Fire Dena Higley and Frank Valentini from the One Life to Live writing staff sign now

Fire Dena Higley and Frank Valentini from the One Life to Live writing staff. These writers are not doing a good job and are making One Life to Live a terrible daytime soap.

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Latest Signatures

  • 08 November 201598. Michael Boyd
    OLTL needs changes at the top!!!!
  • 25 October 201597. Sandra W
    your ability to write a storyline from start to finish is very constantly start something and then drop it and run off to something else without resoving the original one.You clearly have Favorites that are on ad nauseum and I dont believe you lis
  • 27 September 201596. Daniel K
    I have stopped watching and will tune back in when Higley is gone. I've watched this show for over 20 years and am fed up with the writing.
  • 03 February 201595. Maire Fleming
    I think the writers are horrible, they have a couple that is turning out to be the next super couple of the show and they don't take advantage of it. Instead of getting more John and Natalie.One life's new supercouple we get a daddy demon story that goes
  • 17 January 201594. Anita B
    I remember when we enjoyed watching OLTL
  • 17 January 201593. Aimee M
    OLTL needs a some new blood that will stay true to the core characters in the writing team. This is in addition to actually writing storylines that can be wrapped up in 1 month instead of 1 year. Please save OLTL by firing these 2...
  • 10 January 201592. Megan Noble
    I used to love this show, but with every day I find less and less to like about this show. They ruin just what a soap is supposed to be about relationships whether they are of a friendly nature, love, or family they are what a soap opera is about, and tha
  • 09 October 201491. Marshall Carey
    I have watched OLTL since I was six (6) years old, 20 years and I have loved all the residents of Llandview for most of that time. Over the last two years things have changed so much, I no longer recognize these people, even my favorites have become stran
  • 28 August 201490. Marie Benitez
    I support this petition
  • 30 March 201489. M Cv
    They have to get new writers. The show at times is boring.
  • 04 May 201388. Manya G
    The trashing of the women charactersis an insult
  • 01 May 201387. Faye G
    Higley has ruined the show. Yes, fire her!
  • 05 April 201386. Shelby C
    Frons, you are out of touch with reality too!
  • 01 January 201385. Charles H
    How dare you ask 12 year old focus groups about adult stories! Keep Kevin. Bring the show back to concentrating on love and families instead of all this crap you've been focusing on. Your focus groups don't pay the bills. WE, the viewers do. And as an alm
  • 24 December 201284. Neha Bowers
    I support this petition
  • 09 December 201283. Melissa Fischer
    The writing staff for OLTL is terrible. The story lines are too long, drug out and boring. Not enough airtime is going to the Vets and TOO much is going to the Newbies! Hire some writers that will write for the Vets and also write romance and couples! thi
  • 18 October 201282. Christine S
    I believe Dena Higley has torn the most important characters to shreds and this show needs some serious fall cleaning of the big wigs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • 12 September 201281. Larissa S
    They really don't now how to make the right choices.
  • 11 September 201280. Missy Bryan
    The heads of ABC need to fire these no talent hacks they call writers! I mostly watch for John and Natalie, separately or together they are what keep me coming back. I like continuity, attention to detail not haphazard, and lazy writing. Ex. Johns father
  • 30 May 201279. Kristy Lucas
    Tired of the poor writing and lack of character appreciation on One Life To Live!!!!
  • 01 May 201278. Jo B
    These writers deserve to be PERMANENTLY banned from the industry. Not one of the OLTL writers has a clue why people watch soap operas and/or what the fans want. I am sad to see that John Lopreno (former Cord Roberts) actually writes for the show. He shoul
  • 17 April 201277. Betty S
    the writing and production decisions have been terrible since Higley was brought on. Valentini doesn't think talent matters. The ratings are at an all time low. Why do these people still have jobs?
  • 24 March 201276. Debbie K
    If you want this show to survive, you need to get new writers.
  • 15 February 201275. Rhenae Randall
    some of the story lines are just ridiculous; how long have we been dealing with Jess and Tess, how will they tie Spencer in to all of his crimes (Asa/Kevin), and can we exclude incest from are simular thougths family sleeping with family away from t
  • 31 January 201274. Lauren Swanson
    I have watched One Life for 15 years and can't bear to watch these days. Re-name the show Spencer's One Life to Live and be done with it. This show has gone down the tubes. Fire Higley she is awful.
  • 11 December 201173. Jane A
    Please listen to the fans!!! We know what needs to happen to makeOLTL a great show again.
  • 29 August 201172. Anne R
    you need to get new writers & EP they have ruined what once was a good show

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Brian Frons (President, ABC Daytime)


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