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Hasit Khagram is a 35-year-old high-functioning autistic man and since 2000 has been
in the care of the Office of Public Guardian and Trustee. The OPGT forcibly
removed Hasit from his home and took him to a psychiatric ward. Where he was
kept in a small cell in terrifying isolation and subjected to the most
subhuman treatment.

His requests to let him go home were ignored; his family was not allowed to
comfort him. Basically he was denied every one of the most basic human
rights as written in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He was
mechanically, physically and chemically restrained, injected with the most
dangerous psychiatric drugs.

From there he was placed in a Plexiglas prison (Read Globe and Mail article,
'His world is a Plexiglas world' written by Margaret Philp, Saturday, June
2, 2001) that was built in one of the Bethesda Group Homes and kept in
similar subhuman condition. In that situation Hasit has been physically and
emotionally abused. As the drugs are increased and the abuse continues
Hasit, in distress, self-abuses and bangs his head, at one point, staff
counted 160 times. Hasit is not allowed outdoors, to practice his religion
or take part in family events. On his birthday his mother fed him
from under a Plexiglas door.

His Member of Parliament, Peter Kormos (XXXXX) twice has intervened trying
to gain his freedom, once in 2001 and last one was April 2005. Hasit has
been in the media many times and the last one was on CH TV Hamilton (XXXXX).

Five years of this barbaric treatment is an embarrassment to all Canadians
and has to stop. Phone, fax, write, email your own MP asking for his
immediate release and to be returned to his family before Hasit dies. Demand
that it never again should be allowed this situation to be repeated.

Sign this petition to inform Attorney General Michael Bryant that you are
appalled that this barbaric treatment inflicted to an autistic is allowed to
happen in a country proud of its history of respect for all human lives,
more so of a defenseless, vulnerable autistic.

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Latest Signatures

  • 08 November 201591. Michaelpaul J
    В Address; Zip/Postal Code 27 Sturgess Cres,L1M 1J9
  • 20 October 201590. Riyaz J
    I support this petition
  • 27 May 201589. Jatin G
    Except the parents and immediate family, there is nobody in the world who can give loving care with dedication in such cases. Besides, when the family has the means and is committed to give the required care and attention, it makes economic sense as it fr
  • 04 November 201488. Maha T
    I support this petition
  • 21 August 201487. Lauren C
    It makes me sick, the story of this young man makes me sick. how could anyone do that to another human being. Not only that, but get away with it. Address; Zip/Postal Code 2049 brown ave, bensalem PA 19020
  • 20 June 201486. Paula C
    I support this petition
  • 18 June 201485. Hugh Gjlafavem
    I support this petition
  • 09 May 201484. Sandy F
    this treatment is unbelievable Address; Zip/Postal Code N1C 1E7
  • 15 March 201483. Anit Silva
    I support this petition
  • 02 March 201482. Vishal K
    This is extremely upsetting in today's times !! Address; Zip/Postal Code Nairobi, Kenya
  • 29 November 201381. Michael B
    Hasit's continued confinement violates his basic rights. Options have been available for community support for years - it is time for Hasit to take his rightful place in the community. We urge action now to make this a reality. Address; Zip/Postal Code l
  • 14 November 201380. Justine H
    I support this petition
  • 30 September 201379. Ehsan Mahoney
    afghanistan Address; Zip/Postal Code 98745
  • 07 June 201378. Ms Bb
    Absolutely dreadful!! This needs sorting out! Address; Zip/Postal Code BH8 8HS
  • 26 March 201377. Tamra G
    I am ashamed, I thought we were free in Canada Address; Zip/Postal Code 5967 hiighway89, Cookstown, Ontario. L0L 1L0
  • 13 March 201376. Nisha Page
    I support this petition
  • 31 January 201375. Mark Leem
    sort it out......where is the love? Address; Zip/Postal Code bt56 8jw
  • 05 January 201374. Dan Everett
    This type of thing is just sick. It makes me sick and angry just reading about the cruel things done to Hasit. Something should be done! Address; Zip/Postal Code Minnesota
  • 11 December 201273. Narendra K
    VIOLATION of CHARTER OF RIGHTS...!! Wake up Mr. Dalton McGuinty,Premier of Ontario....DO SOMETHING Address; Zip/Postal Code 280 St Joseph Rd Lindsay Ontario K9V6E4
  • 01 November 201272. Dr Vinods
    I am appalled at the way Hasit is beeing treated. As a healthcare professional, I think more humane and compassionate treatment should be the norm for such vulnerable individuals in our society. The family wants to look after Hasit. Free Hasit immediately
  • 04 May 201271. Ashwin K
    The conditions under which this man survives appear absolutely shocking and subhuman, one wouldn't put another LIFE FORM (let alone a human being) in these conditions..... release him NOW !!!!! Address; Zip/Postal Code 26, Hawkhurst Road, Brighton (UK) B
  • 04 April 201270. Josephine T
    В Address; Zip/Postal Code 06850
  • 11 January 201269. Alison H
    Government has the power to make this change! Address; Zip/Postal Code L6K 3B8
  • 08 November 201168. John H
    В Address; Zip/Postal Code 17013
  • 08 November 201167. Harshad K
    It is really sad that such injustice happens in modern world ! The Shahs deserve all the backing in their quest for freeing Hasit ! Address; Zip/Postal Code 220 Wards Road, Ilford - England UK - IG2 7DY
  • 24 July 201166. Carrie Lw
    I feel deeply saddened by the treatment that both Hasit and his loving family has endured, these are good people, trying to do the right thing for their son. No one should have to endure this type of neglect that both his caregivers and the province of On
  • 18 July 201165. Suniti S
    This kind of barberic treatment is not acceptable for Hasit or any disabled person, who is speechless, confined, helpless and vulnerable. We are the voice for them so, we should get up and be their voice to protect them from this inhumane treatment. Our f

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Minster of the Attorney General


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