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George Smith IV has vanished from a Royal Caribbean cruise line while on his honeymoon vacation. If you read the following report from MSNBC, you will see that these cruise lines are not safe. I am a former cruiser and I will not be going on any cruise ship because of this misfortune. I think Royal Caribbean is to blame. I was booked next summer on a sailing with Royal Caribbean and I have canceled it, because of the way this case is being handled. Please read the following news report and make your decision.

James Walker, Maritime Attorney: The chances are very slim that this is going to come to a successful investigation and conclusion. There are lots of factors that come into play in a situation like this. This particular cruise line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, is a Liberian corporation. They register their business in Monrovia, Liberia, in the continent of Africa. This particular ship, the Brilliance of the Seas, is registered in the Bahamas.

We have a potential crime occurring in international waters between Greece and Turkey. It's pretty much in a no-man's land right now.

Scarborough: Exactly, James. So, you have got this ship that's registered in Liberia. Obviously, and they're in the middle of a civil war. They are not going to investigate it. Turkey and Greece aren't going to go after it.

The FBI really doesn't have much authority to do much here. So, again, like you said, this case is in a no-man's land. It's up to this poor Smith family from Connecticut to investigate the disappearance and possible murder of their son.

So, it doesn't get solved. We never find out what really happened on that fateful night, do we?

Walker: Well, it's going to be really the resources of this particular family, the Smith family, that's going to lead to any type of resolution for that family.

You know, the only time Monrovia, Liberia, is in the news is when there's a civil war, when the rebels are firing their AK-47s. The Bahamas will not get involved. Liberia will not get involved.
There's some suggestion that a Turkish judge may be exercising jurisdiction over this. The cruise line says that it reported this incident to the FBI, but that may mean just one or two agents having an open file.

Scarborough: This is my problem with the investigation. I understand the investigation was run by a person who actually defends cruise ships. And the most shocking thing is that you actually had people that stepped forward. They, first of all, look at that balcony. Listen, that goes up to somebody's chest. They are not going to have a couple of drinks and fall over. Which is what we were led to believe in the beginning.

Also, there's somebody who stepped forward. It's been reported in the Connecticut paper. They heard screams that night. They found blood on the awning the next morning. They reported it to authorities, and nobody got back to them for five days. Could it be that possibly the problem here is that we have got people that are going to end up defending the cruise line being the first ones on board investigating the cruise line?

Walker: We have probably 40, 45 cases where we have represented passengers who have been victims on cruise ships, many of the ships being Royal Caribbean Cruise ships. The first investigation that's done is done by the in-house private investigators who are on the ship.

Many cases, the defense attorneys, who subsequently defend any case filed by the passenger's family, actually fly out to the next port. That's particularly true in the Caribbean.
And they can actually beat the cruise ship to the next port, and, quite often, the defense attorneys for the cruise lines are the first people up the gangway thatand they will conduct an investigation. As you know, attorneys have an ethical obligation to zealously represent their client. So, these attorneys are conducting an investigation solely to defend the cruise line. And quite often...

Scarborough: And that's their responsibility. And you are exactly right, James. Their responsibility is to defend their client, to be advocates for their client, not to be advocates for the family of this poor young man who may have passed away

This Petition is to show the Family of George Smith IV your support. What happened to George Smith IV was evil and then it was investigated and handled in a corrupt way.

Royal Caribbean and all cruise lines need to realize that we disagree with their actions and service. Please sign this petition to show this industry we do not support their actions and we will not be using their service.

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