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We, concerned citizens, are appalled and disgusted that taxpayers moneyour moneyis being used by certain government officials to campaign before the elections.

As countless Filipinos go hungry and jobless in this time of global recession, these thick-skinned government officials have the audacity to spend millions of pesos on self-aggrandizing advertisements disguised as infomercials. But we ask: do these ads put food on our table? Have these ads made substantial contributions in lowering the countrys unemployment rate? How do these infomercials benefit us? Why have these infomercials surfaced just now when the elections are nearing?

In her privilege speech before the Senate, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago mentioned the following government officials and how much they have spent on infomercials:

For 2008:

1. Chair Augusto Syjuco, Tesda - P28.3 M
2. Mayor Jejomar Binay, Makati - P23.4 M
3. VP Noli de Castro, OVP, Pag-ibig/HDMC, HUDCC - P18.1 M
4. Chair Efraim Genuino, Pagcor - P14.1 M
5. Sec. Francisco Duque, DOH - P13.2 M
6. Chair Bayani Fernando, MMDA - P 7.4 M
7. Sec. Jesli Lapuz, DepEd - P 5.7 M
8. Sec. Hermogenes Ebdane, DPWH - P 3.8 M
9. Sec. Nasser Pangandaman, DAR - P 2.4 M
10. Sec. Ronaldo Puno, DILG - P .9 M

TOTAL P117.7 M

For 2009, as of August:

1. Mayor Binay - P23.4 M
2. Chair Syjuco - P22.5 M
3. VP de Castro - P18.1 M
4. Chair Genuino - P14.1 M
5. Chair Fernando - P 6.4 M
6. Sec. Lapuz - P 5.7 M
7. Sec. Edbane - P 3.8 M
8. Sec. Duque - P 3.3 M
9. Sec. Pangandaman - P 2.4 M
10. Sec. Puno - P .240 M

TOTAL P100.4 M

These government officials should be ashamed of themselves. They are bereft of moral ascendancy to serve in government. It would be sickening if they should win the 2010 elections and get away with their audacious actions.

Sen. Santiago called cabinet members and other executive officials who use public funds to campaign for next years elections as rhinoceroses. They are so thick-skinned, or makapal ang mukha. We do not need rhinoceroses in the governmentit is not a zoo!

These officials should be held accountable for using public funds to advance their own selfish interests. As Sen. Santiago said, One small step to the Senate, a giant leap in greed and abuse.

We strongly urge our fellow Filipinos to join our cause through the following:

* Do not vote for the government officials mentioned above who are engaged in blatant electioneering using public funds.
* Sign this Petition.
* Direct others to this Petition through emails, SMS, blog posts, etc.
* Write blog posts, letters to the editors of newspapers, online forums, etc. about this issue.

Let us not let this important national issue die without undertaking concrete steps to ensure that these corrupt government officials are not elected in 2010. Let our moral outrage be heard!

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