We, the undersigned,oppose the wrongful imprisonment based upon FALSE EVIDENCE of an innocent man, Darren Carl Koehn.

This petition is to plead for a full review of his false conviction of "2nd degree murder" in the tragic accidental death of Jeremy Harris, his 3 year-old stepson, (September 1, 1994), and examine the truth that accurate evidence could indicate that Jeremy was neither murdered, nor abused.

Darren is sentenced to life in prison, for a single injury he has always maintained was the accidental result of leaping over a piece of large furniture, and unintentionally landing upon Jeremy.
Examining the gross reporting errors that tainted the evidence makes it starkly clear that Darren's case was treated with extreme prejudice -- relative to other cases, Darren was both charged and sentenced beyond reason, given the circumstances full of uncertainty and doubt. Having reviewed the information compiled on the website www.freedarrenkoehn.com, it is apparent that:

** Significant reporting errors with critical relevance have never been exposed. These errors clearly produced FALSE EVIDENCE, and misled expert testimony that was used to refute all accounts of accident; the prejudicial effects of this false evidence was further deliberately exaggerated by the Crown prosecutors.

This false evidence misrepresented the magnitude of the single fatal injury, mistakenly indicating that internal damage had penetrated completely through Jeremys abdomen. This is, in fact, NOT true... careful review reveals that typing errors effectively inserted details of damage that did NOT exist. When the pathologist reviewed this reports summary during testimony, she relied upon these falsely inserted details to produce estimates of an astounding 50 km/hr force.

This FALSE EVIDENCE of a 50-km/hr impact became an element that powerfully negated all accounts of accident; the doctor asserted that a short leap, like described with the coffee table, could not possibly generate such a collision. She then applied this impression of child abuse to her opinions of all other evidence. Other minor injuries, attributable to the EXTREME and PROLONGED efforts of the paramedics and hospital staff, were ironically used to corroborate the theory of abuse.

Even Darren was shocked that the short fall could apparently have caused such an impact; however, he was unable to offer any other explanation for the source of this alleged extraordinarily "savage" blow. Darrens obvious confusion at this inexplicable 50 km/hr impact was portrayed by the prosecution as evidence of guilt, and a desperate, evasive attempt to conceal some mysterious, sinister and violent act.

BUT, in fact, there was NO fierce 50 km/hr impact. This figure is actually FALSE EVIDENCE, generated by the above mentioned typing errors. There are major discrepancies between the main body and synopsis of the autopsy report, that CONCEAL that the actual internal injury was much shallower, (corroborating accident), although still dreadfully fatal.

However, and most importantly to an appeal application, the defence team discovered these mistakes only after the second trial was already over. Hence, this false evidence has never been brought to light! We, the undersigned, believe that new information such as this should certainly warrant a review when a man's life is on the line. Darren Koehn is now serving year eleven.

The defence lawyer, Mr. Botting, was very poorly prepared, inexperienced, and has since quit law. As a rookie public defender with no prior murder trial experience - he didn't even submit any legal arguments or law precedents to the court. In a series of lengthy letters submitted to BC Legal Aid by Mr. Botting, it is revealed that the critical issue of the newly discovered false evidence was overlooked, because it was buried within pages of numerous other reasons for appeal. The autopsy reports error was thus trivialized, and Legal Aid denied further funding.

However, it is obvious that the 50 km/hr false evidence significantly affected the verdict, and is likely that the corrected actual evidence would significantly affect the result of a new trial. In light of this new information, we the undersigned, believe it is in the best interest of public confidence in the justice system that this case be reviewed again, by a higher authority, specifically to:

- secure an audit of the autopsy reports' typing accuracy

- grant Legal Aid funding to assign counsel and obtain the trial transcripts (proving the existence of the false evidence for an appeal)


Please take a stand with us and help fight this injustice. This is an opinion petition and as such can be signed by any person of any age living in any state or country. If you agree, please sign this petition and forward it to as many others as you know.

Sincerely, Lisa Koehn,
for Darren Koehn

October 15th, 2004

[email protected]
[email protected]

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