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Hello, My name is Sam Albright, and I live in the United States of America. I was born on September 30th, 1990, making me 19 years old today. I have been playing the Final Fantasy Series ever since I was about 4 years of age (I wasn't that good of course, but non-the-less, I played).

My first RPG ever was Final Fantasy VI (III) for America (The one with Terra as the Main Character). I really liked it a lot, and really got into it. By the time I turned 6 years old, I had beaten the game, and unlocked many of the secret items (weapons and summons).

For the next year, I really had nothing else to play, because the other Final Fantasy games didn't really make me jump to them like FF VI did. But in the year 1997, the game "Final Fantasy VII (FF VII)" had been released, and I originally was not going to try it.

My friend got me to play FF VII, and I absolutely loved the game! The gameplay was absolutely superb, the storyline was amazing in every way thinkable, the battle setup was very much an RPG which was great, and the best part was how the graphics were very nice, with it being 1997 and all...

That's my story as to how I got into Final Fantasy VII, and still to this day, I look at Pawn Shops and Best Buy and any place selling games, hoping they have FF VII... And they never do...

When Square-Enix released their Final Fantasy VII PS3 Tech Demo in 2007 I believe, they made fans go insanely crazy and dying for more of the game to be released! Once Square-Enix had stated they were NOT going to remake Final Fantasy VII for the PS3 System, Fans all over the world were devastated and very upset with Square-Enix for releasing a Demo like that, probably knowing that the fans would BEG for more, and they did beg for more.

It has been over 10 years now, since Final Fantasy VII had been released in 1997 for the Playstation 1 Console. And though they re-released it for the Playstation Network for Download for $10.00 USD, the fans still want more. I don't believe it is a selfish thing to ask for, when every FF VII fan will get the game for sure, mostly to Critique it of course, but to also enjoy the new environments and area's available in HD.

I can see why Square-Enix won't release a remake of Final Fantasy VII for the PS3 system. It' really does make sense actually. They are very iffy about it, because of the fact that the fans will critique it, more than the actual Critics. If Square-Enix were to make one flaw in the remake of Final Fantasy VII, they might get really insulted by the fans so much, that they won't be able to make anymore games, because of the fact, that every single fan would want their money back most likely...

Square-Enix, we're asking you to Remake Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation 3 console, Not Xbox or PSP, or PC, the Playstation 3 system... We're asking to remake it completely the way it already is, all we ask is to Update Graphics to the best possible, Add Audio (Audio from Advent Children would be best), Add more items/weapons, add many more sidequests, more materia, more enemies, make Sephiroth Harder to beat in the end, make the game about 45\% harder, and about 22\% longer (adding only stuff, not CHANGING the original stuff, just adding more to it).

I thank you Square-Enix and every fan out there signing this Petition. Whether Square-Enix reads this petition or not, everyone who is a True Final Fantasy VII fan, will never forget one quote. "Quite Possibly the Greatest Game Ever Made" by GameFan Magazine!

Thank You All for Signing, and maybe Square-Enix for considering this petition!

Contact information: [email protected]

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