yet this man walks free. He walks free under God only knows what pretense and he gets away with endangering citizens' lives, practicing medicine without a license and changing people's lives for the worse. Healer? I think not.

If there was a chance of my mother getting better by means other than chemotherapy, we would both seek to find out more about it. This man, however, doesn't offer a chance. He offers an appaling, disturbing, dangerous and potentially fatal solution to a problem that he is clearly neither capable nor adequately trained to solve. There is no cure for this disease, or for many other similar plagues. There are, however, many people, many doctors, nurses, health care researchers, patients and caregivers who are hopeful that we will find our answers soon, who are fighting with everything we've got to save lives, not further destroy them.

We see people every day going to prisons and being tried for smaller crimes. I consider Dan Raber to be a threat to society, and a danger to himself and others. All you have to do is look at the horrendous pictures on his website to understand.

I choose tonight to exercise my right as an American citizen to ask the US Government, the State of Georgia, the Food and Drug Administration and federal and state agencies across this country to protect my mother, protect the millions of people enlisted in the war against cancer (AND OTHER DISEASES), protect all who dedicate their lives to genuinely helping those affected by this terrible disease (AND OTHER DISEASES), and protect all who are or could be affected by the negligent and life-threatening actions of men like Dan Raber all across this land.

I, the undersigned, plea with the above agencies to GET THESE PEOPLE OFF OUR STREETS! People who live with these realities every day will sleep easier knowing monsters like Dan Raber are put away or at least punished for such atrocities. I know I certainly will.

Thank you.

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