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To whomever may hold the rights to this beautiful piece of cinema:

We are requesting that the film "Future Hunters" finally be made available (and fully restored) on the DVD format for all to enjoy for the rest of their days.

Those of you who know of the film of which I speak, need no more convincing, I'm sure. You're probably signing right now. How could you not? For the uninitiated, it's time to let you in on one of the greatest pieces of '80s B-Movie cinema. Actually, I've already written a review for this movie on my website. I've included it here:

Future Hunters (1985)
Directed By:
Cirio H. Santiago

Robert Patrick
Linda Carol
Ed Crick
Richard Norton
Bruce Li
Jang Lee Hwang

2025 A.D. A lone adventurer searches the post-nuclear wasteland for the most devastating, godless artifact in history. When he touches it, he is transported back in time to 1989 Los Angelesnaturally. Mortally wounded he requests a young couple to return the spear to its sheath and end its reign of evil.

Ok, yes, I did give this movie a high rating, but because it really deserves it. Granted it is a retarded, random, senseless film, it was very entertaining! It starts out in the sh*t of things, with random guy running through the desert, shootin up the bad guys. Soon after we are taken - oh yes - back in time! By the way, time travel in a movie is always good...except for Van Dammes Timecop (*shudder*) Anyway, we then meet guy and gal heroes who accept the adventure to return some spearhead to it's sheath. During their journey, they encounter the forces of: Nazis, Kung Fu masters, midget natives, tribal women warriors, exploding helicopters, falling rocks, broken bridges...its all really quite amazing. Again, the movie really makes no sense, like for instance at one point, for no reason, this random Kung Fu master dude picks a fight with our hero, Slade, and then gets shot by some sniper up above. And then the sniper is never mentioned again! We never find out who he his and why he did what he did - its film making at its best really. The Nazis provide even more haggardness to the film. The Henchmen dude (The really big guy, you cant miss him) makes for some comical scenes, including one involving a grenade and a bridge...good times! The movie kinda hits a slow point when it gets to the forest...just a lot of repetitive shooting scenes. In the end though it gets alright, when the women fight above the alligator pit and one of them gets eaten by said alligator. OH! And and when the midget natives save the heroes at the end using their midget tactics! All in all, an amazing film. If you want a fun time with no thinking involved, pick up this film. This movie is so terribly bad-great! You WILL be entertained!

- The Fight between Bruce Li and the Kung Fu master (with sniper action!)
- The Big Nazi dude blowing himself up on the bridge.
- The Acting of the professor dude whos chained up in the fortress (pure gold!)
- Midgets!
- Amazon b*tch getting eaten by an alligator.
- Amazon b*tch getting hit by a giant rock.

So come on. Join us and sign. Your 20 year old VHS copy of this film just isn't cutting it anymore and you know it. Let's put life back into this film and allow it to be preserved "ON DVD" for centuries to come!

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