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Although a videodisk of Fast Times at Ridgemont High has been released, it disappoints a lot of fans because it is the same as the videocassette & DVD version. This version has none of the additional scenes included in the Broadcast TV edit and incorporates several detrimental soundtrack changes. A stab at defining what would be a good "Director's Cut" of this movie which blends the best of all the available versions. Maybe Amy Heckerling will one day agree to release something similar to this as an offical "Director's Cut" as has been done for Blade Runner and other films.

An approach to creating this director's cut was to start with the most complete version, the broadcast TV version, and edit from there. As a result, if a scene is the same in all the versions I usually selected the broadcast TV version as the source. Generally speaking, to cut in scenes from the Videotape/Videodisk version when the broadcast TV version contains edits and/or overdubs to excise profanity, nudity and/or references to drugs. In a couple of cases, to have selected the Cable TV/Theatrical versions to preserve both the original dialogue and soundtrack. Interestingly, this edit comes closest of all to following the novel and screenplay.

Source Codes
TV = Broadcast TV version
TV-X = Broadcast TV version, extra scene not in other versions
VD = Home Videodisk/Videotape version
CB = Cable TV/Theatrical version
(#) = Special note on this scene is below
Scene # Description Source
1 Credits TV
2 Ron Johnson enters Perry's Pizza TV
3 Damone scalps Van Halen tickets TV
4 Stacy takes Ron Johnson's order TV
5 Brad enters All American Burger TV
6 Spicoli & buds in All American Burger TV-X
7 Brad talking to Dennis Taylor TV-X
8 Stacy & Linda leaving mall TV
9 Stacy & Linda talking to Kari Fraser about birth control TV-X
10 Students entering Ridgemont on first day of school TV
11 Brad driving into Ridgemont on first day of school VD
12 Charles Jefferson arrives at Ridgemont VD
13 Brad & buds in gymnasium TV-X
14 Spicoli & buds exit the van TV
15 Mr. Hand meets Jeff Spicoli in history class VD
16 Brad & buds talking in cafeteria TV-X
17 Spicoli & buds talking in bathroom TV-X
18 Linda introduces Stacy to Cindy Carr TV-X
19 Linda gives Stacy a fellatio lesson VD
20 Biology class with Mr. Vargas TV
21 Rat & Damone talking in Damone's room VD
22 Stacy leaving for date with Ron Johnson TV
23 Stacy & Ron Johnson in dugout at "The Point" VD
24 Stacy & Linda debrief on Stacy's date on the phone TV-X
25 Brad washing car and talking to Stacy TV
26 Brad talking to Arnold & Lisa at All American Burger VD
27 Linda & Stacy talking in mall parking garage TV-X
28 Mr. Hand returning exam and humiliating Spicoli TV
29 Christmas in the mall VD
30 Spicoli & buds in mall arcade TV-X
31 Damone & rat discussing talking in arcade TV-X
32 Damone talking to Charles Jefferson in arcade TV
33 Mike preps Rat to talk to Stacy; Rat executes VD
34 Brad cleaning bathroom in All American Burger VD
35 Brad dealing with irate customer in All American Burger VD
36 Brad tearing down burger poster in bedroom TV-X
37 Spicoli in surfing dream sequence VD
38 Curtis bugging Jeff to get out of bed VD
39 Cheerleader pep rally in gymnasium TV
40 Lisa breaking up with Brad VD
41 Stacy & Linda talk on phone while preening in front of mirrors TV-X
42 Damone instructs Rat in the "Five Point Plan" TV
43 Rat & Stacy in car on way to restaurant TV
44 Rat & Stacy on date at restaurant TV
45 Rat & Stacy driving home after date TV
46 Rat & Stacy in Stacy's house after date VD
47 Linda & Stacy debrief on phone VD
48 Spicoli driving with LC in Jefferson's car CB
49 Ridgemont preparing for the big football game TV
50 Football game CB
51 Brad with Angry Twins in Captain Hook's TV
52 Rat & Damone show up at Stacy's pool VD
53 Brad fantasizing about Linda VD
54 Damone opens Stacy's locker VD
55 Spicoli has a pizza delivered to class VD
56 Damone & Stacy walk to Stacy's house from school TV
57 Damone & Stacy talking in Stacy's house TV
58 Damone & Stacy in pool changing room VD
59 Brad talking to guidance counselor TV-X (1)
60 Damone & Stacy talk in hallway TV
61 Stacy & Linda talking in Linda's room TV-X
62 Brad at Captain Hook's Fish & Chips TV
63 Brad in car making delivery to IBM TV
64 Damone & Stacy discuss her "problem" TV
65 Damone calling around to raise cash for abortion TV
66 Stacy going to clinic TV
67 Stacy at abortion clinic TV-X
68 Stacy talking to Brad after abortion TV
69 Stacy & Linda talking about Damone on phone VD
70 Damone & Rat fight it out in the locker room VD
71 Mr. Vargas' Biology class visits hospital VD
72 Final exam in Mr. Hand's class VD
73 Spicoil & bud on telephone TV/VD (2)
74 Mr. Hand teaches Spicoli a private lesson VD
75 Graduation Dance TV-X
76 Mr. Hand and Spicoli say aloha VD
77 Back to the Graduation Dance TV
78 Stacy & Linda chat in the bathroom VD
79 More Graduation Dance scenes TV
80 Stacy & Linda talking at Perry's Pizza TV
81 Stacy talking to Rat at Perry's Pizza TV
82 Rat & Damone talking in mall TV
83 Brad, Spicoli, & robber at My-T-Mart VD
84 Credits TV

Note 1: This scene is inserted out of sequence in the Broadcast TV version. Brad is talking about working at My-T-Mart when in fact he is still working at Captain Hook's. In my opinion, the scene should be moved to between scenes 70 and 71 above.

Note 2: This scene will be tough to edit to get right. The scene opens with Jeff and his bud discussing how wasted he is. This portion should be taken from the videodisk version. Then, in the broadcast TV version, Jeff and his bud discuss going to Mexico after graduation to surf. This portion should be taken from the TV version. A correct edit of this scene will require cutting back and forth several times between the videodisk and TV versions.

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