Whereas, When Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery in 1838 he landed in NYC at the very busy and famous Chambers St. Dock at the foot of Chambers St. on the Hudson River. Now under landfill, its been forgotten by all to many of us, but NYC and that dock were a major nexus and passage point on the Water route of the path of the Underground Railway north to Freedom. After more than 160 years Chambers St. has been extended on landfill into Battery Park City North, over where that dock once existed! We request that the street extension be renamed Frederick Douglass Landing to commemorate his perilous escape, and wondrous entry onto Freedom as well as its significance to the Underground Railroad.

Whereas, If Abraham Lincoln were alive today he would be the first to credit Frederick Douglass as the real Father of Emancipation and hed undoubtedly be very surprised that Emancipation day did not also honor the Black Moses who had persuaded him to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and had led his people out of Slavery and onto the long road of Freedom. By analogy, would it not be as strange for us now, on Presidents Day, to remember Lincoln and not honor George Washington?

Whereas, He exemplified a Human Being who was Self Emancipated, and personally manifested the absurdity of inequality. From his childhood, hed always defined himself. His desire for freedom from slavery going far deeper than Beyond Determination, he would and could not be broken indeed, he broke the slave-breaker! Imbued with the credo of Freedom or Death, he conceived his realistic multi year plan of escape when he was 11 years old. Brilliantly, he improved and traded his forbidden knowledge of reading with young white apprentices at the Baltimore Shipyards for the nautical skills that he knew hed use to escape slavery, and pioneered the Water Route on the Underground Railroad.

Whereas, A powerful Man, and an even more powerful Thinker, very advanced for his time and relevant to ours, his persona, words, works, and writings admittedly and profoundly influenced Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, not to speak of White Society.

Whereas, Even while he wondered if this was his America also, he supported his two sons when they were among the first to enlist to fight in the Civil War, due to his effective and ultimately successful advocacy in influencing Lincoln to allow African-American troops to fight for the Union.

Whereas, From about 1850 on, universally acknowledged as the preeminent leader of African-Americans and the Abolitionist movement, he was grudgingly respected even by his enemies as one of the greatest orators of the 19th Century. He spoke with such quality that even other abolitionists could not believe hed been a slave, which lead him to write the indelibly classic narrative of his life and escape from bondage.

Whereas, The foresight of his thought, and the power, courage, and integrity of his analysis of the ills of our society and civilization led him to leadership in, and prescient conscious advocacy of the necessity of Womens Suffrage in spite of strong arguments that it was a distraction as an issue. He was among the first to understand and connect the use of Alcohol as a Drug being consciously used by the masters to keep oppressed peoples and races weak and unresistant to their condition of servitude.

Whereas, The universal relevance of his life, his example, his contributions, and his story, to our youth and indeed to all of us, needs to be remembered and respected. We the undersigned call for the designation of the place of his Landing in NYC as both a State and National Historic Site, commemorating for us where he first stepped forth onto Free Soil and enjoyed the heady feeling of liberation, our great and extraordinarily capable of Lion of Freedom FREDERICK DOUGLASS.

So Petitioned and Signed by all of us who value Freedom and History as U.S. Citizens

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