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This Petition is aimed at the Government of New Brunswick, Canada,(www.gnb.ca), Premier Shawn Graham, Minister of Transportation Denis Landry, Minister of Public Safety John Foran, Minister of Natural Resources Donald Arseneault (MLA Dalhousie-Restigouche East), and the Speaker of the House Roy Boudreau (MLA Campbellton-Restigouche Centre) regarding fencing in Northern New Brunswick on Highway 11, specifically From Belledune to Campbellton.

In 2007, highway 11 had received 7.1 km's of fencing (3.55km's on each side) from the Turgeon Road to Rue de la Gare. In 2008, the only section planned for more fencing is 6.5 km's (3.25km's on each side) from Rue de la Gare to the Laplante road. The Government is failing to realize that Highway 11 exists further North, and then west, to sections past the Turgeon road such as Belledune, Nash Creek, Benjamin River, New Mills, Blacklands, Charlo, Eel River Crossing, Dalhousie, Point La Nim, Dalhousie Junction, Macleods, Richardsville, and eventually to Campbellton. These sections of Highway 11 are notorious and deadly for moose/deer collisions. Premier Shawn Graham related to me in an email dated March 12th, 2008 the following about the plans for fencing:

"As noted on the provincial map denoting the risk of moose vehicle collisions (web site http://www.gnb.ca/0113/moose/alert-e.asp), all areas of the province are at risk of collisions and the department is attempting to address the higher collision prone areas. However, many issues and considerations come into play in developing a fencing strategy (e.g. number of access points along a highway that would be affected, frequency of collisions, etc.). The areas you have noted will continue to be monitored and if warranted, wildlife mitigation measures will be considered for implementation at a future time." (Premier Shawn Graham, March 12th, 2008)

This tells me that Highway 11 from Belledune to Campbellton is not being considered for fences, and may not be considered in the future. Yet, the Minister of Natural Resources Donald Arseneault (The MLA for Dalhousie Restigouche-East) related to me in an email dated Friday November 3rd, 2006 the following:

"You are absolutely right that there is a high moose activity on our highways between Campbellton and Miramichi. That is why that I have been a strong advocate for moose fencing for our region. My efforts and those of my colleagues and people such as yourself, has convinced Premier Shawn Graham and our new provincial government to commit in fencing 300 km of highways within our first two years of our mandate. This is a commitment that we will honor and I look forward in seeing the Belledune fence be extended on both side to reach both Campbellton and Miramichi." (Donald Arseneault, November 3rd, 2006)

So my question is, why did Donald Arseneault tell me, in November 2006, that he is looking forward to seeing the Belledune fences extended on both side to reach both Campbellton and Miramichi? Mr. Shawn Graham has clearly stated that that section of highway 11 is not a "hot spot" and is now labeled as a "medium risk area". Allow me to bring out the facts: In the current moose alert video on the Department Of Transportations website there is a map there that I reproduced on my website www.fencenbhighways.com or specifically http://fencenb.tripod.com/mapimade2.jpg. On that map, Highway 11 from Campbellton all the way to Miramichi (Highway 8) was labeled as an "Area of HIGHEST moose vehicle collisions" ,yet on the current map image they have Campbellton to Belledune labeled as "medium risk"( http://fencenb.tripod.com/mapimade.jpg ). Why the Change Mr. Graham? Why has your Government changed the area of Belledune To Campbellton (Highway 11) from an "AREA OF HIGHEST MOOSE VEHICLE COLLISONS" to an area of "MEDIUM RISK" ,and is not considered in the Governments Budget for 2008, and may probably never see fences in the future? Your Government as early as June, July 2006 (pre September Election) promised that 300 KM's of fencing will be erected in your 2 year mandate, and that is still what is promised but you are going to fall roughly 40 kms short of this Promised Commitment! Sections included are Highway 7 in the South, Highway 8 Miramichi area, and Highway 11 in the North. But this is false! You are misleading the people in the Northern parts of the province by stating this! You are misleading anybody who travels that section of Highway 11 because you are only planning 3.25 kms from the Turgeon Road, near Belledune, and going South East towards Rue de la Gare. Thats it! From Belledune to Campbellton there are going to be no fences erected, and that's unacceptable. It is unacceptable to myself and the citizens of Northern New Brunswick, who know what it is like to travel that section of the Highway and have to fear for there lives every time.

Highway 11 has seen 4 deaths from moose/vehicle collisions in 7 years from Belledune to Campbellton, and at least 7 non fatal collisions! Perhaps more non fatal or fatal collisions, is this data not enough? In the spring of 2001 there was roughly 114 sightings of moose and deer and at least 20 accidents Between Campbellton, Dalhousie, and as far down as Miramichi. The most recent Fatal Collision was June 2006 where a woman was killed near Benjamin River on Highway 11. Why is this section not an Issue? Why does our MLA Donald Arseneault and Speaker of the House MLA Roy Boudreau seem to not care about the sections of the Highway they represent? It sure was an important issue for Donald Arseneault July 26th, 2006 when he was circulating a petition to the then PC Lord Government to fence between Campbellton and Bathurst. An article with CBC stated the following:

"The Liberal MLA has looked at the safety statistics along Highway 11 between Bathurst and Campbellton in northern New Brunswick and he says that stretch of road is one of the most dangerous in the province for moose. His solution: a long electric fence that will keep moose off the highway. "We have to do something about it before there are any other casualties," he said. "I believe the government has to do something about it. They can't just hide behind their desks counting their pennies". The fence may be expensive, but he said the provincial government must look beyond the financial cost of the fencing to the human cost of car-moose accidents. Convincing Fredericton to spend the money won't be easy. That's why Arsenault plans to spend the rest of the summer knocking on doors, collecting names for a petition. "I plan on taking the time it takes in order to do this," he told CBC News."If it takes a month, it'll take a month and I plan on knocking on every door. It's an issue that I feel is very important.(CBC article)

So, this was obviously an important issue to him then. Why not now? Why did he indeed confirm to me that he and his colleagues convinced Premier Shawn Graham to Fence Highway 11 between Belledune and Campbellton? What about now? What are you doing? The Minister of Natural Resources and the MLA for Dalhousie Restigouche-east, which is the area this petition is fighting for and has not replied, commented or furthered the goal from July 2006. I and the people of the Northern New Brunswick now know that you have forgotten this issue and have moved on to other things. In July 2006 Donald Arseneault stated to the conservative government:

"We have to do something about it before there are any other casualties. I believe the government has to do something about it. They can't just hide behind their desks counting their pennies."(Donald Arseneault)

We the people of New Brunswick are now saying the same thing that you once said of the Conservative government. YOU and the Liberal government cant just hide behind your desks counting pennies! There is so much inconsistency in what your Government is saying that its confusing to alot of people. I am circulating this Petition to let the People in the north know that I am fighting for them, just like I was and still am fighting for other parts of the Province. Yes, your Government has fenced other areas of the Province, and not once did I discredit any of that, I thanked your Government for it, I spoke it and have written it many times. You honored to commit to fencing 300 Km's over 2 years, which is actually 150KM's on each side of the Highway. Therefore, its 150km's spread out over the Province in certain areas. Your Government is falling short of that promised goal roughly 40 km's Short! You plan on erecting more fencing On Highway 7 in the South, 47 more Km's to be exact, on top of what was already erected in 2007. That Highway still needs fencing as well, but so does HIGHWAY 11 from Belledune to Campbellton, as it has seen none since the Liberal Government came to power in 2006.

We the people who have signed this petition are calling on Premier Shawn Grahams Liberal Government to erect fences in the Belledune to Campbellton area. Premier Graham, please show that you are indeed concerned for the safety and the lives of the people who travel the highways of New Brunswick, currently northern New Brunswick, by erecting fences for our protection.

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    City/Town val d amour don t wait for someone else to die before doing the right thing
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    City/Town Campbellton NB We need fencing on Highway 11
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    City/Town Campbellton, Squaw Cap the moose accidents happening in squaw cap area are sickening! something needs to be done
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    City/Town Fredericton, NB In 1997 a deer ran into the front of my vehicle on a provincial highway. Fortunately I was not injured but the vehicle sustained $2,000.00 worth of damage. The safety of human lives is the issue. Fencing appears to be the best p
  • 09 September 2015486. Brad M
    City/Town Dalhousie fence the highways.
  • 06 September 2015485. Raymond S
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    City/Town Glen Levit My last trip home i seen a bad accident somthing has to be done....
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    City/Town Moncton I travel these roads once a month... it's BAD! Please fence the Highway!!!
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    City/Town Dalhousie Fence the highways Liberals Show us what u can do d"Amours
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    City/Town Dalhousie, nb please ensure safety on our NB highways for the sake of our childrens futures, our future, and the future of the animals. Lets not loose any more lives needlessly. Government please be wise.
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