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Dear Sony Set Max, BCCI, IPL organizers and others involved in IPL 2008

I have been trying to watching the telecast of the twenty20 IPL 1008 on Sony Set Max and succeeding occasionally when the вAd-manв inserting the ads is generous to let us watch. Does he not like cricket?

We tune in to watch cricket. You run a few ads here and there. That works fine. But you are constantly ruining the whole experience for us. So just in case you have not understood MR. ADMAN: this is what we like to watch

1. Every single ball bowled. (we donвt like missing the first ball of every over because you are squeezing more ads in or do you doze off?)

2. What happens after the last bowl in an over is bowled. Is it a run scored? is the batsman out? Its all fascinating stuff which is why we tune in. Dont rush me to a break. I dont care that some computer company has low self esteem and no one cares about its brand.

3. Let the commentator finish his sentence. Every over ends with the commentator half way through his sentence. These are experts who give us insights ( п ) and updates on whats happening on the field. (Im insured many times over and I donвt like insurance ads. They are low down emotional blackmail. )

4. ADS when an over is being bowled. Donвt take over 1/3 of the screen. Its very annoying. (Can someone tell that whistling company no one buys your products anyway. You might as well save your advertising cost)

5. Muting the commentary to insert an audio ad. Shut up.

6. Inserting a scroll ad when the over is on. Go away. i dont want to be part of your silly quiz

7. A silly and very loud animation when a six/four is hit or a wicket goes. We will do the celebration ourselves. Donвt need some random lowtech software will the volume control broken to sending malnourished cartoons to dance on our screen.

8. New player profile. Any new player coming in to bat/bowl used to have his career, tournament figures shown. Not any more though. We repeatedly watch a dog searching a little girlsв sock while she is off to school.

9. Replays. We like to see

a. how a wicket fell

b. Four/Six was hit

c. Ball was fielded

d. Good ball was bowled

e. Catch was dropped

f. Misfield

g. Analysis

h. Any thing interesting going on the field

You have destroyed the whole replay culture. We get no analysis these days cause some bank is more interested in taking credit for a hardworking man who retired early. Whoever heard of a bank helping its customer make money!!! get real.

10. Commentators advertising. вthis is a xyz sixв. Whatвs that? Your ruining the whole commentary experience. The commentators have no excitement remaining anymore. You might as well have a robot telling whats going on.

11. Have professional broadcasters running the show. Not interested in bollywood/TV stars who donвt know the difference between long leg and short leg. No bimbos, astrologers, palmists, tarot readers. This is cricket, not gaav ka tamasha.

12. Keep the volume same as it was when you were showing the match. I donвt quite understand why you have to turn up the volume during the breaks. The louder you shout the lesser we are inclined to buy the product.

13. Note to advertisers: We all hit the mute button when your ad comes on. We donвt drink much softdrink. I hear it has pesticide.

14. You logo is in the way of the score card. Move it. I know im unfortunately watching it on set max (and wish I wasnвt).

15. Random contests. They are a lie and the prizes get only retards excited

15. No one is interested on your 1 hour prematch and 1 hour post match вanalysisв. Give us highlights.

Youвve probably heard of the story of the chicken who laid the golden egg. You all as cricket administrators, broadcasters, organizers, advertisers have that beautiful chicken which is laying that egg. You go on squeezing it and it will die before you know it. Promote the game. Enjoy and let us enjoy the Twenty20 experience.

Ive set up a petition today for lesser ads during the IPL 2008. Hope I donвt have to use it.



Ps. Mr. Adman should work in accounts.

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