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1. All of you are aware that the Marathi speaking people/community in Switzerland has been organizing get-togethers and other social events on an informal basis so far. Everything had been running smoothly and there were never any serious issues jeopardising the unity.

2. A group of about 40 people met at Irchel, Zurich for a picnic organised by Swissmarathi (an excellent Yahoo groups forum) on the 12th June 2005 where Ashish R. Arondekar raised the idea of forming an association of the Marathi speaking people in Switzerland. There was no real discussion on this topic and it was decided that a date convenient to most of the participants would be announced, especially suitable to at least those who were seriously interested in the matter including members from Geneva or other places who could not have come to Zurich on 12th June 05.

3. Dr. Subash Patil announced, using his own initiative that a meeting of all the interested persons would be held on the 14th August 2005 in Bern. Dr. Patil was made aware of the fact that this date was inconvenient for a lot of the interested persons since they would be having their summer vacations. It was also suggested that if it was so urgent then an earlier date (before start of school vacation) in August would be more suitable. Dr. Patil promised most of the persons who objected to this date, that this would only be a preliminary meeting and more meetings would follow. The agenda wasnt circulated to the community early enough so it was obvious that people did not have the time to express their opinion.

Meeting on the 14th August 2005:

Around 14 persons including Dr. Patil were present for this meeting. Ashish Arondekar was absent and there was no representation from Geneva. In this one meeting the following was agreed upon:

a) This was a "General Body" meeting (GBM), the first of the non existing Association
b) The managing committee: President, Secretary and the executive committee (2 of whom were not even present) none of which could change till end 2008 by the constitution. (2005 thru 2008 almost 4 years whereas subsequent tenures were for 2 years)
c) The constitution of the Association which does not allow for any extraordinary GBM
d) The agenda of the events to be conducted by the Association
e) The fees to be collected
f) The main goals of this association

Following this meeting the association was also registered in Bern without the knowledge, review and acceptance of the constitution from the larger Marathi speaking community.


The problems with this so called Marathi Mandal are the following:

1. The Constitution in the current form has sufficient loop holes which need to be fixed carefully. Many experienced and senior persons have seen it and are willing to help but according to Dr. Patil any changes to the constitution can be done only at the next General Body meeting to be held in late 2006 with a 2/3rd majority.

This means that this association will work for more than one year based on a constitution that has had very little discussion.

2. Open discussions about the Association cannot be held unless the present committee accepts the agenda proposed by other Marathi speaking people.

3. New members to executive committee need to go through an elaborate process to be accepted. This includes getting the confirmation of the current members.

The undersigned agree that the current Marathi Mandal is NOT a true representation of the Marathi speaking people of Switzerland and more open discussions are needed before formal steps of forming such an association take place for an overall consensus on important issues.

Consensus should be reached on important issues otherwise the most serious casualty would be the unity which existed before this so called Mandal was created in undue haste. Important issues could be and should be decided by the principle of direct democracy. We are living in Switzerland after all. We also believe that Executive Committee should execute the will of the Marathi speaking community in Switzerland.

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Latest Signatures

  • 27 September 201550. Ashish A
    I support this petition
  • 07 September 201549. Vaishnavi A
    Let's hope to get the ball moving in the right direction. Living in Switzerland since (year) 1995
  • 10 August 201548. Vaibhav D
    Hi Ashish and Others, Since we (me and my wife Medha) did not directly/indirectly contributed to any discussions related to the formation of the so-called MMS, I am not sure if we have any right to question its formation, its constitution or its interests
  • 28 March 201547. Moreshwar Ds
    I do not accept that a Marathi Mandal of Switzerland has been formed: Living in Switzerland since (year) 1967
  • 11 February 201546. Sudhesh R
    The current "MMS" is irrelevant since it has been formed by an extremely small group without consulting the majority of maharashtrians in Switzerland Living in Switzerland since (year) 1968
  • 07 February 201545. Mangesh N
    I support this petition
  • 17 January 201544. Priya K
    I am open to all informal occasions and would not like to get involved in politics and legal complications Living in Switzerland since (year) 1998
  • 04 January 201543. Smita K
    I agree that we should have more discussions on this Living in Switzerland since (year) В
  • 20 December 201442. Yvonne M
    An open discussion will help us to build a strong organisation Living in Switzerland since (year) since birth
  • 19 November 201441. Manisha B
    I support this petition
  • 23 September 201440. Rakhal B
    While I have nothing to say on minutes of past events, I do endorse the need of having open discussions about things that matter to most people. Though I am not interested in the Mandal itself, I do see the value in having a close affiliation of people an
  • 05 August 201439. Gauri A
    yes i agree we should have more open discussion and involve as many marathi speaking people as possible. Living in Switzerland since (year) 1998
  • 12 July 201438. Nandini A
    I also support the idea of the formation of an Association (Mandal) of the Marathi speaking people in Switzerland with open discussions, democracy and majority. Living in Switzerland since (year) 2002
  • 06 May 201437. Vijay Sadashivj
    I was neutral in current debate so far but it will be a mistake to continue to be neutral. There was no response to my reconciliation efforts. In my opinion, in its current form MMS does NOT reflect the wider acceptance and wishes of the community . Witho
  • 01 April 201436. Vinod K
    I agrre with the text of the petition, though I am against forming a MMS. Had I known that I would not have attended the meeting on 14th Aug.I support the idea of having a Marathi sammelan without a Mandal Living in Switzerland since (year) 38
  • 24 March 201435. Mrs Miras
    I entirely agree with the of my husband, Mr. SANT Moreshwar D. Living in Switzerland since (year) 1967
  • 19 March 201434. Prashant S
    Formation of MMS is good thing to get platoform to all Marathi speaking people ( who are staying here since long time as well as new youngsters which are here for short time). This forum will intensify Marathi people activities in Switzerland for getting
  • 20 February 201433. Trupti M
    I support this petition
  • 25 December 201332. Sant M
    I support this petition
  • 08 December 201331. Uplekar S
    Let us make a fresh beginning in an open, transparent and democratic way to bring all Marathis together under one intact umbrella Living in Switzerland since (year) 2001
  • 07 November 201330. Shamal R
    I agree with my husband-Vinod Rege. Living in Switzerland since (year) 1968
  • 14 September 201329. Medha D
    Namaskar Mandali, I share the views of my husband (Vaibhav Deshpande). Vigna-hartya (Ganpatti) chya krupene apan sagale ektra yeun kahitari changale ghadavu ya. Hich Shri chya charani vinanti. Lobh Asava. Living in Switzerland since (year) 1997
  • 13 July 201328. Sant M
    I agree with all those who are of the view that we should not act in haste. There are issues which need to be resolved before Marathi speaking residents of Switzerland can issue an invitation to the European Marathi Sammelan, 2006, which will be held in A
  • 25 May 201327. Vaibhav A
    i am signing on behalf of my husband
  • 27 April 201326. Vinod R
    there is a need for further discussions on the decision to establish MMS Living in Switzerland since (year) 1969
  • 26 July 201225. Smita Molina
    I agree that we should have more discussions on this
  • 18 March 201224. Vishal Gill
    good idea to integrate marathi people around !! Living in Switzerland since (year) 1

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Marathi speaking/loving people in Switzerland


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