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Some of us who play the online game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XI have lost the codes that we need to purchase "Content IDs" that we need to buy to even play the game. I push on this matter because I too am someone who lost my registration codes, and which was not even my fault. It is in my personal opinion that we, the consumers, should have the right to receive these codes from the company if we lost and/or lose them provide we give the "required" information. Some of us have paid 100USD to even play the game, let alone we pay the monthly charges. It is my view that we should be able to get our registration codes back, or given new ones, if we so needed. Please hear our plea and help us.

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 December 2015100. Rian Mcdonald
    code Zip Code 17233 Your Views want code Name rian
  • 15 November 201599. Lucas Mcgee
    none Name lucas
  • 01 November 201598. Billy Snow
    i had a preivous acc with them and i should be able to use my old ffxi reg code to make a new content id for my new account. Zip Code 03053 Name Billy
  • 07 October 201597. James Marshall
    YEAH! Name jimmy
  • 04 October 201596. Mark G
    i want my code back Zip Code 89701 Your Views it sucks Name Mark Guzzetta
  • 22 September 201595. Patricia Ali
    I do agree. We do pay and some of us have put years into out characters to play. It's not fair that we cannot fully control our own accounts anymore. Name Patricia
  • 02 September 201594. Josh Ashley Zip Code 03904 Name josh
  • 22 August 201593. Amir Freeman
    i agree Name Amir
  • 02 August 201592. Matt Bond
    I need my code back, PLEASE Name Malagord
  • 16 June 201591. Devore Lawson
    afetr spending 200$ i want the best customer support there is. Name devore
  • 30 May 201590. Dan Murray
    regiatration code Name dan
  • 24 April 201589. Deathwalker Charles
    they changed my pass word do to upgrade of security and wont reacctived my account with out Registration codes i have over 22mill gills invested please help!!!!)( Zip Code 11378 Your Views its not fair, its not like i changed them and lost it, they change
  • 08 April 201588. Sarah Madden
    i dont where is my registration code in final fantasy xi Name sarah
  • 06 April 201587. Chris E
    mine reads as invalid, even tho its 100\% correct. i need a new one, now. Name chris epperson
  • 23 March 201586. Alex Grimes
    I need a play online pass so i can register cause i lost mine Zip Code 52176 Name Alex
  • 18 March 201585. Spencer Jackson
    Free Trial Codes. Blizzard does it, and they make all the money. Name Spencer
  • 09 March 201584. Ben B
    i agree Zip Code 65305 Name Doogy
  • 04 March 201583. James B
    I should not have to buy a new copy of something that I ALREADY OWN because of a lost code that Square-Enix no doubt has on file anyway. It is a ridiculous money spinner. Name James Blaskett
  • 10 January 201582. Yok Mcclain
    Code plz Zip Code 14520 Your Views asdasd Name yok
  • 05 January 201581. Shawn Morris
    I Need My Registration Code Zip Code 14305 Name Shawn
  • 01 January 201580. Humphrey Dakoykoyj
    Awsome Game Zip Code 6000 Your Views В Name Humphrey Dakoykoy Jr.
  • 01 January 201579. Hector A
    i want a promotional code cuz i cant play ... i have 9 months ago and i still waitinhg for play!! .. pplease help! Zip Code 78520 Your Views ?? i dont understand Name ektordz
  • 09 November 201478. Brian Duffy
    They should give us new codes cuz i cant play anymore and i payed like $100 USD so far! Name Brian
  • 24 October 201477. Cioky Fowler
    no Name bogdy
  • 19 October 201476. Dominic T
    i've lost the manual the codes were on and now can't play it Name dominic thompson
  • 18 October 201475. Jeremy S
    yes! Zip Code 73112 Name Jeremy Smith
  • 03 August 201474. Robert Collins
    Bought the game had to reformat pc now i cant fint the damn booklet i definetly need the code Zip Code В Your Views В Name NIGHTDEMONSLAYER

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Playonline, Square-Enix USA


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