Peter Kimber is a 44 year-old Canadian father of seven who for the past two years, has been illegally imprisoned and tortured in Mexico. Its the aim of this petition that the Canadian and Mexican governments intercede NOW, before he is killed in prison and becomes another victim in the ongoing series of tragic and violent deaths met by Canadians in Mexico.

Friends of Peter Kimber greatly appreciate your reading the following, and showing support with your signature.

Why Peter Was Arrested: Two years ago, Peter was contracted to build a house for a British couple in Huatulco, Mexico.When he was two-thirds into the construction of their home, they told him to leave and instead of paying him, Peter claims they paid off local law enforcement in a deal whereby five development properties Peter purchased in Mexico's newest resort-building destination could be seized. He was wrongly arrested and charged with 'fraud generic',implying he had taken the couple's money and run without having done any work.Evidence to clear him which had been turned over to court-appointed lawyers vanished more than once. Three times money was paid to Mexican court-appointed lawyers to argue his case and to pay fines. Each time the lawyers and money went missing. Unlike Canada, in Mexico guilt is assumed by the authorities until the prisoner can provide proof of his own innocence, and is often forced to do so from his own jail cell. As in Peters case.

Today, Peter receives death threats. Speaking out about the violence and injustice, and the refusal to "go quietly" has made him very unpopular in theReclusorio de Pochutla where he is frequently and severely beaten. Lack of water, food and basic sanitation combined with these beatings have resulted in Peter's kidney's failing, loss of use of his arm and gangrene setting in to his feet. He has also been injected with a blood-filled syringe during a riot he says was engineered to bring about his death.

The Canadian government has responded with "Just do your time, and come home". Peter's run out of time, and if he does not receive protection now, he will die.

Peters support group is growing and media attention along with it, thanks to the work of family and friends on both sides of the border. This first came to the attention of Dr. Anne Marie Evers, an author and radio personality. After meeting Peters daughters Jessica and Julia and learning about their ongoing nightmare, she contacted John Joseph Kennedy, who is running as a Democrat in the 2008 Presidential election. He drew an immediate media spotlight to Peters situation, having experienced a similar tragic event in his own life. His sister, Cecilia Madeline Kennedyhad helped free their brother, Christopher,from a wrongful conviction in Thailand in the 1990s by proving his case before the Supreme Court of Thailand. Sadly, in the end, Cecilia lost her life for this.

With the help of Dr. Evers and others, Mr. Kennedy has spearheaded a humanitarian campaign to free Peter by establishing,mobilizing support, sending letters to the prison warden demanding an end to his ill treatment, and to the International Criminal Court and media. Now the media is finally aware, and its becoming a national news item in print, radio and television.

Attached below are links to one of the newspaper articles published recently on Peters story, and a new report from Amnesty International on human rights abuses within the Mexican judicial and prison system. Additional media coverage and links can be found at

We appreciate your support in signing this petition as an expression of support for Peter Kimber and his family. Hedeserves a new and fair trial where all the evidence is presented to finally clear his name. Please let this also serve as a show of outrage at Peters treatment at the hands of the Mexican judicial system and our own governments ineffectiveness in protecting the human rights of its citizens.

Our greatest thanks,

Friends of Peter Kimber

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