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We the undersigned petition Cheshire East to stop the implementation of parking charges in the towns of Sandbach and Middlewich. The parking charges will have a detrimental impact on the towns including the traders and the charity shops, both of which are struggling because of the current economic situation. Both of the Town Councils are against this. Listen to the will of the people of the towns. The report which Cheshire East is basing the charges on was rejected by Congleton Borough Council who declared it to be flawed and misleading. In Sandbach specifically the proposal would mean charging to park on an area that is officially designated as a village green, which means it is common land.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 December 2015100. Laura Jeanh
    we should not be charged to park on common land Town sandbach
  • 04 December 201599. Jackie P
    Charging for parking in Sandbach just because it is in line with other towns is not an excuse, it is one of the reasons Sandbach is a great place to live! Town Sandbach
  • 17 November 201598. Chris P
    Say no to more stealth taxes Town Midllewich
  • 30 October 201597. Oliver E
    we have never had to pay parking so why now? Town sandbach
  • 20 August 201596. Carole H
    Parking should be free to encourge people to shop in small towns Town Middlewich
  • 08 August 201595. Fay W
    If you have to pay to park in Sandbach, residents and visitors will be deterred from stopping and go to larger shopping areas or supermarkets instead. Trade for shops in Sandbach needs to be boosted especially in this economic climate - this parking charg
  • 01 June 201594. Simon D
    The stupidity and arrogance of the council amazes me. Keep it up guys, I will never pay to park on your car park and keep up this level of stupidity and I'm moving Town Sandbach
  • 05 May 201593. Andrew M
    Don't kill struggling towns with parking fees Town Knutsford
  • 06 February 201592. Rachael A
    It will put people shopping in sandbach, may as well go to Crewe where theres more choice Town Sandbach
  • 10 January 201591. Lindsey M
    Sandbach needs free parking Town Sandbach
  • 04 December 201490. Mark C
    We are trying to encourage people to shop in Sandbach, not discourage them! keep the parking free Town Sandbach
  • 26 October 201489. Mick H
    dont kill the town
  • 26 October 201488. Peter H
    This will kill trade in the heart of our town. Town Sandbach
  • 03 October 201487. Jonathan C
    I feel that this will be detrimental to the town Town Sandbach
  • 25 August 201486. R Nc
    I believe that removal of free parking can only be detrimental to the town of Sandbach. The Council should spend it's time encouraging trade, commerce and visitors and not creating obstacles. Especially ones that will cost a lot of money to implement. Tow
  • 07 August 201485. Nicola D
    Having to pay for parking in Sandbach will kill the town and residents should not have to pay to park outside their own house. Town Sandbach
  • 10 July 201484. Sarah H
    A common is common land for the use of the people.Not just simply a means of raising revenue for local councils. Town sandbach
  • 11 May 201483. Andrea D
    yet another way to tax us-pure greed and just silly! Town sandbach
  • 29 March 201482. Steve B
    Free carparking is vital in Sandbach. If your logic for charging is to keep spaces for shoppers rather than shop workers, there must be other ways of achieving that without charging eg 2 hours free parking ? If you charge for short stay periods, in my opi
  • 25 February 201481. Benjamin Rm
    In the interest of the town? Or in the interest of the fact that Gordon Browns government has generated so much debt, that Cheshire East is now even charging it's own constituents to park in order to make a living. Distgusting. Town Sandbach
  • 15 February 201480. David P
    Calling in for a newspaper will now be too expensive Town Winterley
  • 28 December 201379. Jamie K
    Named "The Commons" because it is common ground and therefore should be left as free public parking Town Sandbach
  • 27 December 201378. Alan B
    Sandbach needs to have free parking. Town Sandbach
  • 23 December 201377. Mat D
    no charges should be imposed on something that is a necessity! Town sandbach
  • 23 November 201376. Catherine S
    There is always somewhere to park so this is not an issue of traffic management it is purely to raise revenue! Town Sandbach
  • 21 October 201375. Finlay F
    why should we have to pay? Town sandbach
  • 30 May 201374. Katherine B
    this is ridiculous and will kill of people coming to the town Town sandbach

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