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I am setting up a petition to fight against the two laws that John Howard has set alight to our Australian nation to ruin an already messy nation. Those two laws we are against are the Welfare-to-Work package and the Industrial Relations (IR) Laws. The ramifications of these laws are going to impact on us as a whole Australian society.

For the Welfare-to-Work laws HOW are we expected to live on a poor newstart allowance that is $400, or maybe less a fortnight while we look for almost non-existent employment (due to poor cheap work incentives that don't do a thing for us and the Howard Government making NO effort to set up jobs for everyone), and in Howards new law bill, it has said those on the Newstart allowance will also go for an 8 week period of no pay at one stage while they are looking for a job. What about the people who are really sick, disabled/incapacitated or very depressed that they CAN'T work at all???? HOW are they going to be able to live, eat and have a safe roof over their heads when Howard is selfishly FORCING them into work that they are unable for? For those who can work but have skills shortage (because again Howard has taken a lot of education and traineeship opportunities away from us) or they can't find a job that will pay their way in life, or a job at all because of the lack of jobs?

And for the IR laws, this is where Howard and his party only care about his big rich business friends who only make up a very small percentage of the Australian population! We will be much worse off under these new laws as our conditions and entitlements will change. With these new laws when we start a new job, we have no choice but to sign contracts that will say our penalty rates, overtime, leave loadings and shift allowance wont be available we are not entitled to these rights anymore! Say, if we want to take Christmas Day off work to celebrate with our families, this could result in instant sacking and we get no pay for overtime efforts, and we are not allowed to take the holidays when we need/want to or have the 4 weeks leave we were entitled to - just to name a few. Outrageous! This is going to throw Australian families into poverty and it is an attack on the living standards and conditions of working Australians. It is also a massive attack on the Australian way of life (AAP, Yahoo News, Wednesday 7 Dec, 2005). It is the worst form of low life act by a government that is supposed to serve our country and support the Australians! Howard government is very out of touch with the real world and Australian way of living and we all very much agree with Opposition Leader Kim Beazley when he said this. We have every right to work and work under fair conditions that allow us flexibility and a safe financial security to support ourselves and our families in this nation, the evolving nature of the modern society and rising economy. We also have rights to not be discriminated for wanting to take some leave. We work hard and tirelessly and our bodies need time to rest and we need to spend time with our families and kids the government has not thought of this. We also have every right to be paid for extra work we do as we are putting our bodies to hard work and we will NOT do this for nothing!

The laws will damage everyone, kill our freedom, kill us, forcing us to choose between having a roof over our heads and not eat or eat and live on the streets this is NOT ON and we will NOT put up with living this way as it is outrageous! Poverty should not be forced on us when we have rights to live the way we want and be able to eat, live safely, and have our freedom as individuals and a nation in the way of speech, religion and everything else. The government needs to stop thinking of themselves and their big rich business friends and start thinking of their/our country.

If you could take 5 minutes to sign the petition to try and get these laws scraped off, it would be so much appreciated. You don't have to put your full name in if you don't want to. Just your first name is ok or even a pseudonym if you are not comfortable with your name being up and your email address will NOT be shown to the public for privacy and spam reasons. It is required that you put in comments but you don't have to say a lot or if you have nothing to say, but just agree with the petition against Howard's laws and wish to sign it, you can just put a dash in the comments field but it is hoped that you will express your views on the laws as we want to be heard and for Howard and his party to really hear our voices.

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