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Animal protectors in Hungary need help to get the dog reproducer yard ceased in Sopron!

Letter from a viewer to the Ebugatta program:

"I'm helpless as I visited a fearful place today and I don't know who shall I turn to, that's why I write to you. All this started with that two dogs of my friend lost and we went to find them. We heard about a man, who has more than one hundred dogs in a vineyard, we hoped to get some information from him about our dogs. We went to see that place and we faced awful conditions. I'm still shocked by the scene as more than hundred dogs on chains, in horrible conditions. We mostly saw Hungarian breeds, three retrievers, kuvasz and about 80 mudis and their inbred descendants. Everywhere dogs, swill ont he ground for them, dead bodies of dogs on the dog houses. It's even dread to write..."

"Knowing that animals creatures able to feel, suffer and be happy, our moral obligation to respect them and ensure their well-being" this is also included in the Hungarian Animal Protection Act, we was fighting for the parliamentary decision for particular protection of the indigenous Hungarian breeds for years.
There were several reports and complaints by the inhabitants and neigbhours, but still nothing happened to save these animals.

We reported this man fro cruelty to animaly with photos and videos by proof on the Police Headquarters 15th February, 2006, and on the Sopron Police also.

We visited the spot with an ethologist, a vet, leaders of the breed clubs and a TV staff and witnessed awful conditions. None of the dogs had water to drink, they was on 20-30 cm chains, without kennels. The territory was covered by 30-40 cm mud, and some of the dogs are living in apathy. Their food is the swill shed on the mud and they drink their own urine.

The Police worked rapidly and led by Dr Csaba Reinhoffer light colonel they made a domiciliary visit, and found 61 frozen dog carcasses in refrigerants.

During the police procedure by active help of media, journalists and animal fanciers of the internet we try to rescue these animals from these terrible conditions which turned out to has been started 4 years ago and the registrar of Sopron qualified this case after the several reports of the habitants and the animal welfare authority as a minor offence.

Dr. Jуzsef Dobos , the registrar of Sopron does not do this as he says all the dogs are vaccinated accorning to the veterinary examinations and they has satisfactory conditions, nothing justifies the close of the plant.

About 180 unsocialised, wild dogs are scampering about on the yard, there are dead bodies of dogs in the fridge of the owner!

I do think that this must be stopped, nothing can motivate cruelty to animals and keeping them this way. None of the Hungarian breeds, which are national treasures of us deserves such a life!

We find them owners after veterinary observation, attending and getting microchip.

We must not let them suffer!

You find videos, articles, letters and photos about all of that, which shows why is it cruelty to animals.
More pictures:

We welcome everybody to demonstrate with us and the Hungarian Kennel Club with motto "dog farm Sopron" to persuade Mrs. Monika Lamperth, Interior Minister of Hungary to punish a Hungarian man who handle animals this way([email protected])!

We have a bank account to gather donations for veterinary costs, hiving costs etc. in case we can rescue these dogs:
This account was opened by Gцdцllх affiliated organisation of HEROSZ
Erste Bank 11600006-00000000-17850326
IBAN number: HU77 11600006-00000000-17850326

We organize demonstration on 1st March 2006 in Sopron and request immediate measures of authorities. We also demonstrate for punishment of the owner of the dog farm and the tormentors of animals.

You find more details here: and in dogforums. If you can help us please write to the [email protected] and we give you any kind of information about this case here.

Let's work together for the protection of the rare Hungarian breeds!

Thank you for all your efforts:

Harcsбs Mбrta
Chief editor of the Ebugatta TV program and the Kutya
Tel: +36-70-4572-761 [email protected]

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