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Many Fans Of Final Fantasy, Managed To Get Addicted To The Gripping Story Line Of The Final Fantasy X.
This Included A Young Girl Called Yuna, Who Was A Summoner, And It Was Her Job To Defeat An Opponent Called Sin!
This Creature Had Roamed A Place Called Spira for Thousand's Of Year's.
A Young Man Called Tidus, managed To Get Transported To Spira, And IT Was His Job To Aid Yuna In Defeating Sin.
With The Help Of Tidus and Here Guardian's They Managed To Defeat Sin Forever.
Unfortunately Tidus Was Just A Dream Made Real, Which Yuna Had Fallen. And The Defeat Of Sin, And Yuna's Magical Aeon's meant That Tidus Had To Go.
He Faded, Thought Never To Be Seen Again!

Two Years Later, In The Sequel To Final Fantasy X, X2, Yuna's Friends Paine, Rikku brought Her A Sphere Containing What They Thought Was A Recording Of Tidus, And So She Enbarked On A Quest To Find Him.
On This Quest She Was Confronted by the'Fayth', The People Who Made Tidus A Real Dream.
They Asked If She Wanted Him Back, She Replied With 'yes' And They Said They Would Try But Couldnt Promise Anything.
When She Arrived Home, He Was Standing On The Beach, Waiting For Her!

That's Where This Petition begins.

Many Of The Final Fantasy Fans Where glad To See Yuna And Tidus Reunited, Unfortuantely It Was For A Very Short Time of A Five Minute Cutscene. Which Disappointed Some Fans, But The Reunited Couple Were Happy.
Many Fans Were Not.

This Petition is Directed at The Creators Of Final Fantasy X-X2 Aiming At Convincing Them To Create A Film Sequel To Final Fantasy X2. This Is Due To The Fact That Many Fans Would Like To Know How The Relationship between The Couple Develops, And What Adventures They Get Up To In The Future.

This Film Could Really Finish This Chapter To The Final Fantasy Game Collection, And Many Fans WOuld Be Waiting For Its Release.

If Your A Fan OF Final Fantasy X And X2 And Would Like To See A Film Sequel, Sign This Petition, And Maybe Together We Can Work Hard To Convince The Creators To Create The Sequel To This Chapter.

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Latest Signatures

  • 20 December 201550. Brandon S
    i would really like to see it
  • 20 November 201549. Gryact Clark
  • 24 October 201548. Raquel Golden
    Final Fantasy is, obviously, the most involved RPG gaming for all viewers. I love X and X-2 and have always conversed to my other friends about having a movie brought to the big screens. This would be great. Thanks for making this petition.
  • 22 May 201547. Allison L
    please make a sequeal... i really want to know wat happens with tidus and yuna
  • 29 April 201546. Kagome Mcdaniel
    Do I need to comment? I'm really rooting for a real ending to this game!
  • 22 April 201545. Jessica R
    If I have to pay I'm not doing it. (Not to be mean). Email Address [email protected] /* */
  • 21 March 201544. Kevin Ellis
    Yes the Full ending of FFX-2 was too short. Tidus involvement is too little. I really want to see what happens after
  • 07 February 201543. Hilary H
    it'll be cool to watch
  • 14 December 201442. Candice Rhodes
    I love ffx!!!!more more more
  • 03 November 201441. Jessica A
    Yes a film sequel would be great
  • 16 July 201440. Corey Padilla
    Final fantasy rocks, never quit making them
  • 28 June 201439. Ange Vazquez
    I think we should support this sequel, it's well worth the moment it takes.
  • 05 June 201438. Kirsty H
    i think it sounds amazing
  • 19 March 201437. Joe Good
    go for it!!!
  • 05 March 201436. Canyoke Sparks
    x and x-2 is the best. need rikku nude this time
  • 28 February 201435. Kat Bauer
    Yes Please Please do make a sequel, it would be really great!
  • 06 December 201334. Kidda Hull
    i hope this movie will be even better than the game(but that might be impossible)
  • 09 November 201333. Nicole N
    if there were a film sequel of this game then , i would buy the DVD,watch it a million times,and put it on top of a shrine and worship it!!!!
  • 19 October 201332. Izzy P
    i love your idea i tried to contact square enix but i could not find there email address so i love your idea i wanted to get them to make a final fantasy x and x2 so you rule!!! Email Address [email protected] /* */
  • 20 September 201331. Ranger Kemp
    This would rock.
  • 29 July 201330. Nguyen Vand
    ngocanh Email Address В
  • 02 July 201329. Jared Ruiz
    I would love to see another final fantasy
  • 12 June 201328. Robin Caldwell
    ok so final fantasy X was the first game ever to make me feel emotionaly attached to the story characters etc i loved tht game realy i did then X-2 not so much but i have to admit i liked the good ending but i wanna see what happens after tht come on! mak
  • 07 May 201327. Chris V
    When Matt finshed this game,the first time i was disapointed, then the second time i was really pleased that Tidus And Yuna got reunited. I would love to know what happens to them from now, as you dont really know, it would great for a film sequel to fini
  • 25 April 201326. Constana Hatfield
    Another thing... If FFVII is having so much films and sequels why can FFX&X-2 have too? Come on!... It's probably the most famous FF ever. I love Yuna and Tidus! 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make us proud! haha Thank you from the botton of my heart.
  • 18 March 201325. Lisa Hawkins
    We need more Tidus and Yunie!!!!
  • 14 March 201324. Caleb Wright
    I would love it if they made a sequel to this work of art

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