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The Right to Freedom of Expression in Schools

My teenage daughter was today denied entrance to class because she had streaks of green in her hair. She will continue to be denied her right to (compulsory) education until she changes her hair colour to something more 'natural'. What right does a school or a board of trustees of conservative parents have to dictate to my child what she should look like? How is hair colour relevant to education? The teachers are there to educate my child not deny her right to freedom of expression. What harm is there in having different coloured hair? I was told it was part of the uniform. I'm sorry, but colour of skin, eyes, hair, are not parts of a uniform. Schools are repressing individuality, creativity and self-expression by enforcing these ludicrous rules to ensure that all students conform to become mindless clones. Such irrational rules create a lack of respect for authority. Happy kids learn. Resentful kids don't want to go to school.

Every person, regardless of age, should have the right to freedom of expression at home and at school. Hair colour should not be a barrier to education.

Please support my fight against autocracy in schools.

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Latest Signatures

  • 15 December 201550. Christina G
    I support this petition
  • 13 September 201549. Jasmineb Burton
    ahhh i agree....individuality is so0o important!!!
  • 09 August 201548. Darknessproductionsinc Stanley
    Schools are there to teach the youth of America, not to discriminate against people who look different. I say sue the school.
  • 16 June 201547. Hayley Mcgrath
    yeah damn them, not allowed dreadlocks or mohawks, how rediculous
  • 05 April 201546. Rachel Salazar
    we shuld b able 2 do wot we like 2 our hair while @ skool!
  • 01 April 201545. Elizabeth Perez
  • 08 March 201544. Romit Bentley
    I support this petition
  • 10 October 201443. Joel K
    this is truly ridiculous. i hope you consider it.
  • 06 September 201442. Clay H
    This is completely ridiculous, and Istronlgy disagree with this rule, as well as the overall principle of hair being a "part of uniform." As stated, children who are allowed to express themselves in ways that do not harm themselves or others, they are mor
  • 20 June 201441. Ethan Lindsey
    thats pretty funny ay, its pretty strict at schools.I don't like how you can't express yourself through your appearance
  • 29 May 201440. Jason T
    I support this petition
  • 03 May 201439. Joey W
    I support this petition
  • 26 April 201438. Judi K
    I support this petition
  • 26 November 201337. Edgar W
    green hair rox :D
  • 14 October 201336. Katrina D
    I have just changed my hair colour as well, and if my school has a problem with it, I feel that they shouldn't have the right to suspend me for doing so.
  • 03 July 201335. Matthew H
    Freedom withing the eye of the beholder
  • 14 April 201334. Charlie Rivera
    Thats really stupid.
  • 28 March 201333. Anamarie Spencer
    School is bad enough without s**t like this being pulled.
  • 21 February 201332. Jerry G
    I support this petition
  • 31 May 201231. Jenna Mcgrath
    I support this petition
  • 06 March 201230. Chloe Watts
    I support this petition
  • 30 January 201229. Jessica B
    I support this petition
  • 28 January 201228. Nick J
    I support this petition
  • 12 October 201127. Jamie Holt
    I am only doing this for the sake of my mate's sister...Hail Wuotan
  • 07 January 201126. Marise M
    I support this petition
  • 16 September 201025. Larry S
    Stick it to the man ya'll! Represent the green hair chica!
  • 04 August 201024. Skylar W
    I support this petition

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