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Address: Dr. Verma Polyclinic, Railway Road Haridwar
Phone: 01334 227073, 9219172063

The Honble Prime Minister, President Ganga Basin Authority
Honble Minister, M.O.E.F., Mr. Jai Ram Ramesh
Chief Minister, Uttarakhand
All Members of National River Ganga Basin Authority
Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President, Indian National Congress
Mr. L.K. Advani
Mr. Rajnath Singh

Dated : Friday, October 16, 2009


Respected Sir,

With all best wishes on the occasion of Deepawali, the Anshan of Swami Dayanand in Haridwar is reflecting the sad affairs of my country India. In India, the Official, Political and Mafia Nexus has reached to such an extent that to live in this country with Self Respect is impossible.

National River Ganga has became a booty for loot right from patwari, lekhpaal, S.D.M., D.M., Commissioner, Secretary to their political bosses. The evidences of this truth are following :

1. Ganga is now National River.
2. In 2008, Swami Nigamanand Saraswati did fast for 73 days to save Kumbh area of Ajeetpur and Missarpur, Haridwar. On 70th day, the then Commissioner Mr. Subhash Kumar informed fraudulently to Matri Sadan that these areas are not in Kumbh Area. Mr. Khanduris Govt. of Uttarakhand stopped mining.
3. In January 2009, D.M. Haridwar again opened mining in national river. Swami Dayanand did fast for 30 days and Commissioner ordered to stop mining.
4. On 25th Sep 2009, again D.M. Haridwar ordered to open mining in Ajeetpur Missarpur area. D.M. Haridwar says that it is Commissioner order.
5. Commissioner says it is High Court order.
6. High Court order 398 of 2009, writ petition Misc. Single Himalaya Stone Crusher & A.N.R. vs State & Others says that legal counselor has not agreed with the report.
7. The petitioner fraudulently stated that he is having legal mining lease in Ganga.
8. D.M. says that mining lease is only given to Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam.
9. The whole Ganga of Ajeetpur Missarpur and adjoining areas has been dug by more than 20 to 30 feet. Adjoining area and islands are destroyed. Forests, grasslands are being eliminated.
10. On 15th Oct 2009, Commissioner Garhwal Mandal agreed to meet Matri Sadan in Dam Kothi Haridwar. But, at the last moment he disappeared.

This is the state of affairs in Uttarakhand, India, where the application of the Constitution of India is damaged, destroyed & fragmented inspite of boosting of Honest Democracy, National River Ganga and Truth.

So Hereby I appeal to you all Right-Minded people on Earth who care the present and the future of National River Ganga. Kindly sign the petition and spread the word.

With thanks,
Sincerely Yours

Dr. Vijay Verma

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