August 6, 2004

Dear Mr. Joseph Seb Blatter FIFA President &
Dear Mr. Peter Velappan AFC General Secretary

The attached petition is hereby presented for your immediate attention and review:
We the Football Lovers all over the world strongly believe that there is a biased, prejudice and discriminatory opinion within AFC toward the National Team of IRAN. Recent decisions towards the IRANIAN NATIONAL TEAM by the AFC disciplinary Committee and the Referees have kept IRAN from reaching the Finals in the Asian Cup 2004 in China. Even though that the IRANIANS surely deserved this chance had they been treated like any other TEAM within this tournament.

Similar situations by other NATIONAL PLAYERS of OTHER TEAMS within Asian Cup 2004 have been ignored by AFC. After OMAN Vs IRAN game the AFC, overnight rules in suspending three Iranian Players; however after IRAQ Vs China game and what the Iraqis do or S. KOREA Vs IRAN game where a South Korean Player gestures rudely towards the IRANIAN PLAYER there is no immediate AFC disciplinary action. During Iran Vs China game, the Referee unjustly sends the Iranian defender out for a fault that may deserve a yellow card. Few minutes later the same Referee fails to show a red card to China's defender when he tackles Ali Karimi from behind and specially that the defender was the last man.

Less than twenty-four hours before IRAN Vs BAHRAIN game (3rd & 4th place game), the AFC disciplinary committee decides to look into a matter some three months old regarding E. TAGHIPOUR, Irans defender. The irony is the AFC Commissioner looking and pushing for suspension of Taghipour is from BAHRAIN. Taghipour gets suspended for six months less than a few hours before an important game with BAHRAIN ! Lets not forget the 2002 World Cup Qualifying; Iran Vs Bahrain game in 2001 where Saudi Arabia promises the construction costs of a new Stadium should Bahrain win the game. Bahraini Officials allow the sound systems and loud microphones within the Stadium to chant pro Bahrain cheers. Bahrain wins that game; does not qualify for the world cup however takes the Saudis Flag and do their victory lap. !! Are all these situations normal? All these hatred towards the Iranian National Team by the Arab Nations !! What other examples are there within the world and FIFAs other confedrations where some 22 countries (Arab Countries) are all against one, (IRAN) ?

Mr. Blatter, Mr. Velappan, we as Football fans all over the world find such decisions of AFC towards the National Team of IRAN very discriminatory, unfair and one sided. Please review all the games of ASIAN CUP 2004 and tell us if the decisions made towards Irans National Team are the same made towards other Teams within this Tournament. This is not the first time that AFC uses its ARABIAN influence and treats Iran in this manner. It is a known Fact for so many years; when the ARAB NATIONS within AFC can not win Irans talent in the field they use their PETRO DOLLARS influence within AFC to stop IRAN from advancing. Please look into these situations; Irans National Team constantly has to overcome obstacles inside and outside the field when it comes to playing against the Arabian Nations or in the case of the Chinas game to an Arabian Referee. This in the end will hurt football and people may force IRAN to pull out of AFC, unless FIFA looks deeper in to these cases. After all football is peoples game world wide & Fair play and sportsmanship should be for all sides.


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  • 13 November 2015794. Mehrdad Montes
    SEEMS some one listned !! Iran vs Jordan game has Refree from China. That is good news COUNTRY USA
  • 10 November 2015793. Bijan Long
    I support this petition
  • 06 November 2015792. Kyle K
    Fair play is FIFA's theme. Please review the tapes and take actions for unjust decisions against IRAN COUNTRY U.S.A
  • 01 November 2015791. Amir K
    I support this petition
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  • 24 September 2015785. Farahnaz Wilkinson
    Please be fair and consider them away from political considerations! COUNTRY Canada
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  • 08 September 2015783. Moe A
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  • 07 September 2015782. Ardie E
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  • 04 September 2015781. Ali F
    Almost all AFC actions in Asia 2004 cup (i.e., suspensions, inappropriate officiating, disregarding Ali Karimi during ceremony) were against IRAN. Designating a referee from an Arabic country for Iran-Jordan match is not appropriate and will hurt Iranian
  • 31 August 2015780. M K
  • 28 August 2015779. Mohammad A
    please,immediate attention COUNTRY IRAN
  • 24 August 2015778. Farshid Rodgers
    Un forgivable COUNTRY USA
  • 10 August 2015777. Arman B
    what is the cost to BUY an official these days ? COUNTRY USA
  • 03 August 2015776. Behzad Joyce
    I support this petition
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